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Achieve your desired results with a range of exemplary HR services offered by Seale & Garland


In the digital world we live in, the concept of Human Resource Consulting was coined to deal with the complexities of day-to-day HR issues. Primarily, this is done to address the HR-related issues in a more consistenet and accurate way to help businesses focus on their core activities. Irrespective of your HR requirements, there is always a consulting firm to help you meet your needs. The cost of doing business is high, and it isn’t easy to get the business off the ground. One of the best cost-saving measures is to consult a Human Resource Consultant. A firm’s basic services may include tracking department objectives, employment law navigation, administrative support, organizational structure development, and recruiting, training, and developing employees.

The human element is one of your most valuable assets in an organization – that’s where Seale & Garland come in. Seale and Garland were formed in 2019 by two leaders in the Cannabis Industry, Harwant Garland and Sarah Seale. With both partners each having over ten years of experience in the consulting field, they came together to create a unique offering of business strategy and human resource management. Whether you are at the startup stage or a well-established company, the alignment of business strategy and human resource strategy is critical for a successful and profitable business model. This superstar team features high-level HR consultants who have been actively working within the market for the past five years and have in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges presented.

In conversation with Sarah Seale, CEO and Founder of Seale & Garland

Q. Explain your services in brief.

Seale & Garland specializes in combining business and operational strategy with human resources. The company’s services include Human Resource Consulting, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Job assessments, Descriptions and Structuring, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Policy Development and Review, Legislative Compliance, Benefits and Compensation Strategy and Design, Recruitment, Employee Performance, and Management Services, Investigations, Employee Relations, Health and Safety, and Strategic Industry Specific Introductions.

Q. If you want to snatch top candidates, you need to hire fast. Do you manage a list of candidates who already went through screening and ready for



We do keep an up to date candidate list but our main value comes from our extensive network in the industry. We have a strong reputation for only working with great companies so industry professionals will check in regularly with us for opportunities when they are looking to make a change.

Q. Due to regulatory constraints on marketing and traditional branding, retailers’ awareness levels among consumers may be predicated on their ability to responsibly scale. How do you help to improve brand recognition through recruitment?

We don’t work with a lot of retailers but we are strong advocates for companies that have a strong development strategy that is focused around their employees. Candidates in this industry do their homework before they join a company and are looking for organizations with a strong CSR program, diversity and gender equality, performance based rewards programs and a strong cultural core.

Q. How do you create a Purposeful and Consistently Executed hiring process?

We have created SOPs for hiring that are aligned with our clients’ needs. It is very rare that we are only acting as a recruiter for a company. In most cases, we are their internal human resources department. We work to create a consistent hiring strategy that gives the candidates a great experience as well as finding top talent and ensuring retention for our clients.

Q. Diversity and inclusion are more of a challenge today than ever before. With an increase in laws and regulations focused on workplace diversity, how do you help your clients drastically alter their recruiting and HR policies to keep up and meet the strict compliance standards in place today?

The core of our business is to act as the internal human resources department. We set up our clients with inclusivity and diversity geared plans across all of their human resources, not just their hiring.

Q. It’s a job seekers market now. It is harder than ever to attract and hire top candidates. How do you identify qualified individuals?

This differs drastically from role to role and from company to company. A top candidate for one company could be someone with a specific background but no experience whatsoever in this industry while another company could have the reverse. We make sure that we know our client organizations extremely well so that candidates are a fit and can align with their ideal of what a Top employee is.

Q. How do you market your services?

Word of mouth mainly and private social media channels

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are constantly expanding our offerings and have started working with companies entering the CCAA process.

Meet the leader behind the success of Seale and Garland

Sarah Seale is the CEO of Seale and Garland Consulting and one of four managing partners of Cannabis Global Consultants, Inc., both based in Canada. As a business strategist with over 15 years of experience on the international market and five years of exclusive expertise in the cannabis sector, she assists businesses and international governments with navigating the unique challenges of the industry. During the course of her career, which started in the franchise sector, Sarah has worked with over 34 countries and uses that experience to provide cannabis companies with a broad range of solutions, including business strategies, HR, distribution, and organizational structuring. “Any area you can think of in the cannabis arena, or affiliated with it, I’m working with it,” she shares. In 2019, Sarah, along with her partner, Harwant Garland, founded the Toronto-based, Seale and Garland Consulting, which serves small and large companies and many of the Canadian-licensed producers. She and her group of high-level HR consultants, each with extensive knowledge in the complex issues related to the cannabis industry, help their clients set themselves up for operational success. They assist with employee recruitment, business strategies, organizational structure, and setting up HR departments to accommodate the rapid growth and change seen in this industry.

“We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.”