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November Monthly Special 2022

Growth focused digital agency with outstanding services: Roger West


One of the questions a digital marketing company hears a lot is, “How can I generate more leads?” We often answer that question with one of our own: “Do you want more leads, or do you want better leads?” It’s always great to see leads pouring in, and quantity is important. But the term “less is more” actually does apply to lead generation. After all, who wants to waste time chasing spammy, unqualified prospects? That’s where Roger West comes in. The team uses creative and effective landing page design, search engine optimization (SEO) and other data-driven methods to formulate effective email campaigns, paid media campaigns, content marketing campaigns and more. Roger West knows how to identify the right prospects and put your company’s message in front of them. Data-driven lead generation does that for you – the numbers don’t lie, and Roger West knows how to crunch them.

Healthcare digital marketing has its own language and complexities. At Roger West, the team is  fluent. In fact, healthcare is one of our fastest growing market segments. Medicare AEP/OEP, Medicaid, regulatory compliance, patient engagement, specialty medicine, telehealth, tracking, reporting – Roger West has got its finger on the pulse of all of it. And since no one likes complications, Roger West will build integrated solutions that will  optimize your current tech stack and marketing investments. Roger West has enjoyed long relationships with some of the biggest names in healthcare because it consistently delivers excellent outcomes, from skyrocketing patient acquisition and streamlining the user experience to simplifying the most complex technologies. Healthcare marketing strategy, paid media, brand awareness, creative, code – whatever your pain point, Roger West will take care of you.

For tech companies, quality digital marketing is as mission-critical to growth as the cloud is to software deployments. Of course, your website UX has to be fast, functional and flawless. But to reach an increasingly distracted and discerning demographic, everything from marketing tools to branding and content must be engaging, relevant and perfectly positioned. Lead generation for technology companies isn’t as simple as it may seem. Challenge accepted. For over a decade, Roger West has been helping some of the country’s fastest-growing tech firms communicate complex ideas, differentiate their solutions and generate leads in a way that makes them stand out and dominate the market. From startups and PE-backed ventures to global enterprises, Roger West has sliced cost-per-acquisition, helped boost revenue and even fueled big-tech M&A when buyers just couldn’t ignore the success. Ready to level up?

Stand Out from the Crowd

Digital advertising is an important element of every business strategy, whether you’re an up-and-coming SaaS provider with dreams of global domination or a local plumbing company who just wants to keep the phones ringing. That’s because the internet has become the first place people turn to when they’re looking for services of almost any kind. And since more than eight-in-ten US adults are going online at least once a day, digital advertising is one of the most effective ways of reaching these potential customers. Of course, with so many companies running digital ads, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and convince people to click on your ad instead of a competitor’s. But you’re not just competing with other businesses; you also have to make sure your content is attractive to the algorithms search engines and social media platforms use to determine which ads are shown in the first place.

If you don’t identify goals for your ad campaign and determine what success looks like up front, you’re going to have a hard time crafting an effective strategy. Sure, you could simply throw together a few quick ads for social media or Google, but if you don’t know whether you’re trying to increase brand awareness, acquire new leads, or book product demos, the campaign is probably going to end up being a jumbled mess that wastes time and resources. Defining what you’re hoping to accomplish with an ad determines what the ad itself will look like and what campaign elements will be needed to support it. An ad promoting a restaurant might link directly to the reservation system or a menu, while a campaign seeking to gather prospect emails will probably go to a custom landing page that could be linked to multiple ads across several channels. From a budgeting standpoint, your goals will often dictate how much you’re willing to spend on placing the ad. Setting goals for a campaign is also critically important for evaluating its performance over time. While benchmarking against previous ads can be useful, this could provide a misleading impression if those ads also lacked some objective measure of success. Doubling your conversion rate might sound impressive, but if your last batch of ads severely underperformed, you could still be falling far short of where you need to be.

Meet the leader behind the success of Roger West

Michael “Mike” Westafer is the CEO and Founder of Roger West. Mike brings more than 25 years of marketing, leadership and business strategy experience to Roger West’s team, clients and partners. Since founding the agency in 2007, Mike has built Roger West into an award-winning culture focused on exceptional service, enduring relationships and proven results. Mike grew Roger West from a scrappy startup to a full-service agency, with a portfolio of top brands in high-growth industries including healthcare, restaurants, tech, logistics, manufacturing and distribution. Under his leadership, the agency has received numerous ADDY, Davey, Emmy and W3 awards, as well as consecutive honors as a Best Place to Work, a fastest growing privately held company, and a national and regional member of the INC 5000.

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