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November Special Edition 2021 (Vol-II)

Translating Business Challenges into Technology Solutions by Leveraging a Unique Development Approach: Dash Technologies


A professional service is an intangible product that a contractor or product vendor sells to help a customer manage a specific part of their business. Because professional service providers have specialized knowledge about niche areas of interest, such as law, marketing or accounting, they allow the customer to focus on core business concerns. Unlike a consultant, who may only be responsible for providing advice, a professional service provider may also be responsibility for the end result. Professional services providers can be found in a number of public and private subsectors. For some providers, professional services may be a primary line of business, for others, professional services may be sold as an add-on value driver to a core offering.

Dash Technologies is a global professional services company focused on helping business to optimize their data through custom software offerings. Delivering programming and coding on a project basis that connects Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science, and to apps, websites, existing products, or future concepts, its agile development methodology and sprint project management helps clients envision, build, and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Through established industry-best standards, its experts analyze business processes, recommend solutions, and develop versatile automation models that can boost productivity and improve business operations.

Providing Next-Gen Professional Services and Solutions to Businesses

Enterprise Mobile App Development: With businesses needing to communicate more effectively with customers and many consumers spending over 90 hours a month on their mobile applications, having an app for your business becomes less of a want and more of a need. An effective enterprise mobile app can you reach your customers, and it can help you keep your business streamlined. By providing customer support, building brand loyalty, or creating a system to automate a business process, your mobile app can save you time and money. Dash Technologies utilizes a collaborative mobile app development process, so its end product is exactly what you envisioned in the ideal mobile application.

AI-powered Voice Assistant Development Solutions: As actions on AI development experts, it helps companies use AI-based assistants to connect with their digital product users anytime. But that’s not all. They’re skilled in developing Alexa and Siri assistants, as well as intelligent chatbots that boost sales, improve communication, and facilitate customer service. They help you develop an advanced voice solution that can perform a variety of actions. The firm uses all the trending and latest technologies and develops a multi-functional voice assistant. Dash Technologies is a renowned AI voice assistant app development company. The passionate team of voice app developers strives to convert your dream idea into a result-driven solution. The client-centric approach allows us to work against the clock to build a masterpiece for the end-user and meet expectations.

Blockchain Application Development Services: Dash Technologies provides end-to-end blockchain application development services under one roof where they conceive, design and test real-world blockchain applications. It provides real-world experience linking blockchain technology and business processes—across the entire blockchain journey—for clients. The firm follows a tech- agnostic approach that enables more efficient relationships in automation and development to drive top line growth. With Dash Technologies, you will get onsite, onshore, nearshore and offshore resource with highly customized engagement covering your entire spectrum of Blockchain requirement.

PHP Development Services: The company delivers robust, high performing and custom PHP solutions to boost your business sales and overall profit. Dash Technologies is a PHP development company, with varied expertise in developing tailor-made PHP web and mobile application solutions for customers across the globe. With deep domain proficiency, the team delivers the PHP developed solutions that are latest in technology. Its range of services covers end-to-end web engineering, application development, integration, support, and maintenance.

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of Dash Technologies

Shani Bhavsar is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Dash Technologies. He is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator, and technology enthusiast, passionate about helping businesses accelerate growth through the use of technology. With a background in Computer Science and Engineering, he specializes in incubating new business verticals, leading projects, managing complex programs and nurturing long-lasting client relationships. Mr. Bhavsar has guided both small start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on their IT journey across a wide array of industries. Throughout his career he’s also served as a lead software developer, and a CEO for multiple businesses. As a strategic thinker, Shani brings a unique combination of business and technical skills to quickly understand and align with client expectations.

“Whether you’re a start-up, or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll deliver programming and coding tailored to your project, so you can focus on the vision—and let us handle the execution.”