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November Special Edition 2021

A global provider of secure, resilient IoT connectivity solutions: Caburn Telecom


Multiple business sectors such as agriculture, retail, and utilities are implementing IoT solutions to improve efficiency and safety in the workplace. Likewise, the advent of IoT in telecom companies will display its potential to enhance business procedures and generate more revenue. Research suggests that IoT can generate $1.8 trillion in revenue for mobile network operators. To benefit from these emerging revenue opportunities, telecom companies must develop innovative methods and applications to monetize IoT solutions. The introduction of IoT in telecom is set to transform the role of telecom service providers in enabling communication between people and devices. Therefore, business leaders need to innovate new IoT-enabled services for their customers and applications for improving their business processes. Also, business leaders can implement innovative business models like SaaS, PaaS, and BaaS to utilize IoT effectively. With this approach, telecom businesses can decide which applications can be beneficial for their organizations. Caburn Technologies was founded by a team of experienced global telecom professionals with a vision to deliver engineered solutions and the highest levels of service to customers for whom IoT connectivity and control are essential.

Companies are looking for flexibility around Global IoT deployments. Caburn’s starting point is to gain a detailed understanding of your requirements before building the technical and commercial solution that will resolve your challenges. The most ‘unreliable’ aspect of mobile communications is geographic coverage, signal attenuation, and variation. A secure and well-planned SIM solution provides far greater coverage and connectivity options. Working with globally renowned partners, Caburn has developed a portfolio of communications solutions offering far more than simple connectivity. Caburn Technologies systems also provide highly sophisticated actual and forecast usage functions which help clients manage their connectivity and costs.

Global SIM

Caburn Telecom work with a range of network providers to provide a comprehensive selection of networks and profiles for Caburn’s customers. Caburn provides global and regional roaming, but also a range of multi-network and more focused single-network options for specific applications. Each can be configured for different geographical needs or usage contexts. Some of Caburn’s solutions are more geared towards low data usage global applications, and others for high data usage environments. Caburn also provides solutions for those applications which are rely on voice services; which more specifically require accurate CLI presentation, approved telephone number lists and local/national numbers within a robust multi-network environment. The Caburn Technologies Global SIM enables you to reduce stock variants for export to different markets. Caburn’s Global SIM operates on multiple networks in over 190 countries, with identical configuration overseen and managed from the same platform. Caburn can supply SIMs in line with your production schedule, to your factory or manufacturing partner anywhere in the world, with nothing to pay until they are activated. Caburn’s free data allowance means your devices can be tested after the SIMs are installed, then put into a non-billable inventory group for holding and shipping. When they arrive in the country of sale & use, they can be assigned to the most appropriate tariff group from Caburn’s wide range of flat regional and country-specific rates.

Only pay for the SIMs you Activate

Traditional mobile data contracts don’t work for emerging IoT applications. They hit profit margins, stall innovation and add extra administrative burden. Because Caburn believes no SIM contract should endure longer than the device it governs, Caburn’s terms can be as short as three months – after which SIMs is on a monthly notice period. This allows Caburn’s customers to closely control costs, paying only for what they use. Also, Caburn’s customers don’t pay for auto-activated SIMs gathering dust on a stockroom shelf. Caburn’s user-activated SIMs aligns cost with use and purchased cards can sit in stock for up to 12 months without charge. For further flexibility, customers can suspend and cancel SIMs with no contract release charge. Just give notice and pay for the current month. Suspended SIMs can be held for up to 12 months and then reactivated for use under the original or a new tariff.

Meet the leader behind the success of Caburn Telecom

Andrew Wendon-Smith is the Chairman of Caburn Telecom. After a career in fixed line telecoms culminating in the sale of Opal to form Talk Talk, Andrew focused on investment in mobile technology start-up businesses. Caburn Telecom was born out of his recognition that clients in this market needed a more personalized approach that would help them achieve their business goals. Andrew’s expertise in domestic and international business development helped build a strong foundation for Caburn Telecom fitting it well for the dramatic growth it is now experiencing.

“Caburn Technologies was founded by a team of experienced global telecom professionals with a vision to deliver engineered solutions and the highest levels of service to customers for whom IoT connectivity and control are essential.”