April Monthly Special 2023

Rightway: Simplifying the healthcare experience for clients and members


The year 2022 has been a technology-driven year, with the rise of healthcare apps, telemedicine, and AI-powered devices. 2023 will be no different. It can be a little intimidating and challenging to navigate, especially for parts of the population who are less used to new technologies. People living with chronic conditions often need access to multiple health services, numerous assessments and advice from different care providers. The only people who are there at every stage of their healthcare journey are often family or informal careers. Dealing with different health services and facing unfamiliar people and places can often be confusing, especially for people who are sick and vulnerable. Without someone to help them navigate the health system, there is a risk that these people will disengage and fall through the cracks in the system.

Rightway is a technology and services company radically simplifying the healthcare experience for clients and members. The company combines best-in-class technology –– a modern, intuitive app that consumers love –– with expert, empathetic service and support to bring clarity and direction to all healthcare experiences. Rightway delivers a new level of empowerment by guiding consumers through their healthcare journey to make the right choices along the way. Rightway guides consumers to make better choices along their healthcare journeys. They surround members with a supportive ecosystem that provides education, navigation, and advocacy so they can get the best care at the lowest cost. When members can get the right information, guidance, and support, they can finally get the right care at the right place at the right time–and from the right providers at the right price.

Care Navigation

Rightway’s care navigation solution optimizes healthcare spend by helping employees access the highest-quality and most cost-effective care. Rightway’s intuitive app provides members with a dedicated health guide who helps make the healthcare experience simple and straightforward. Health guides use data and analytics to uncover opportunities for engagement while providing trusted guidance, advocacy, and the greatest healthcare value. Employees use their simple, intuitive app to interact with health guides and manage their healthcare benefits in one central place. The Advocate Platform analyzes proprietary and third-party data to identify the highest-quality providers. Health guides direct members towards providers who deliver the greatest healthcare value. They mine over 10,000 data points to identify high-risk and rising-risk members. Stratification informs proactive outreach and disease-specific engagement. Rightway provides members a single point-of-access to navigate their plans. Health guides direct members across their options, maximizing the utilization of health and wellness benefits.

A revolution in pharmacy benefits

Rightway is a member-centric pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) that connects innovative technology, clinical experts, and an unlocked supply chain to reduce employer pharmacy spend. A high-tech, high-touch consumer app empowers members to make the best decisions for their health. An open, dynamic marketplace connects payers, patients, and the supply chain, allowing for a truly open-source model. The user-friendly app encourages engagement through support, education, and adherence tools. Rightway is a member-centric PBM that maximizes healthcare value through a transparent business model. It improves outcomes without disrupting how physicians, pharmacists, or consumers navigate pharmacy benefits.


Rightway's partnership program streamlines client and member access to high-impact, vetted healthcare solutions, increasing utilization and enhancing the member experience. Maximize the value and impact of your healthcare solutions through RightwayHub’s single access point. RightwayHub optimizes member utilization with an integrated offering of best-in-class solutions. Integrated partners are fully embedded into Rightway’s care navigation platform, delivering the most seamless experience between solutions. They have an SSO integration with the Rightway app, can contract via the MSA, bi-directional data feeds, and centralized reporting, allowing members to benefit from a coordinated healthcare experience. Trusted partners are recommended solutions across a wider range of condition verticals. They provide targeted education and warm hand-offs to these partners as well as joint member marketing and client engagement.

Jordan Feldman | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Feldman founded Rightway to solve some of the biggest challenges across the medical and pharmacy landscape. Growing up with a physician for a father, Jordan saw first-hand how having a dedicated, expert advocate could simplify healthcare, improve quality, and lower costs. At Rightway, his mission is to provide every member with the same experience by combining clinician-led support with a modern, intuitive app that guides consumers towards the highest-quality, most cost-efficient options. Prior to Rightway, Jordan was part of both the Mortgage Trading and Investment Banking teams at Goldman Sachs which he left to help found Redbird Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on tech-enabled services, healthcare, and communications infrastructure. Jordan is a graduate of Harvard University where he received his A.B. in Government and Economics.

"Rightway combines education, guidance, and advocacy to empower employees to make the right healthcare choices. This results in better outcomes for them and significant cost reductions for their employers."