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April Monthly Special 2022

Scytale – Making SOC 2 Simple, Accessible, and Effortless for Ambitious SaaS Companies All Over the World


System and Organization Controls for Service Organizations 2 (SOC 2) compliance isn’t mandatory. No industry requires a SOC 2 report or is SOC 2 compliance law or regulation. But your service organization ought to consider investing in the technical audit required for a SOC 2 report. Not only do many companies expect SOC 2 compliance from their service providers, but having a SOC 2 report attesting to compliance confers added benefits, as well. Compliance with SOC 2 requirements indicates that an organization maintains a high level of information security. Strict compliance requirements (tested through on-site audits) can help ensure sensitive information is handled responsibly. Automation is a game-changer. SOC 2 software makes compliance simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. But critically, it also eliminates human error and helps you test your processes and adapt to problems as quickly and effectively as possible, reducing the chances of those audit exceptions to occur.

Scytale is the global leader in InfoSec compliance automation, helping security-conscious SaaS companies get compliant and stay compliant. The company’s compliance expert’s offer personalized guidance to streamline compliance, enabling faster growth and boosting customer trust. The company is on a vision is to always be a game-changer in the compliance industry and to be the creators of new and innovative enhancements that will transform the compliance world and make it smart, simple and effortless.

Scytale: Taking Security Compliance to the Next Level with SOC 2

SOC 2 with Scytale is automated and 90% faster. With Scytale SOC 2 readiness just ‘happens’. Evidence collects itself, policy and controls take shape, risk is monitored 24/7, SOC 2 obstacles crumble and your compliance program comes into view in days. The platform has been carefully designed with security as the most crucial priority. They have taken no shortcuts in building the most reliable solution, but instead, they operate their business in taking the time to perfect all areas. Scytale follows industry-standard best practices regarding security measures and have full trust in the system. The company is aware and understands the importance of protecting their customers’ personal information. They will go above and beyond to provide the highest levels of protection and continue to expand security measures. SOC 2 Type II reports are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Any report that is older than that becomes of limited value to potential customers. In order to maintain your SOC 2 Type 2 status, you need constant, ongoing compliance. It’s a demanding security standard, but ultimately an extremely rewarding one, as it demonstrates that your business upholds consistent standards of security and reliability. That’s something clients value. That’s why it is so important to lay the right compliance foundation from the start. With effective processes and systems, and the right compliance technology, consistently meeting your SOC 2 goals becomes simpler, more efficient and much more cost-effective. 

The combination of Scytale’s automated SOC 2 compliance platform and dedicated team of experts assist with all SOC 2 preparation and ensure all action items are complete, sufficient and collected. This includes an in-depth gap analysis, vendors risk assessment, employee security awareness training, ensuring correct policies and procedures are in order, internal audit, and more. This results in ability to demonstrate ongoing and high-level security commitment to customers and prospects, as well as maintain customer trust. It accelerates more sales, as well as closing deals faster due to the impact of meeting SOC 2 standards and proof from the official report with huge time savings, zero disruption to daily business operations. Automation also enables you to be more ambitious in your compliance goals. For instance, a SOC 2 Type II audit is extremely demanding. If you’re relying on manual processes, SOC 2 Type II is simply out of reach for many startups and smaller SaaS companies. SOC 2 compliance technology changes the equation, putting the most rigorous compliance in reach of ambitious businesses that need it most.

The Leader Upfront

Meiran Galis is the Chief Executive Officer of Scytale.

“We are dedicated to helping our customers be security-conscious businesses with our carefully designed compliance technology and expert-advisory services.”