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Scott Walker, ethosIQ Founder: ‘Our Solution has Been Designed as a Suite of Software Services that Allow us to Tailor our Solutions to Each Customer’s Specific Needs’


“Many systems are not designed for a real-time experience. Some concepts and applications require a very advanced infrastructure to provide real-time data to thousands or even millions of users simultaneously.”

The acceleration of technology in recent years has led to equally rapid shifts in consumer behavior. As a result, customer-care best practices have changed, too, with the traditional call center now replaced by a modern and sophisticated contact center. The great Business Intelligence (BI) explosion turned abstract data into useful information for business users. Contact centers followed this trend, and today it’s hard to find one that doesn’t scoop up large amounts of performance data that it turns into metrics of various forms for analyzing call times, resolutions, and workforce performance. As such, some businesses have been reluctant to embrace it. For businesses looking to gain a competitive edge, or simply to ensure continued success in a technology-driven future, taking the steps necessary to collect and analyze key contact center data is now essential. And thanks to innovation, that task is well within the grasp of companies of all shapes and sizes.

ethosIQ is one such firm that helps contact centers increase efficiencies and lower operational costs by collecting, aggregating, and leveraging disparate data across multiple source-agnostic platforms in real-time. The firm transforms siloed data to enable actionable insights at your fingertips. The company’s award-winning software collects, correlates, and presents data from multiple disparate systems, empowering organizations to make informed real-time decisions. ethosIQ software solutions provide analysis and actionable insights that enable enterprise and government organizations to deliver better customer experience while ensuring operational efficiencies and maximizing technology investments.

The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Scott Walker: Interview Highlights

Q. Can you tell us about your services in brief?

ethosIQ functions as the middleware within a contact center – pulling data from an unlimited number of disparate sources and aggregating them into a database to provide a single source of truth. The Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is our source, agnostic disparate data collector. CEP feeds into ethosAnalytics (eA), a visual, customizable analytics dashboard that reports big data analytics in real-time. Depending on client needs, the dashboard can include various other solutions, including Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) Optimizer, asset management, and industry-specific solutions.

Q. How successful was your first project? Share the experience.

We created our first data collector in 2011 and worked with the Republican National Committee to provide a sentiment-based fundraising analysis. We collected data from specific keywords and topics on Twitter and used emojis to determine the sentiment behind the tweet. This was a very successful project, with a 20 percent click-through rate.

Q. Data centers are expected to continue to play a vital role in the ingestion, computation, storage, and management of information. How do you interpret this?

Migration to cloud-based providers is massive and continuing to grow. Data centers are the backbone of cloud-experiences, and so the number of data centers also must grow to maintain capacity for the growth and change of the cloud-based market.

Q. Do you think advanced sub-systems and infrastructures will play an important role in providing real-time experience?

Many systems are not designed for a real-time experience. Some concepts and applications require a very advanced infrastructure to provide real-time data to thousands or even millions of users simultaneously. These sub-systems may be transparent to the end-user, but the coordination of those sub-systems by experts will remain a necessity.

Q. How do your BPO Optimizer and Asset management solutions contribute to the growth of a business?

Both solutions help clients improve their visibility into their vendors and vendor contracts which enables the clients to accomplish their goals.

BPO Optimizer allows clients to manage their vendor contact center resources through our manufacture-agnostic data collector processes without manual intervention. This frees up employees who may have been managing these resources to pursue other projects, as well as enables more accurate adherence and compliance reporting.

License Resource Manager, our asset management solution, helps eliminate the possibility of audits by enabling organizations to be more proactive with its compliance strategy. Measuring and managing asset usage, license calculation, budgeting, and forecasting prevents any costly audit surprises or legal issues. 

Q. How do you gain insights to provide tailor-made industry-specific solutions for clients?

We gain insights through our extensive Rolodex of relationships and partnerships, as well as keeping up with articles and reviews from multiple resources. We mustn’t limit ourselves to a single point of view to provide the best possible solution for our clients.

Q. What makes your company standout from the competition?

Several companies do data collection, but no other company does exactly what we do. Our solutions enable our clients to leverage their existing infrastructure and technology stack. To provide the best service possible; our solution has been designed as a suite of software services that allow us to tailor our solutions to each customer’s specific needs. This means that our solutions are source agnostic, work in real-time, and can connect to an unlimited number of data sources.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Callback Data Capture Technology: It collects data directly from the Callback Application applied by a call center and provides complete and accurate data which will improve forecasting and scheduling, reduce operating costs, improve business processes, and efficiencies

Sentiment Analysis Technology: : It’s an automated program that monitors sentiment from multiple media platforms, including streaming audio media that supports up to 120 languages. It performs sentiment analysis in the native language and includes a configurable sentiment library.

The Pre-Eminent Leader Behind the Success of ethosIQ: Scott Walker

Scott Walker is the Founder of ethosIQ. He is a veteran, high-tech executive with 25 years of experience. Mr. Walker has collaborated with numerous companies – including GSA, Apple, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, Nike, and many more. Today, ethosIQ collects and correlates data for over 400,000 agents and endpoints across the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, under his leadership.

“To provide the best service possible, our solution has been designed as a suite of software services that allow us to tailor our solutions to each customer’s specific needs.”