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Securing Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Workloads at Speed and Scale: Threat Stack

thesiliconreview-brian-m-ahern-ceo-threat-stack-18Protecting Your Data on Cloud

Everyone wants to achieve value from their security tools as quickly and effectively as possible. Quick Start provides cloud-native security and services that enable innovation and rapid implementation of cloud workload protection. Bundled with capabilities from the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® and Threat Stack OversightSM service, Quick Start delivers immediate value to DevOps and Security teams. The company’s Control Plane Monitoring monitors up to 5 AWS accounts across any AWS Service that feeds into the CloudTrail API and receive immediate alerts on suspicious activity.

With so many services at your DevOps team’s disposal, it’s key to have visibility into what users are doing across those services in order to stop the potentially malicious behavior in its tracks. For example, spinning up hosts in non-standard regions for crypto jacking is an activity you would want to be alerted on.

Run a CloudFormation template to integrate Threat Stack and immediately gain visibility into a large number of AWS services. For more custom internal policies, you can easily build custom rules for any service based on the 'event source' or 'event name' fields from AWS.

The Company Oversight

A Threat Stack Security Engineer will monitor your environment (up to 50 servers), alert you to potential incidents, and continuously tune detection rules to make sure your latest use cases are always covered.

Everyone wants to be secure without sacrificing speed. Let us manage Threat Stack while you and your team focus on innovation and growth. The firm will notify you as soon as an alert triggers and provide the best context and guidance to help you remediate as quickly as possible.

Unlike monitoring solutions that require consultants to piece together fragmented data behind them, its experts leverage the automation, real-time alerting, and unparalleled investigative capabilities of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform. An initial call with your Onboarding Team allows you to set expectations so you’re dedicated Security Engineer is properly triaging alerts, optimizing configurations, and notifying you of suspicious behavior.

The Threat Stack Investigation

Gain immediate visibility with real-time intrusion detection and alerting into who is doing “what, where, and when” on up to 50 servers (including unlimited containers on those hosts).

Easily understand and mitigate multilayered attacks on your infrastructure by visualizing how a malicious actor is moving across hosts and containers. This also alerts on activity tied to compliance standards such as HIPAA, SOC 2, or Docker CIS benchmarks.

Write Threat Stack into your existing host or container deployment workflows to install the lightweight Threat Stack agent and gain an immediate understanding of actions across your infrastructure.

The Company’s Services That Made It One Of The Top Private Companies

Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program

The Threat Stack Cloud SecOpsProgramSM is a series of services, powered by the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®, to give you an even richer context and deeper visibility and into your cloud infrastructure. It will give you the expertise you need to integrate Security and Operations — without recruiting hard-to-find talent or struggling to integrate and interpret data from multiple point solutions.

To start building your Cloud SecOps Program, a Threat Stack Security Architect assesses your current security practices against its proprietary framework, and then helps you prioritize, set goals, and put a plan in place. Meanwhile, Threat Stack Security Engineers work to optimize the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform in the context of your unique environment, providing you with actionable recommendations to further reduce your risk and increase efficiency.

Threat Stack® Cloud SecOps Maturity Framework

The Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Maturity Framework applies a DevOps lens to Security and offers five core principles with achievable milestones to gradually bridge Security and Operations to fortify your infrastructure. Leveraging the framework Threat Stack’s cloud security experts will advise you on how to implement the right monitoring and control capabilities so you can feel confident you’re taking the right steps to reduce risk.

The Brave Leader

Brian M. Ahern, Chairman and CEO: As Threat Stack's Chairman & CEO, Brian is passionate about building disruptive technology companies, fueled by innovation and high-performing teams. A seasoned technology executive with over two decades of experience, Brian joined Threat Stack in 2015 from Industrial Defender where he was Founder and CEO, and which he saw through a successful acquisition by Lockheed Martin in April 2014.

Outside of work Brian enjoys spending time with his two children, attending their sporting events, traveling, skiing, and boating. Brian holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Vermont.

“Our mission as a leading cloud security company is to provide the highest quality insights to help our customers operate securely in the cloud.”