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November Edition 2021

Helping Companies to Resolve Complex, Cross-Functional Trade-Off Decisions While Optimizing Financial Performance and Customer Service: River Logic


Advanced Analytics is a comprehensive set of analytical techniques and methods designed to help businesses discover trends and patterns, solve problems, accurately predict the future and drive change using data-driven, fact-based information. It takes the enterprise beyond Business Intelligence by offering sophisticated algorithms and analytical techniques that allow for more refined, detailed answers and more creative, educated decisions.

River Logic is a global innovator in advanced analytics for planning and decision support and provides a platform for custom solutions in addition to packaged solutions. It sits at the forefront of advanced analytics technology with its unique ability to offer industry-focused planning and decision support solutions in addition to a platform on which companies can quickly build and deploy custom applications. The company’s solutions enable organizations to make more impactful decisions and optimize overall business performance by understanding how to best utilize resources while considering the financial, operational, and strategic implications and constraints of every decision. With analyst-ranked solutions for industries like Manufacturing, Mining, Energy and more, standard value realization for River Logic clients is profit improvements equal to 2-7 percent of annual revenues within the first year.

Leveraging Revolutionary Advanced Analytics Services for Businesses

Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization: With River Logic, customers can prepare for and quickly respond to dynamic markets. Forward-looking insights into operational, financial, and strategic performance help balance competing objectives while achieving business goals. From supplier to customer, respond to unforeseen changes as you build ongoing resilience across your value chain. The company helps its customers go beyond the traditional cost-cutting approach to network optimization by considering cross-functional impacts, so they can prioritize long-term resilience against demand fluctuations, process efficiencies, risk mitigation, and more.

Capacity Planning: With River Logic, customers can see the financial impact of trade-offs across sourcing, inventory, working capital, and more. They're able to rapidly respond to capacity disruption and explore cost-saving or profit-driving opportunities. Leverage a digital planning twin to ensure all capacity constraints are easily identified and planners can evaluate all potential capacity expansion alternatives. One can include all relevant fixed/variable costs, revenue, and cash-flow to understand the financial impact of different plans. Quantify the marginal profit impact of current and future capacity constraints and evaluate key performance trade-offs such as service level, profit and manufacturing cost, and working capital.

Commodity Trading and Logistics: Making optimal decisions in trading requires promptly seeing and acting on the interplay between market demand, capacity availability, and a company’s existing commitments. By understanding the trade-offs across a full portfolio of contracts, logistics commitments / constraints, and financial implications, River Logic enables traders to move away from gut-feel. Optimize origination and new customer bids across regions by simulating potential trades and understanding their impact against an optimized portfolio. Identify and optimize opportunities for cross-commodity arbitrage (e.g., consider Gas/LNG liquefaction/gasification) import and export markets, storage and terminal capacity.

Product Mix and Customer Profitability: River Logic tightly integrates financial and operational data, so customers can confidently resolve trade-offs on a forward-looking basis to find the best mix or strategy. Know the true profitability of customers or products by incorporating detailed information like order size, special requests, frequency, transportation costs, and more. Tightly integrated financial and operational data enables you to confidently resolve trade-offs on a forward-looking basis to find the customer/product mix that best aligns with your key objectives. Determine the most profitable customers to serve with extra capacity or understand how to best alleviate constrained capacity while taking into consideration order size, labor costs, frequency, transportation costs, inventory, and more.

Trade Promotion Optimization: Move beyond traditional trade promotion optimization approaches. Maximize your return on promotional investments/spend by identifying the optimal combination of strategies and events across retail channels, customers, product lines, products, and time periods. Visually model your end-to-end value chain to ensure all current and future capacity constraints are easily identified. Focus on company objectives by including all relevant fixed and variable costs as well as market dynamic. Engage planners and executive decision makers via graphical models, intuitive UIs and self-service reporting.

The Visionary Leader

Kevin Howe is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of River Logic.

“Our solution offers end-to-end optimization via a revolutionary cloud experience that offers rapid scenario collaboration, data management, workflows, BI reporting, scalability, and more.”