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Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Mavenick Consulting

Mavenick specializes in Intelligent Automation - Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence -consulting and outsourcing services.

Getting things done and getting them done with an ease! Automation helps us achieve exactly that. Today we have a woven fabric of automation around and its impact is already upon us. What is not automated around us today? The impact of automation and technology on our lives is increasing on a daily basis. You can ask Siri to play your favorite song, you can ask the Google Assistant to book you a table at a restaurant, you can have a driver-less Uber waiting for you at your doorstep at the push of a button, you can get pizzas delivered by drones, you can build 3D printed houses, and the list goes on. Mankind has gone through multiple waves of automation in the modern era. Starting from industrial revolution up to the present age of the internet and mobile.

The company strongly believes that the next wave of automation is here and Robotic Process Automation is going to play a big role along with machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this wave, many of us will need to adopt new skills. Millions of jobs (like BPO personnel, Business Operations Associates engaged with back-office processes, manual functional testers, programmers etc) will be affected.

Mavenick believes that the aggregate number of jobs will not go down, as a result of this automation. In fact, we will see more opportunities created. However, the skills required in the future will change significantly. People who will acquire these skills will survive. Only those enterprises who are capable and willing to transition into the next wave of automation will stay relevant. Mavenick wants to help both enterprises and individuals to not only prepare for confidently embracing this huge change but benefit from it too!

When any enterprise embarks on an initiative as critical as RPA, it needs someone with deep experience with running automation programs. Mavenick provides expertise of the 360-degree view - not only that of an early adopter of RPA but also of the RPA business leader for an automation platform & services company. Mavenick’s deep experience means that they know the pitfalls, have experienced the challenges, and have learned how to make automation a success. Mavenick also strongly believes in delighting their clients through specialization. That is why they have razor sharp focus only on RPA - both rules-based and cognitive.

Services Portfolio

More than 80% Automation initiatives either fail or do not scale up. To be among the successful 20%, you need commitment across your organization. You will also need deep and well-rounded expertise - a team that has decades of global experience in automation along with being early adopters of RPA and Artificial Intelligence. Mavenick can help you with this.

Using Intelligent Automation (RPA + AI), one can create software bots (white collar robots) that mimic the repetitive human interactions with software systems, in order to execute a business process. A well designed and executed Intelligent Automation program will help you reduce costs, improve productivity, quality & turnaround time, for your customers and boost employee morale.

Strategy Consulting:

The strategy consulting services are completely customized to your needs and include:

  • Create an RPA business case for presenting to your management. Help you get budget approvals.
  • Assessing your organization’s automation readiness
  • Defining the right organization design & talent strategy
  • Framework for identifying & prioritizing the right processes to automate
  • Select the right RPA platform
  • Automation roadmap
  • Governance framework
  • Change management strategy
  • Assessing maturity of your existing RPA initiative

Execution & Outsourcing:

The company can help you execute on your RPA roadmap.

  • Program management of your Digitization & RPA initiatives
  • End to end or partial automation of your processes
  • Assume complete ownership of process automation goals and deliver high-quality rules-based or cognitive RPA bots
  • Running BotOps after RPA Bots are deployed in production. BotOps include deployment, maintenance, monitoring, support of your RPA Bots as well as the environment

Greet the Head

Ashutosh Saitwal, Founder, and CEO: Ashutosh is a transformation leader with over 25 years of experience in both large enterprise and start-up environments Ashutosh Saitwal is a transformation leader with over 25 years of experience in both large enterprise and start-up environments. He has globally led cross-functional teams for $10 M to $100 M business units at the organizations like Symantec, ZS Associates, BindView, Capgemini, IDeaS (a SAS company), Scala etc.

Ashutosh has deep of experience with Automation Programs in the fields of RPA, DevOps, software testing and marketing. He has been a very early adopter of RPA.

He has 360-degree view of automation - extensively used automation in end-user organizations as well as led an automation technology platform & services business. Ashutosh believes that a great automation is more about a mindset than about the tool-set.

“We at Mavenick specialize in the transformation of enterprise operations through Digitization & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)."