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June Edition 2021

ScalaMed is dedicated to make health easy and intuitive


Sticking to your medication routine (or medication adherence) means taking your medications as prescribed – the right dose, at the right time, in the right way and frequency. Why is doing these things important? Simply put, not taking your medicine as prescribed by a doctor or instructed by a pharmacist could lead to your disease getting worse, hospitalization, even death. Electronic prescription is shown to have many benefits in terms of reducing medication errors, improving patient safety, productivity, and resource management, but it may cause new errors and physician frustration if not designed and implemented properly. Improving usability and user-centered design is essential for physicians' adoption. The largest recurring transaction in healthcare system is prescription fulfilment, yet is done in an archaic way - prescriptions are sent from provider to pharmacy, completely bypassing the patient. This causes abandonment, poor-adherence, no price transparency, and is the #1 reason patients call their doctor. Globally there are various companies innovating in the healthcare segment, but ScalaMed stands out from the rest.

The world’s first smart prescription platform

The experts at ScalaMed are aligned in their belief that the future of healthcare, requires them to engage and bring patients into the center of their journey. If the doctors want to influence and support patients or members, it just makes sense that ScalaMed empowers them with the right information at their fingertips to make health personalized for them. Life should be more about the important things in life – family, friends, community, love and nature. Yet when we get sick and need support, we believe healthcare can be friendly, personal, intuitive, and caring. The team at ScalaMed are determined to support, help, educate, empower and care for those that need help. ScalaMed makes use of its experience as patients (let’s face it we have all experienced how scary, lonely and painful bad health can be), care-givers (we have ageing parents, we look after our children, and we care for our friends – and we know how important it is to have the right information at our fingertips), doctors (the company’s CEO is a trained physician and his in-depth understanding of the medical world means that every day, the experts apply the latest in medical knowledge, and the most important scientific breakthroughs, to keep patients healthy and safe), pharmacists (ScalaMed makes sure that it brings together professionals across the health landscape that understand medicines so patients feel so supported – like having a pharmacist in their pocket), and geeks (let’s be honest, building technology requires a certain amount of nerdiness – but hey ScalaMed is proud to be making an impact on healthcare using code to change the future of medicine), to bring healthcare into the 21st century.

Customers’ challenges answered

Medication mismanagement is a huge cause of unnecessary and preventable costs. Normally, the doctors expect patients to take responsibility for their medication – yet don’t equip them to succeed. The results are they make too many mistakes (non-adherence, abandonment, mix-ups, and interactions) that cause hospitalizations, morbidity, and mortality. Current approaches are manual, require additional staff, and lack true visibility on what patients do when they are not in the clinic. In addition, the current prescription process is burdensome – every time a pharmacy is closed, out of stock, out of network, or the patient is traveling, the patient calls the clinic – adding unnecessary clinic admin and delays in therapy. ScalaMed re-routes e-Prescriptions directly to patients (from the EMR), putting prescription fulfillment under the patient control, empowering patients to direct prescriptions from their App to any pharmacy, and bringing patients into digital orbit. By giving patients control, ScalaMed automates proactive engagements, to support patients to take responsibility for their health. Automated education, reminders, interaction warnings, price comparisons, and 24/7 access delivers savings and outcomes.

Smart algorithms cajole, prompt, nudge and drive patients to better health outcomes, and link them back into care.

Any 3rd party, including App and tech players, payers and plans, pharmaceutical companies, and providers a-risk, can launch the ScalaMed platform (widget) inside their own digital tools in order to engage patients in a very new and sustainable way. The company’s unique system allows for customization, so you can automates reminders, offer tailored health content, send warnings to prevent hospitalizations, and links at-risk patients back into care, essentially targeting your interventions to the right patients. Plans, discount cards, Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager (PBMs), new point solutions, digital health companies looking for new features that work, and anyone who cares about the patient experience, can work with ScalaMed to better direct their patients to alternate medications, in-network pharmacies, and lower cost options whilst improving adherence.

Meet the leader behind the success of ScalaMed

Dr Tal Rapke is the Founder and CEO of ScalaMed. A father of two crazy young boys – who make him laugh every day. He has always believed that as a doctor he would help people every day. Yet the system in which he worked, which was created to serve patients, ended up becoming enslaved to administration, billing, and people turned into bed numbers. So wanting to do something different, he was determined to build a new way for medicines – a new future for prescriptions. 

"We at ScalaMed are aligned in our belief that the future of healthcare, requires us to engage and bring patients into the center of their journey.”