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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021

Achieve immense growth and scale your business to unprecedented levels with White Glove Consulting Group’s subscription-based consulting services


The current economic condition is abysmal, and it is important for businesses to find new ways to stand out from the rest, increase their revenues, and tighten their operation while keeping the cost low. Businesses are trying their best to stay ahead of the curve, but their day-to-day operations are overwhelming and keeping the management busy. Even looking into business electricity consultants in Texas can help reduce operating costs and leave space to expand, but considering all the options can be overwhelming. It is a wise move to use an experienced consultant to give your business the ability to grow instead of choosing to maintain the status quo. The cost involved in hiring a consultant is scalable, and the value he adds to the business is immeasurable. Consultants develop new strategies to help you grow and manage the projects effectively. With their experience of working on different projects, consultants provide unique solutions and objective viewpoints that are necessary for a strategic growth plan.

There are various companies globally offering excellent consulting services, but White Glove Consulting Group, LLC stands out from the rest with its unique approach to optimizing business. White Glove Consulting Group, LLC was founded with the belief that consulting can be done better. The company believes that the clients deserve complete focus, undivided attention, and the same passion and effort one would put into the project if they were the business owners. White Glove Consulting Group delivers end-to-end process and system transformation by building a foundation upon which functional best-practice methodologies will be implemented to provide operational efficiency and scalability. The result is a collaborative end-to-end decision-making process and a comprehensive single source of data across departments. The company helps executives re-engineer their core business processes, automate their SAAS, Professional Services and support operations, and provide end-to-end data flow that results in real-time executive reports and KPIs. Clients generally require fast turnaround in short time frames, and White Glove’s ability to consistently deliver robust, analytically informed insights in fast-moving market conditions sets them apart from other consulting firms. Subscription billing is what White Glove excels at. From understanding your business processes to suggesting best practices as per the new subscription age economy.

White Glove has gone from 8 Full time employees (FTE) in November of 2020 to 20 FTE in January of 2021 and that’s just the start with 40 more hires planned before end of q2 2021. As a new business one of the biggest challenges, the company faced is to be able to hire the right talent. White Glove’s unique and experienced skillset on the team which makes the company best suited to do any complex business system transformation for enterprise applications. White Glove actively works with PE companies to provide an E2E transformation for their portfolio companies. Most of White Glove’s clients are generally Pre-IPO companies that want to gear up for growth by upgrading their systems stack.

Program Management (Removing Data Silos)

For an organization to continuously move forward, seamless communication amongst internal departments is indispensable. Miscommunications or barriers can cost millions of dollars to organizations. Today’s ever-evolving technological landscape leading to the need for continuously changing and updating processes has also left them in a fix with interdepartmental silos hindering communication. Organizations are struggling to figure out a way to eliminate communication gaps between departments to ensure they play along well with each other, especially during system transformations. Typically, departments have different goals, KPIs, and metrics to adhere to, making it difficult for organizations to get everyone on the same page to run business processes efficiently. As trusted advisors for business processes, White Glove Consulting Group understands business processes right from marketing to sales to actually delivering projects all the way to revenue invoice and collection to provide operationalthesiliconreview-50-leading-companies-of-the-year-white-glove-consulting-group-cover-21 efficiency and scalability. The company provides the kind of undivided attention and hard work to each project as if they were the business owners, hence the name—White Glove Consulting Group. Focusing on end-to-end business processes, the company helps clients achieve their high-level goals rather than doing configurations or implementations within silos. “One of our primary goals is to break down inter-departmental silos to ensure that all vendors, internal stake holders and users in an organization communicate well with each other in order to achieve the most accurate and efficient data and process flows,” says Sham Tyagi, Director of Professional Services, White Glove.

Subscription Business

White Glove’s team comprises professionals holding decades of experience in various business processes, including sales, development, and specifically accounting, to fulfill requirements such as ASC 606 that can be very complicated. The company has a team of professionals who have used different systems as end-users from each of these departments to ask the right question to customers to identify the crux of any issue. Importantly, White Glove focuses a first and foremost on the end-to-end business process, and the organization's overall strategy and high-level goals are rather than trying to do configuration or implementations in a box or in a silo. "We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients and fill the roles of trusted advisor and business process consultant, rather than just system implementation consultants,” says Sham.

He also highlights that since the company was founded by a team who had previously worked extensively within the private equity sector, most of their projects are either private equity purchases or mergers and acquisitions. Such projects have unique requirements because it’s not only about implementing a new system but merging multiple companies into one and getting all employees into the same business process. “People are used to running different systems or running their operations various different ways. Getting them to align on a single methodology that works for everybody can be challenging. The fact that we work primarily in that space really gives us a competitive advantage, because we understand the importance of what our clients are looking for,” says Sham. For instance, if a PE firm purchases a portfolio company with the intention of a quick resell, the goal may be to very quickly rip and replace its accounting system. In this scenario White Glove helps them implement a new system with a focus on a cost-effective and timely project completion. However, if the PE firm’s goal is to hold the portfolio company for many years and invest in its growth, White Glove will instead focus on the importance of implementing best-of-breed systems with solid integrations that allow for the portfolio company to align to operational best practices with a focus on scalability. Here, the company thoroughly understands what the clients are looking for and provides them the required services. “It is important for us to have those conversations and ask the right questions in order to understand the overall strategy and bigger picture of the organization. This allows us to provide the best design recommendations based on the needs of the entire business, not just one department,” adds Sham. White Glove experts work collaboratively with clients to quickly identify the excess steps, unnecessary approvals, exceptions, and workarounds that prevent progress. Working with clients, the company rapidly reengineers core business processes so that teams can carry out their jobs easily.

White Glove mainly works closely with fast growing SaaS and Professional Services companies seeking private equity funding or preparing for an IPO. Efficiently optimizing the systems and automating business processes is what these PE firms require, and we aim to provide SAAS industry best practices for future scaling purposes. Regardless of the type of funding a company is seeking, it is very important that they adequately prepare their organizations to adhere to the many requirements dictated by the private and public capital markets. In many cases, a company must be prepared to meet certain requirements regardless of the market that funding is being sought. There are however some differences between public and private markets—these are summarized below.

Key reporting Metrics

White Glove helps SaaS firms gain more visibility into their enterprise business application platforms and help boost their revenue through optimized reporting. Key reporting metrics such as MRR, NRR, ARR, lead scoring and churn rates are some of the examples of which help companies gain valuable insight into their existing customer base and cross-sell. One-time software sales are a thing of the past, the entire market is turning towards subscription sales. The company’s expertise across the board in the market makes it ideally positioned to help customers gain maximum operational efficiency with the help of tools such as NetSuite Suite-billing, Salesforce CPQ, Zuora and multiple Ipass platforms.

True End to End

While every business has unique processes, they all start with a common goal – to deliver high-quality, repeatable results as efficiently as possible. However, as policies change, resources turn over, technology is enhanced, and services are added, existing processes become less viable over time. Achieving and maintaining excellent performance requires an approach that supports continuous process improvement and optimization.

White Glove’s approach to process improvement has helped businesses in various industries to boost quality, speed cycle times, and reduce costs. The company’s experts work collaboratively with clients to quickly identify the excess steps, unnecessary approvals, exceptions, and workarounds that prevent progress. When working together, White Glove rapidly reengineers core business processes so that teams can do their jobs faster, smarter and more easily.

“Our clients require fast turnaround in short time frames, and our ability to consistently deliver robust, analytically informed insights in fast-moving market conditions sets us apart from other consulting firms.”