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With its intricate strategies, Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies excels at providing unparalleled wealth management services


Generally, entrepreneurs are driven to a venture by their passion for a particular industry. Still, a business’s main objective is to provide income and serve as an investment that can be sold later for a profit. Wealth planning and management are integral concepts in business. An effective wealth management process will help you determine income generation, proportion of income that will be retained, additional assets required, and equity redemption program and budget. In simpler terms, wealth management is just a process that creates and manages owners in a company. Wealth management encompasses experience from wealth admins, stakeholders, outside investors, board members, and employees.

There are various firms that can help you in managing your wealth, but one firm that stands out from the rest is Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies. The company is a Multi-Family office and a multidisciplinary provider of solutions and services dedicated to its clients’ wealth management. They cover both the financial assets and those that symbolize the beliefs and the social values of families. Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies was founded in 2015, and it is based in Miami, Florida.

In conversation with Rodrigo Alonso Martins, CEO of Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies

Q. Explain your services in brief.

Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies is both a Multi-Family Office and a wealth planning advisory company, essentially dedicated to the Brazilian Entrepreneurs and Investors. Our portfolio of services includes Wealth and Succession Planning for Private Clients; Wealth and Risk Management involving all classes of assets; through our Law Firm Ronaldo Martins & Advogados based in Brazil, which is part of the same business group of Ripol Alliance, we also provide all sort of legal services mainly taxation and tax planning, corporate, contractual, labor, Merge and Acquisitions, international law and compliance law dedicated to businesses of our clients which in most cases are assets responsible for the main source of wealth for them; and finally, the development of new business opportunities by presenting to our clients new opportunities for investments on the real economy and also the expansion of our clients’ businesses to other countries mainly the USA.

Q. How does your company differ from a typical wealth management firm?

Our major competitive advantages are the formulation of strategies to strengthen and enhance, continuously and constantly, the assets accumulated by the past generations. Therefore, our team makes it possible to ensure that the family legacy will be passed from generation to generation, in increasingly solid foundations. Ripol Alliance is focused on the wide concept of wealth, in which we include financial and real estate assets, in addition to operating companies. We offer proper solutions that include wealth planning and financial management, wealth legal strategies, and new business opportunities to our clients, including in the social area. In addition to this, our company also specializes in the creation of foundations or institutes, through which it is possible to fund causes that may leave a legacy for the whole society. It is exactly this multitude of tools and holistic view of our clients’ needs that distinguishes Ripol Alliance from the other players existing in the market. Our skills and expertise put us in the status of a true One-Stop-Shop Multi-Family Office. To achieve these goals, the most important assets available to Ripol Alliance are the intellectual capital represented by the team of partners, employees, and our clients. These are the most important assets of the business, and it requires permanent investment: the first with constant training to achieve competence in the know-how; the second, to provide the highest level of excellence of our practices in the business.

Q. Ripol is responsible for managing millions of dollars of assets. And here, transparency plays a main role. Do you think striving for both ethics and success is a tough feat?

Not at all! Since the beginning of Ripol Alliance as a Multi-Family Office and its partners with training and legal knowledge, the basis of all success is conditioned to transparency and to other principles that we adopt both in our personal and professional lives. We can easily say that success without ethics is a farce and, as such, tends not to be durable and long-lasting in time. It is also important to highlight that, yet being a family business, the same effort that we dedicate to our customers so that they can build and transmit their legacy to the next generations, we apply the same principle in our own businesses. We built and need to maintain an immaculate name and reputation at all cost, as this, together with some other factors, is what builds our credibility with our customers. The wealth and succession planning and wealth management services of Ripol Alliance comply with and follow rigid rules - both ethical and moral - in the formulation and guidance of our professional procedures. Our aim is not exposing the clients to risks and contingencies that may, either directly or indirectly, affect their wealth.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

In the globalized marketplace, Ripol Alliance works to break the knowledge’s normal standards, demystifying the wealth and succession planning and wealth management. We aim to increase corporate productivity and make the individual expertise of each of our professionals accessible to all levels of the companies belonging to our clients. Thus, Ripol Alliance and our business group will soon launch a new digital platform consisting of a new real-time communication platform between clients and our advisors. This platform will also work as a management tool through which the clients will be able to track and access all work developed by our team for them and also access and follow up the evolution of their wealth planning and other legal works in the course of time and all the strategies applied based on each clients’ risk and investment profile. Looking ahead to what the future holds for Ripol Alliance, we expect to expand our operations in Brazil to be able to be even closer to our clients regarding the wealth management of their local assets based in Brazil. Lastly, it will also be solidifying the integration of legal practice with wealth management to guarantee the most efficient and holistic approach in terms of risk management for their clients.

Meet the leader behind the success of Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies

Rodrigo Alonso Martins is the CEO of, Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies. He started his qualification skills entering an Economic Degree in 1999 and at the same time, in the year 2000 also started his Legal Degree. Concurrently to the studies, Rodrigo started his legal career at the age of 19, working on his family’s Law Firm Ronaldo Martins & Advogados ( and now, 20 years later, he is the CEO of Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies and Head of International Taxation and Wealth Planning of their Law Firm, developing not only the business management but also the Wealth Planning Strategies.

Ripol Alliance Global Wealth Strategies is a multifamily office, multidisciplinary provider of products and services dedicated to the wealth planning and management of its clients.”