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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

SAVO, the world’s leading Sales Enablement platform

thesiliconreview-jason-liu-ceo-savo-17“The fact is, the sales productivity and enablement market is ready for consolidation. SAVO is making the first – but not the last – move to roll up the space, and our financial stability has us well positioned to do so.”  -Jason Liu, CEO

Sales effectiveness has taken on added importance in today’s highly competitive business world. Instead of just increasing their salesforce, organizations are looking within their sales processes to make improvements that could yield substantial returns.

Improved sales effectiveness is now a top priority for many of the world’s leading companies. Sales effectiveness tools are being implemented by organizations of varying sizes all over the world as companies seek to gain competitive advantages that have become necessary to compete in today’s rapidly evolving business arena. SAVO’s founders, John Aiello and Drew Larsen, knew that sellers’ skills were being buried beneath organizational red tape and roadblocks and weren’t able to focus on what they were hired to do–sell. So, in 1999, SAVO was founded and developed a better way to elevate: the firm was the only sales enablement platform to allow salespeople to quickly harness the assets, experts, and insights of  their organization. This includes arming direct and indirect sellers with the prescriptive content, predictable processes, guided selling and customized content creation needed to meet buyer's expectations.

SAVO continues to drive the industry. Earlier this month they announced the acquisition of KnowledgeTree and are now the only company offering a complete solution in the sales enablement industry. The acquisition enables SAVO to immediately provide both a basic and advanced sales enablement solution: combining SAVO’s strong enterprise customer base with the 200+ companies using KnowledgeTree worldwide. KnowledgeTree’s lighter-weight product complements the comprehensive classic SAVO platform, which offers the most robust prescription and enterprise segmentation available.

Consistent growth as an organization- SAVO’s acquisition of KnowledgeTree is a first move towards the consolidation of the sales enablement software market. SAVO is actively building, buying and partnering, with acquisitions focused on the company’s core expertise of sales enablement and productivity and is in a position to sustainably grow.

SAVO’s global platform- SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure sales enablement platform worldwide, delivering content to sellers within the context of their selling situation. With SAVO, companies achieve their revenue initiatives by aligning their sales and marketing operations to work together to focus on the customer and receive greater results in the field. Learn about how more than one million sales and marketing professionals leverage SAVO today at

Sharp as a tack: Jason Liu, CEO

Jason’s extensive technology background includes decades of executive experience within software, mobile and cloud systems management industries. With strong experience in general, strategic and operational management, he has a proven track record of leading companies through substantial revenue and valuation growth. Prior to joining SAVO, Jason was an operating affiliate of Vector Capital and interim CEO of Allegro. During his tenure, Jason was responsible for leading the company through significant growth and profitability.

Immediately prior, Jason was the CEO of Automic Software (formerly named UC4 Software), a global leader in IT process automation. He successfully led the company through significantly accelerated growth and eventual sale to EQT Funds. Other senior executive experience includes CEO of Univa and Intrinsic Technologies and serving as a chief financial officer for Ravisent Technologies, where he led the seed-stage company’s dramatic growth and its distinction as the “9th Fastest Growing Company in the United States from 1994 to 1998” (Deloitte &Touche/Forbes).

Jason holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Washington University.

"We maximize the human connection at the heart of the sales cycle."