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Money For Your Mission Inc. is here to Help You Secure Grants, Government Contracts, and Fundraising

There are many people out there who are quintessentially entrepreneurs with great ideas. But many such dreams don’t get off the ground because of lack of funding. A startup or a small business can face many challenges to obtain financing if they want to bring a new product to market, fund an expansion or get the company going. Angel investors, venture capitalists, and conventional banks are among the main funding sources. But not every company can secure major financing from them. And without proper funding, business dreams seldom succeed. But that’s where Money For Your Mission Inc. (MFYM). comes in.

Led from the front by CEO Allen Thornton, Money For Your Mission is looking to provide an innovative and goal-oriented environment that will improve funding in every community the company touches. Having already raised $21 million to date, Money For Your Mission is now looking to secure over $100 million in 2021. The firm is extremely intent and focused on helping secure Grants, Government Contracts, fundraising that will help establish and grow businesses. Over 700 non-profits and social enterprises have used the Money For Your Mission platform as a grant source platform. An organization can save an estimated 50-80% just by using the MFYM platform rather than hiring and buying individual platforms themselves.

Money For Your Mission maintains an environment of creativity, integrity, authenticity, passion, motivation, and accountability while sustaining high-end, world-class customer service. The firm has big ambitions as it is committed to creating a billion-dollar annual impact through its platform in the next five years.

“We build strong communities by supporting and inspiring those who are willing to make a better version of the world around them!” said Allen Thornton, CEO of Money For Your Mission. Allen Thornton knows how tough it can be to have to search for grants. And he established Money For Your Mission to address this need. Money For Your Mission’s platform is simple, affordable, and full of grant management tools. The company is built and led by a team of leaders and entrepreneurs to give other entrepreneurs a chance to see their dreams come true.

With almost a billion dollars’ worth of active grants in its database, the Money For Your Mission platform can help entrepreneurs achieve their true potential. To make this happen, MFYM has an experienced team that includes real estate property owners, former grant writers, successful serial entrepreneurs, and former executive directors.

Money For Your Mission Blockchain

Money For Your Mission is a mobile/web platform where an organization can outsource/complement their grant department and secure grant money. But that’s not all. MFYM has integrated the power of Blockchain into its platform. Money For Your Mission Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings are uniquely suited to solve many of the problems with current supply chain management and certification methods. With BaaS, MFYM is empowering organizations to drastically cut certification costs and produce unprecedented trust and transparency around ESG initiatives.

After subscribing to an MFYM INC, subscription a business’ customers, contributions and contracts will be added as transactions on the CSR/DEI/ESG blockchain an asset is created, transferred, or updated. Through the MFYM BaaS, business owners and entrepreneurs can have full traceability of their customers, contributions, contracts, including granular detail and preciseness, rather than unreliable certifications or isolated solutions.

But what does Blockchain do for a business? By using an open blockchain solution, businesses can access information about specific customers, contributions, contracts at any point in the supply chain and provide others not only reports of CSR/DEI/ESG claims but tangible proof of them. Moreover, with a secure solution like the MFYM Inc Blockchain, the security of business information is reliable. This removes the fear of data loss or manipulation and reduces the amount of expensive and time-consuming errors or breaches. Additionally, MFYM’s technology is more energy-efficient and lightweight than other solutions, making the MFYM Inc Blockchain accessible even from simple devices and requiring fewer resources to maintain. This means that Money For Your Mission meets its customers wherever they are.

Not only does the MFYM platform help you find, write, track and manage grants – it helps with the pre-work to get the process started. When a customer starts using MFYM, he/she has access to master guides,image training’s, templates, workshops that Money For Your Mission has done all over the country. A customer can access everything through the MFYM mobile app, which means that they have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

The Leader Upfront

Allen Thornton, CEO

He is a member of the Forbes Business Council. He is also involved in several organizations including Grant Source Foundation, and NewMetro Developments LLC. He has also worked with MongoDB, Rubrik, and Infor as their Regional Sales Manager. Additionally, he has also worked with EMC, and Paychex. Allen has been recognized as Top 50 Tech Visionaries by Intercon.

“The firm [MFYM] is extremely intent and focused on helping secure Grants, Government Contracts, fundraising that will help establish and grow businesses.”

“The firm has big ambitions as it is committed to creating a billion-dollar annual impact through its platform in the next 5 years.”