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Riskalyse:  Building right Solution and Aligning investors and the advisor


Investment is an essential part of wealth creation. It helps in beating inflation, fulfilling a financial goal, and stabilizing the financial future. But it is well known that investment comes along with risk. Investing feels broken for the average investors and subjective risk semantics like "aggressive" and "moderately conservative" don't help. But as Benjamin Graham said, “Successful investment is managing risk not avoiding it”. So, it is very significant to manage the risks that come in the way of investment. Thus, companies like Riskalyze are there to help in dealing with the risk in investment.

Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®, which powers the world's first Risk Alignment Platform and was built on top of a Nobel Prize-winning academic framework. The Risk Number® is an objective, mathematical approach to removing subjectivity by quantifying the risk of investors and portfolios. The Risk Number is calculated based on downside risk, on a scale from 1 to 99, the greater the potential loss, the greater the Risk Number. According to the company when advisors align the investment Risk Number® of the investor anyone can invest fearlessly.

Riskalyze is transforming the advisory industry by empowering investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, and use that data to win new clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability. Brokers-dealers, advisors, asset managers, and RIAs use the Riskalyze platform to create alignment between clients and portfolios, client account management, automated trading, and leverage sophisticated analytics to increase the quality of their advice and access world-class models and research in the Riskalyze Partner Store, with the mission of empowering the world to invest fearlessly.

Solution Riskalyze provide

Risk Tolerance

Risk Assessments of Riskalyze pinpoint how much risk an investor wants. It eliminates the stereotypes that have made risk tolerance useless. Riskalyze uses the leading scientific framework to objectively pinpoint a Risk Number® the investor, whether they are across the room or across the world.

Portfolio Risk

Portfolio analysis of Riskalyze empowers to assess how much risk an investor currently has. A portfolio-wide Risk Number and 95% Historical Range™ enables one to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment (or misalignment) to the investor as well as the client’s prospect.

Risk Capacity

Retirement Maps paints a picture of how much risk an investor needs to take on to reach their goals. When the advisor can calculate their risk capacity and illustrate the bigger picture, the map to the success of a client can be built.

Proposed Risk

Proposals allow for building the perfect portfolio with the exact amount of risk an investor should take on. Whether from scratch or from a model, showcasing why a portfolio in alignment with the Risk Number of the investor is right for them, becomes easy.

Riskalyze drives absolute alignment between advisors and their clients. The Risk Number establishes a common language between advisors, home offices, and clients around investments and risk. It quantifies the level of risk that the portfolio of a client should be targeting and drives conversations about alignment between risk tolerance and investment choices while giving home offices insight into the entire organization at a glance.

Empowered by their proprietary Risk Number pinpoints risk tolerance, risk capacity, or set a target, financial plans, and portfolio management systems, advisors can document and demonstrate alignment as the true source of risk across CRM, and more in Riskalyse. The robust configuration options and settings in their system provide the flexibility needed to deliver a differentiated experience to advisors and clients without the added cost of custom development work. However, the tech stack is built and Riskalyze snaps right into the workflow. With Riskalyze, a window can be included in the accounts and a streamlined case management and resolution workflow system so that issues can be found and tackled before they become problems.

Riskalyse is a great company that is customer obsessed and optimizes its investment for customers who love to pay for value. This company is focused on building the future. They build a generational business that they believe will impact every day of an investor for decades to come. Thus, this company is building a bulletproof to manage all the risks in investment.

Meet the Leader

Aaron Klein is the CEO of Riskalyse. His career has largely been at the intersection of finance and technology. As co-founder and CEO, he led the company to twice being named one of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in finance by Fast Company Magazine. Aaron has served as a Sierra College Trustee, and in his spare time, he co-founded a school project for orphans and vulnerable kids in Ethiopia. Investment News has honored him as one of the industry’s top 40 Under 40 executives.

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