30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

Rosslyn Data Technologies – Breaking boundaries and introducing new technologies to the market


Rosslyn Data Technologies helps organizations create new business value from previously inaccessible data. Unlike traditional vendor approaches for gathering and preparing enterprise data for reporting and analytics, the company’s popularRAPid Cloud Platform rapidly and automatically locates extracts, connects, and organizes disparate data sources into a single view for continuous data cleansing and analysis using self-service tools. The benefits of the RAPid platform include dramatic reductions in time and cost to insight and significant improvements in data sharing and collaboration for business teams.

The company mission

The firm’s success has been built on a simple mission ingrained in their employees: to make itscustomers hugely successful with data. The company accomplishes this by going far beyond where traditional software and services companies stop.  It has developed more than just a pioneering analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence and automated workflows that intelligently inform users of what they need to know, and what action they should take based on data.

RAPid: Powering the world's largest enterprises

Rosslyn Data Technologies' intelligent RAPid platform accelerates the process of automatically identifying, collecting, and organizing all documents and data. This helps in faster processes, deep-dive analytics and business insights that one can rely on.

How it works

RAPid delivers an end to end data factory that automates the collection, aggregation, and organization of data and documents so one can answer the critical business questions. With all the available business information unified in one place for quick and easy access, this platform is designed for speed, ease, and scalability. Unlike traditional solutions that take weeks to deploy, require technical skills to use and are expensive to build and manage, RAPid is always ready.

Astonishing features about RAPid

A future-proof system

The RAPid platform will adapt as ones' business objectives evolve. If you require more insight or a different focus, simply add more data into the platform rather than relying on costly bolt-on modules.

Built to make life simple

Delivered through the browser, RAPid can be simply deployed for immediate use. No multi-year projects requiring costly IT support. No complicated infrastructure to integrate with your existing technology investments. This module is just a user-friendly, collaborative environment, delivered directly to the clients.

Insights on demand

The RAPid tool answers the most difficult questions with confidence. The company has built automated data cleansing and intelligent workflows into RAPid so that their clients can trust the information they are seeing, dramatically speed up reporting timescales and provide insights where it matters most.

RAPid Labs

This is where the magic happens. It’s here that Rosslyn Data technologies team of technologists, data scientists, and industry subject matter experts come together with clients and partners to change the way people work.The innovation coming from their investments include:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Business process automation
  • Natural language processing
  • Data classification
  • Machine learning
  • Cognitive computing

In some cases, the company is developing new technologies and techniques that significantly reduce the time to connect, organize and analyze large amounts of data and information.  The expertise of the firm is also proactive in incorporating cutting-edge technologies from partners, which have added to their analytics platform for the benefit of customers. 

At RAPid Labs, the company not only partners with private sector organizations but also works very closely with universities on exciting research and development projects, providing future technology leaders with a forum to test and deploy new thinking and ideas for early adopters seeking a competitive edge.

Cutting-edge solutions offered by Rosslyn Data Technologies

Master Data Management service

Master Data Management service helps decision-makers worldwide to understand, predict, and engage their customers, employees and suppliers. The Master Data Management service offered through the RAPid platform will help one to automatically aggregate, improve, and organize data and documents so that all critical business information is synchronized and standardized across the organization for a single view of the truth.

Automated Data Extraction

It is a user-friendly method to automate data extraction, speed up project timelines and improve the quality of data used for reporting and analysis. The company’s unique service can extract data from multiple systems, in multiple locations in a matter of minutes and transferred to the target location using strict and secure data transfer protocols. Rosslyn clients use the extraction services to consolidate knowledge across the organization, establish agile reporting processes and support a data-driven way of working. The extraction services are also designed to specifically address common data complexities around Unicode, language, currency, and date.

Comprehensive Data Cleansing

It is a unique offering that automates the identification of incomplete and incorrect records to giveaccurate data to make decisions. Rosslyn Data Cleansing works through a combination of machine-learning, business rules, automated workflows, and data team's domain expertise. The service will help their clients to remove redundant records, normalize names and terms, and validate addresses and group business data to align it to processes.

Complete Data Enrichment

It is a new way to intelligently augment data with the up-to-date business information from the world's biggest third-party data providers. Data Enrichment service intelligently identifies and ignores common data entry errors such as misspellings and focuses on enriching the data that is truly relevant to your organization.

The stalwart behind the triumph of Rosslyn Data Technologies

Roger Bullen serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Rosslyn Data Technologies. He has more than 20 years of finance, executive,and operational leadership experience in technology-based companies, including start-ups, large-cap and consulting firms. He has been a shareholder of Rosslyn Analytics Ltd. and subsequently in Rosslyn Data Technologies plc since Charles and Hugh established Rosslyn. Mr. Roger has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 1990.

“We're dedicated to introducing new technologies to the market that are used every day by hundreds of companies to improve the quality of their decision making.”