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An Interview with Robert Martinez, Rockstar Capital Founder and CEO: ‘Our Simple Goal to Create a Better Real Estate Organization, based on Genuine Care for Everyone Involved, Speaks Volumes about How We Have Come This Far’


“Our highly motivated and well-trained team provide the highest quality of service and expertise in managing multifamily properties.”

As mortgage applications, price appreciation, and slowly growing new listings indicate that the national real estate industry is finally mending from the coronavirus, some housing markets are charting faster and stronger recoveries than others.

Rockstar Capital is a superior real estate organization founded as an investment and property management company. With a dedicated hands-on approach, each of Rockstar’s communities is managed by a seasoned team of professionals that pride themselves in taking care of its managed properties and valued residents.

The Rockstar team is one of the best in the industry and has received numerous awards for workplace excellence. It confirms that Rockstar properties operate with market-leading occupancy, resident retention, and profitability.

The company was founded in 2011 and is based out of Houston, TX.

Robert Martinez, Rockstar Capital Founder and CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Explain your real estate and property management services in brief.

Rockstar Capital is an industry-leading property management company that owns and operates affordable, well-maintained apartment homes across Texas in Houston, Humble, Baytown, Rosenberg, Alvin, Angleton, Pasadena, Ingleside, and Kingsville. Our current portfolio includes 22 apartment communities with a total of 4,420 units with a current value of over $420MM in assets.”

Q. Affordability is probably the number one issue experienced by the real estate industry in 2020. As a leading real estate company, is Rockstar Capital a perfect solution to the problem of increasingly out of reach housing?

The majority of the properties within our portfolio are in the B-Class bracket, 19 properties out of our 22 total communities. This bracket puts us in a unique position for affordability. In 2020, we have experienced residents moving from A-Class properties to our B-Class properties because of affordability. Throughout the year, we have been able to maintain collections and our occupancy at 94 percent all because of the services we offer our residents. We have offered an early renewal, worked with our residents on an individual basis, and helped to create unique payment plans. In doing this for our residents, we have been able to raise the average effective rent.

Q. Investing is already risky, and potential investors choose their real estate partner carefully and wisely. What makes Rockstar a go-to real estate and multifamily investing partner?

Rockstar Capital separates itself through its ‘Owner & Operator’ model and commitment to transparency. While many other real estate syndicators will hire a third-party management company to manage their assets for them, Rockstar keeps all of its property management in-house. This means we’re able to directly influence the thesiliconreview-image-rockstar-capital-21performance of each of our deals and achieve stellar returns for investors. There is no finger-pointing. We’re responsible for our performance, and the investors can track that through our extremely detailed monthly financial reports.

Q. How do you manage to provide quality data for better investment decisions?

Our monthly financial reports go into extreme detail and we do this for every property we invest in. It’s also worth noting that the standard across the industry is to provide such reports once per quarter, so the fact that we generate them each month goes above and beyond the industry standard. We also work to clearly explain high-level investment concepts so that each new prospect can accurately understand how their money will be made. We do this through our active social media presence, podcasts, and ‘Apartment Rockstar Academy’ division.

Q. Providing reliable and high-quality investment and property management needs experts in the house. Do you have qualified individuals who can help you give your best always?

Absolutely! One of our largest imperatives over the past year has been to hire talent that can take us to our next goals and beyond. In that time, we’ve acquired industry professionals who have worked in portfolios more than five times the size of our own and the expertise they bring is invaluable to both Rockstar and its investors. Our team is the strongest and will continue to evolve as we continue our commitment to growth and innovation.

Q. The documentation process in a real estate purchase is difficult for buyers to understand. How do you make the processes more feasible and transparent?

Our investor relations team is trained to be able to explain and walk each investor through any step in the process. Excellent service is paramount to building trust and rapport with our investors, no matter what step they’re engaged in. Besides, we are committed to making every investor feel comfortable and are equipped to make the best decision for them.

Q. How do potential renters approach you? How do you market your services?

In the modern age of the internet and social media, your digital footprint is your first leasing agent. It’s not until after we grab a prospective resident’s attention via our presence online that our top-rated leasing consultants can follow up with them and offer customer service, which has won us many accolades time and again. Besides, all of our advertising is done in house. This enables us to start and stop our digital ads based on occupancy needs.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next five years?

Our renewed goal for the next five years is to reach more than $1B in asset value. This goal is one that synergizes with our investors as we cannot reach it without their help, nor without growing their investment value. It is certainly possible to continue purchasing properties until we reach our goal, but that isn’t the plan. We will keep acquiring new assets but will continue to focus on raising their valuation.

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Robert Martinez: A Reliable Leader

Robert Martinez, founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Rockstar Capital. He directs the investment strategy, sources the investment capital, and secures the appropriate financing.

“Our renewed goal for the next five years is to reach more than $1BM asset value.”