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Securing Business beyond Boundaries: Intralinks


‘Securely share and collaborate on high-value content across teams, partners, customers, counterparties and regulators.’

Intralinks Holdings, Inc. founded in 1996, is a global technology provider of inter-enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. Its products serve the enterprise collaboration and strategic transaction markets, enabling the exchange, control, and management of information between organizations. Intralinks helps enterprises extend business processes and high value content across traditional organizational, corporate and geographical boundaries. The company is headquartered in New York.

Only Intralinks provides a cloud-based Content Collaboration Network where sensitive information can move freely around the globe while maintaining security and compliance, enabling safe and productive work with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Rather than building point integrations or having to rip-and-replace existing content systems, Intralinks customers can connect to the network to confidently and productively control the sharing, distribution and management of their high-value content – regulated, IP intensive or simply important data.

Intralinks Product Editions

Over 3.1 million professionals spanning more than 40 industries across the globe rely on Intralinks to work securely and productively across boundaries. Large-scale mergers and acquisitions, enterprise collaboration, drug development, syndicated lending and fund management are just a sampling of the mission-critical work facilitated by the Intralinks platform.

Intralinks offers three editions of product and user-support capabilities designed to fill a broad range of business needs – all supported by industry-leading security and governance capabilities. These editions are extended with specialized modules for industry and use-case-specific needs.

Pre-Configured Solutions

Intralinks maintains a multitude of Workspace templates specifically crafted to accelerate your business project. Pre-configured folder templates and workflows supporting business processes across several industries are easily deployed for your team. And, Intralinks industry-specific subject matter experts are available to share best practices for your particular project.

Intralinks Platform

The Intralinks platform is the foundation of our Content Collaboration Network™. It provides market-leading information security, process management and comprehensive compliance and reporting services. Integrate with your business systems to build custom solutions that span the enterprise, keep your critical information flowing safely and productively – and your business healthy and profitable.

Intralinks Content Collaboration Network

New cloud and device technologies, employee mobility, digital natives in the workforce and increasingly complex business processes that involve internal and external teams are all factors contributing to a rapid and profound transformation of the workplace. Traditional enterprise-centric applications (whether on-premises or cloud-based) constrain workers’ behavior and can even introduce new risks.

Intralinks Content Collaboration Network™ has all the tools, features and processes it takes to collaborate safely, efficiently, globally.

Intralinks Information Security and Governance

Since 1996, Intralinks has been used by the most-regulated and IP-intensive industries to share and collaborate on high-value and high-risk information. Our platform, applications and business processes are built from the ground up to meet the highest security standards and enable our customers to stay compliant with a web of complex regulations. We take a holistic view of security and strive to ensure content is given the most stringent protections while ensuring easy access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Information security in the cloud: Protect high-value information across its lifecycle – at rest, in transit and even in use:

-Instantly grant or revoke file access with dynamic plugin-free IRM and Intralinks UNshare® — even manage documents that have been shared anddownloaded outside of your network

-Customer-Managed Keys (CMKs) put control of encryption keys in your hands; FIPS 140.2 Level 3 certified and no third-party partners

-Leverage existing security capabilities, such as DLP rules and SIEM dashboards, while connected to the Intralinks Content Collaboration Network™

Data Sovereignty: As your data moves around the world, Intralinks gives you the options you need to protect your information and meet data privacy demands. This is called the Intralinks Trust Perimeter.

Customers can choose:

-If they want their most valuable data in Continental Europe.

-Where their encryption keys reside.

-How sensitive information is   consumed, downloaded and edited at the file level around the world.

Data Governance and Access Management: Comprehensive reports and audit trails on all user, Workspace and content activity:

-Proven track record of compliance within highly regulated industries.

-Known and trusted community  of enterprise-independent identities with granular permissions management for users and roles.

-Automated gatekeeper functionality for proper management of joiners, movers and leavers.

Platform Security:

Transparency and adaptability are two core principles in the secure Content Collaboration Network™. They give users confidence in our technology and allow us to quickly adapt to our customers’ ever-changing regulatory compliance needs. Over 20 years, we have repeatedly proven our security capabilities


-More than 280 customer-led audits of our physical data centers, source code, processes, applications and personnel management.

-ISO 27001 certifications held by Intralinks; not relying on indirect certifications of partners.

-Four-pillar approach to security, encompassing application, infrastructure, personnel and process. 

Meet the Key Executive

Ronald W. Hovsepian, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director: Ron Hovsepian, previously CEO of Novell, Inc., joined Intralinks as Chief Executive Officer, President and Director in 2011. Under his leadership Intralinks has developed Intralinks VIA, a secure enterprise file sharing solution, and Intralinks Dealnexus, the largest global online deal sourcing network. He also led Intralinks during its acquisitions of PE Nexus, MergerID and docTrackr.

He started his career at IBM Corporation, where he held a number of management and executive positions over a 16-year period including Worldwide General Manager in IBM Marketing and Services for the Distribution Industry segment, managing product development of hardware and software, sales and marketing, and services. Hovsepian received a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College.

“We give you complete control over your valuable information and content — even after you’ve shared files outside your network or organization. We set you free to do more, with greater productivity, and without worry.”