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RightITnow – Massively simplifying the way IT operations are being managed through innovative IT solutions and practices


Enterprise monitoring is the effective alternative to silo-monitoring utilizes a centralized system and a set of standard procedures to collect, analyze, predict, and report on system performance. The main objective of enterprise monitoring is to reduce the time to repair problems and increase the availability of the applications. Enterprise monitoring tools aren’t focused on the infrastructure itself. Instead, they focus on gathering information from the infrastructure to help IT staff understand how the problem in the components affects the availability of the applications. A central enterprise monitoring tool can predict problems throughout the infrastructure, and teams can work to address those issues before downtime occurs. In addition, when the mean time to repair problems is reduced, the associated costs also go down. The result is a lot more uptime, cost savings, and happy customers.

RightITnow is one such firm that delivers real-time, cross-domain event correlation software that enables enterprises to optimize IT Operations processes so they can drive down costs, resolve problems faster and assure end user services. It achieves this by automating the event to alert to incident life cycle and bridging the gap between IT Operations center and the Service Desk, driving higher productivity and effectiveness.

Most reliable Enterprise IT monitoring services

RightITnow ECM: It is a powerful event correlation and process automation platform for optimizing IT Operations. Built on a scalable architecture, RightITnow ECM can comprehensively manage dynamic and fast changing IT infrastructures for a business of any size. It collects industry standard protocols and message formats events from most network devices, systems and web services environments.  Its native integration with virtualization platform APIs enables near real-time event collection and management of physical and virtual infrastructure.

Event Correlation Capabilities: RightITnow ECM’s correlation algorithms enable it to identify, categorize, filter and reduce high volumes of raw infrastructure and application events into actionable alerts. These include de-duplication, X in Y occurrences, problem-solution pairings and topology based correlations, to name a few. In addition, with it you can quickly create your own custom correlation rules to meet specific business requirements. With its correlation intelligence you can address any scenario in today’s fast changing IT environment.

Web 2.0 Interface and User Admin Collaboration: The Web 2.0 interface is incredibly easy to use, configure, and administer. With its feature rich UI and flexible controls, operators can customize views, and rules associated with categorizing, filtering, assigning or correlating alerts. No programming required. And with RightITnow ECM’s role-based administration of customer and infrastructure data, you can manage access to data and process elements, in line with your organizational compliance policies.

Automating IT Operations: With RightITnow ECM, it’s easy to streamline your existing IT Operations workflows by automating routine or repeated operator actions. Its workflow automation capabilities extend to its integrations with other management systems. For example, it can be configured for closed-loop removal of alerts when linked incidents or trouble tickets are ‘closed’ in the Service Desk. It can also communicate alert acknowledgement and closure to monitoring systems like Solarwinds Orion NPM.

Complete ITIL Event Management Support: RightITnow ECM offers complete support of the Event Management functions within the ITIL Service Operations domain.  Event Management monitors all events that occur through the IT infrastructure and linked monitoring systems to allow for normal operation and also to detect and escalate exception conditions. It also plays a role in both the Incident Management and Problem Management processes by automatically escalating correlated alerts (from Configuration Items (CIs) to the Service Desk. In addition it can create and acknowledge relevant Incident and Problem records. In some cases, alerts escalated from RightITnow ECM may trigger a Request for Change (RFC) via the Change Management process.

The ardent visionary behind the success of RightITnow

Marc Ferrie is Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of RightITnow. Previously he was the CEO and Chairman from RiverMuse. He brings two decades of executive experience in delivering enterprise software solutions. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President of Engineering at GuardianEdge, a leader in endpoint data protection. Prior to GuardianEdge, Mr. Marc was the Vice President of Engineering at Elemental Security, a leader in enterprise policy and risk management. Marc has also led engineering and technical operations (Customer Support, IT, hosted ops) at companies such as Ventaso, a provider of sales effectiveness solutions, and Evolve Software (now Oracle), a leading provider of IT operations management and professional services automation.

Mr. Marc holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University Descartes, Paris, and a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University La Sorbonne, Paris.

“With RightITnow, your IT operations staff can proactively detect, isolate, and respond to infrastructure issues before they impact customers.”