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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2020

With a track record of outstanding customer service, and 18 years of industry experience, Safety Services Company is your ideal partner


A work environment that is free from accidents and injuries will attract employees. A safe workplace is important for both employers and employees alike. It is a basic right for employees to have safety in the workplace. Companies of all sizes must have a necessary contingency plan in place to incorporate safety measures in the workplace. Employees must be well educated about the hazards and safety measures to protect them and keep them safe. Factors that affect workplace safety are unsafe working conditions, environmental hazards, and lack of awareness. To combat these risks, employers should also learn the desired aspects of their employees in terms of safety and protection.

There are several companies that are focused on providing workplace safety solutions, but one that stands out from the rest is Safety Services Company The company is a full-service safety and compliance solution provider based in Tempe, Arizona. Safety Services Company’s custom safety manuals and policies, onsite, and online training solutions enhance workplace safety while its compliance services will save clients time and resources – guaranteeing peace of mind.

In conversation with Peter Formisano, CEO of Safety Services Company

Q. Explain your services in brief.

We have three main solution areas: Safety Products, Compliance Services, and Training and Management Solutions.

From weekly safety meetings to safety policy and procedure manuals (IIPP & HSE) to interactive training and certifications, our Safety Products will help you achieve your safety program goals. Our safety products are specifically designed and customized to meet your company’s needs and to ensure a safer workplace for you and your team.

As the leading provider of prequalification and compliance services for contractors,  Safety Services works with third-party auditors, like Achilles®, Avetta®, BROWZ®, PEC®, Veriforce®, NCMS®, HASC®, ComplyWorks® and more. Our Compliance Services include a full solution scope to manage all aspects of your prequalification process, including:

  • Questionnaires, OSHA Logs, Statistics & Insurance
  • Custom Safety Manuals, Programs & Policies
  • Safety Training & Certifications

While requirements may vary between industries and locations, effective, ongoing safety training should be a priority for businesses of all types and sizes. Our safety training solutions are both flexible and scalable to meet the needs of our customers. Rather than piece together safety and compliance solutions, our relationship with our clients means we can be a single, trusted safety partner to help them achieve better safety outcomes with customized solutions that fit their business’s unique needs. What’s really exciting is the development of our safety management platform and the direction it’s headed.

Q. How do you use digital transformation to keep your clients ahead of the curve?

Given the current environment, the majority of companies have accelerated their digital transformation roadmap, and Safety Services is no different. As a technology-enabled organization, we focus on building solutions around technology that will help our customers achieve their safety and compliance goals more effectively and more comfortably. In order to meet our customers’ needs, they can access training through the internet, as a web-based platform, or, for more remote locations, through other digital formats. Our safety management platform can deliver online training from anywhere, at any time. But it is so much more than an LMS. It’s a technology that enables our customers to manage all aspects of their safety and compliance needs in one digital space. This includes insurance requirements, certifications cards, badges, wallet cards, and other documentation. The platform can also be used to document performance management for employees, including coaching logs and conversations.

Q. In an increasingly regulated world, organizations are facing greater scrutiny than ever. Tell us about your compliance system.

We have a team of dedicated safety and compliance professionals who constantly review different industry regulations from regulatory bodies, like OSHA or local regulatory bodies. We’re on top of the changing compliance, as it pertains to a third-party audit in the safety space. With this constant review of regulations, we can provide the fastest and most accurate solutions to ensure their outcomes. Recently, with COVID-19, it’s very important for us to stay on top of the situation because we’re seeing rapid change, with the situation sometimes changing several times a week in some parts of the country. The structure we have in place allows for effective communication with customers and ensures that we provide the state and federal requirements that are in line with the recommendations from organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Q. Even when the prospects of hazards at workplaces are tried to be eliminated as much as possible, risks may still seep in. How can businesses deal with such uncertainties?

In order for people to not get complacent with safety, or normalize the risk, it’s important to build safety into the fabric of your culture. When safety is woven into everyday work, through a cadence of evaluating those safety processes, training, retraining, communicating the latest policies and procedures - to both employees and subcontractors – it gains importance as a company value. So, when challenged by production needs, deadlines, budget and/or the way it’s always been done, the value placed on safety trumps getting the job done at any cost.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Looking at the product roadmap, much of our focus is on product development and technology—one of the areas where we see a gap in the market is around implementation and accountability. Many companies provide safety products and services, but there seems to be less focus on helping safety professionals follow up on different tasks and implementing processes and procedures. With any of our services, our focus is always on enabling our customers to more effectively implement safety solutions that are going to improve their safety performance.

Meet the leader behind the success of Safety Services Company

Peter Formisano is the CEO of Safety Services Company. A 30-year veteran of business process outsourcing, Peter is extensively versed in operations, technology, sales, and the customer experience. His business acumen comes from a history of general management, global organizational structuring, and strategic steering of high-performing customer contact centers. His leadership roles have included CEO and Board member of Strategic Fundraising, vice president and general manager for Arise Virtual Solutions. From 2008 to 2011, he was senior vice president of global contact center operations for New York-based CGS, where he built a fledgling contact center operation into a major mid-size market competitor. He served as ClientLogic’s senior vice president and chief operations officer for Latin American operations during the company’s multi-billion-dollar acquisition of Sitel. He holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.

“We're a complete Safety, Training and Compliance solution provider. Our custom safety manuals and policies, onsite and online training solutions will enhance the safety of your workplace”