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Susumu Matsuda, Santoku Corporation Executive Director: “Our mission is to eliminate accidents in the workplace and revolutionize employee safety training with our multisensory VR technology.”


After witnessing the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Susumu Matsuda wondered if there was anything he could do to contribute to society. By then, Susumu Matsuda was already interested in VR. He decided to start a VR business in October 2001. Susumu Matsuda found, through marketing research, an opportunity to keep humans safe using VR. In a virtual space, people can experience dangerous events safely. Cultivating danger sensitivity is especially important in conducting safety education. Until now, safety education has not found a way to improve hazard sensitivity. Susumu Matsuda decided to create an expanded VR to solve problems. Susumu Matsuda believes that protecting human lives is a priority, and he aims to do it by building a VR package.

In order to increase human safety, RiMM (Product Brand Name: Risk Intervention with Multisensory Models) provides a VR solution that corresponds to disasters. RiMM responds to four types of disasters: occupational accidents, natural disasters, general disasters including traffic accidents and fires, and disasters caused by human action. RiMM provides six categories of safety-enhancing measures for the human experience. Specifically, RiMM’s Category B and C tools are extremely useful for everyone. Through Category B products, it is possible to study dangerous disaster situations. Through Category C products, it is possible to reproduce a negative disaster experience using all five senses due to VR’s ability to reproduce the senses of touch, balance, and smell, all of which use robotic control technology. RiMM has been operating for more than 6 years, and it has been confirmed that occupational accidents are reduced.

Q. How does RiMM do this?

RiMM divides the process that humans feel into six stages. The human experience process was independently analyzed by biological approaches (neurology, brain chemistry, and psychology). It is a program that seeks ways to improve human safety and keep minds safe during the experience process while strengthening human safety. The RiMM Cyclone Philosophy provides six tools to assist human safety. RiMM enhances human safety, and repeating the process makes it even safer. Humans tend to forget negative experiences in order to keep themselves mentally safe. According to the characteristics of such a human, it is necessary to repeat education before forgetting. We need to remember and learn from disasters repeatedly before we forget them. It is necessary to recover danger sensitivity by experiencing danger before danger sensitivity declines.

Danger sensitivity gradually disappears over time, and it is necessary to improve sensitivity through negative experience again before losing all of it. The effectiveness of RiMM has been confirmed in industrial environments for more than 10 years. While using RiMM, it is also important to learn how to protect the human body, wear protective equipment, strictly observe work rules, and acquire knowledge about disaster prevention. Safety education will be enhanced by RiMM. RiMM is already used in 33 occupational industries, and as mentioned earlier it is well-known for stimulating risk sensitivity and changing people’s consciousness with an extended VR that reproduces the innovative five senses.         

Getting the word through

RiMM content is defined through various considerations and examinations. Santoku Corporation’s team researches similar disasters, checking the causes and reasons. The team confirms the conditions under which they occur and preventive measures. Through this examination process, the content of the recurring disaster is examined in several stages. Santoku Corporation checks the status using personal security information and obtains the consent of the customer. RiMM content is packaged after going through multiple screening processes. The team at Santoku Corporation explains the RiMM concept and corporate philosophy every time. As a result, various disaster information can now be obtained automatically. Santoku Corporation will continue to do business that meets the needs of society. By developing and improving safety in response to new customer requests, Santoku Corporation increases its corporate value as a comprehensive company that responds to safety and keeps minds safe.

RiMM aims to generate an inside-out change by stimulating the five senses. RiMM transmits the information through the five senses, based on biological characteristics, to the body in a direct way, unlike words. RiMM communication can convey negative feelings across language barriers. The globalization of work continues to increase due to the obstacles of a lack of human resources in many countries. RiMM solved the communication problem through the VR experience. Therefore, RiMM customers are expanding in the Asia-Pacific area and the Middle East. Santoku Corporation will also start to supply RiMM to North America in Q3 of 2023. The company plans to start a cloud service step by step. It can be used anytime, anywhere, to study about safety, aiming to automatically manage continuous education schedules at the individual level by the RiMM cloud.


Impact of RiMM

A major issue in maintaining safety is that humans have different sensitivities. It is known that human sensibilities differ according to various conditions such as environment, education, and experience. RiMM can improve the quality of education by optimizing negative stimulation. Currently, the RiMM system’s negative stimulation is adjusted manually. The level is defined by the operator’s judgment when answering a questionnaire. Santoku Corporation is developing the emotions subjective feedback mechanism. This method can optimize individual negative level adjustments. What the team creates allows the user to safely experience negative stimulation. It will make it possible to realize and optimize educational content according to the characteristics of humans, creating advanced safety education that matches the sensibilities of each individual. This new method will help further improve human safety.

The primary purpose of RiMM is to prevent disasters in advance. The second purpose is to minimize damage in the event of a disaster. At the same time, RiMM also provides advanced education that cultivates intuition in order to respond to unexpected disasters. RiMM continues to evolve day by day as a comprehensive means to ensure the safety of humans and the earth, and Santoku Corporation is expanding its services with the aim of establishing standards for safety education. RiMM has been successfully adopted by 400+ leading global companies, and more than 600 units are already in operation. Along with the mentioned units 100 units of equipment are additionally introduced annually, and the repeat purchase rate exceeds 50%.


Meet the leader behind the success of Santoku Corporation

Susumu Matsuda, Executive Director of Santoku Corporation majored in mechanical engineering and studied automatic control theory for simulation. He has studied several CPU architectures at an electronics manufacturer. He was well-known for developing software of die bonders and wire bonders primarily used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. At the same time, he was also an expert in the development of machine vision algorithms for 13 years. While learning VR technology in a new field, Susumu Matsuda developed a sensory unit that uses robot control technology to realize intuitive operation. Susumu Matsuda’s research focuses on human safety from the perspectives of neurology, brain chemistry, and psychology.

“RiMM content is defined through various considerations and examinations. We research the similar disasters, check the causes and reasons. We confirm conditions under which they occur, and preventive measures.”

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