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Saksoft’s digital transformation solutions help automate, modernize, and manage your it systems to change-the-business and also efficiently run-the-business, while you focus on your core business


Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword. It’s an essential topic for businesses around the globe and a pick of savvy CXOs. But, what digital transformation really is? Why it’s important for businesses? Businesses that are looking to start their digital transformation journey should have a solid understanding of the concepts and approaches. With proper understanding, you can take digital transformation beyond IT and make a positive impact on business performance. Organizations need to evolve to address the changing business landscapes. Ideally IT spending is driven by the need to meet business requirements. Business leaders want IT to be focused on business results, innovation, and continuous improvement. Digital transformation can be defined as the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact in a strategic and prioritized way. Saksoft Limited is a leading Digital Transformation Solution Partner for clients across the globe. The ensuing pandemic has accelerated maturing of the digital revolution, making it imperative for companies to invest in automation, technology-led cost moderation and digitalization-induced improvement in organizational productivity. At Saksoft, they bring into play a business model that has transformed in line with customer needs. Solutions are predominantly focused on Fintech, Logistics & Transportation, Retail/E-commerce, Health care and Telecom account for over 70% of revenues. Its competence and track record has made Saksoft the trusted partner to Public Sector companies in Singapore and United Kingdom.

Customers today are no longer looking for the best in the world. They want the best in the street. With String of Pearls strategy, Saksoft is a group made up of organisations that are specialists in specific verticals, region and uniqueness. These qualities have helped clients select a partner of choice for their digital transformation journey, for over 2 decades.

Legacy Modernization

Legacy applications have put the brakes on organizational efforts to leverage modern architecture, meet evolving user demands and promote collaboration across systems. In this digital era, organizations must meet the requisite of leveraging modernized platforms and systems to turn agile in supporting evolving business demands. Saksoft has successfully executed platform and application modernizations and they help organizations achieve legacy modernization to maximize value from their technology infrastructure. At Saksoft, modernization consultants help reduce the complexities and costs pertaining to your IT environment, overcome architectural limitations and leverage the potentials of modernized IT. Facilitating application assessment, the consultants conduct a discovery exercise to get a grasp of the existing legacy systems to create a business case around migration, re-platforming and remediating, and renewing applications. Saksoft offers application architecture assessment with the objective to fulfill technology modernization and upgrade, and augment sustainability of systems.  Saksoft’s modernization consultants evaluate the existing system design, identify re-engineering opportunities and recommend the architecture model and roadmap to facilitate architecture and technology upgrade aimed at meeting future business needs.

Intelligent Automation

Saksoft helps customers take advantage of the pivotal combo of Artificial Intelligence and automation to achieve transformational changes by way of intelligent decisions, improved efficiency and productivity, enriched customer experience and service innovation. Creating a winning blend out of automation and modern technologies such as RPA, machine learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, Saksoft accelerates your digital transformation and apply intelligent automation to solve your business problems. RPA, machine learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, Saksoft also accelerates your digital transformation and apply intelligent automation to solve your business problems. Enterprises looking into the future are making the most of Robotic Process Automation to facilitate intelligent automation, step up performance, transform into an agile organization and gain competitive capabilities. With an intelligent automation mindset, Saksoft has designed an Intelligent Automation Framework that takes every aspect of transformation into consideration.

Data Analytics

Analytics has now become a top priority to augment informed decision-making and transform into intelligent enterprises. Saksoft’ s intelligent analytics framework leverages big data, intelligent algorithms and advanced analytics to address industry-specific needs, problems and use cases and measure key performance indicators. Advanced analytics solutions empower organizations to employ AI, intelligent algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning, predictive modeling, behavioral modeling to strengthen informed decision making across supply chain, customer, sales, and marketing, risk, finance and workforce domains.

Meet the leader behind the success of Saksoft

Aditya Krishna is the Chairman & Managing Director of Saksoft. Mr.Aditya Krishna, is a M.A.(Economics) from St. Stephens College, New Delhi and MBA (Finance & Marketing) from Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Aditya started his career with Chase Manhattan Bank N.A, New York, USA.  He also completed a three year Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School, Boston USA between 2010-2012.

“With our spread of technology solutions, Saksoft is a well placed to address and resolve almost every technology challenge that a client faces.”