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Securonix: Providing Next Generation Security Analytics to combat Cyber Attacks, Insider Threats and Manage Risk Objectives


Founded in 2008 by Sachin Nayyar and Tanuj Gulati, Securonix is a privately owned security analytics company with offices throughout the US, UK and India.

Securonix is the market leader in entity and user behavior analytics offering risk mitigation, incident response and rapid detection of sophisticated insider and cyber attacks. Securonix has helped clients across the globe address their cyber security needs including the detection of advanced persistent threats, insider threats, privilege account abuse, enterprise and online fraud.
Securonix is working to radically transform all areas of data security by applying advanced machine learning algorithms and providing actionable security intelligence. Its solutions align with each customer’s unique business objectives and its wide array of offerings serve the needs of clients across a diverse range of verticals including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, government, retail and high tech.

Real Machine Learning, Security Analytics and Intelligence
Securonix is on the leading edge of the security analytics market. Its solutions are deployed in some of the world’s largest global enterprises and have been tested and proven to deliver high quality results. The Securonix solution is continuously evolving with new use cases to support the needs of clients and address current and future risks and threats. Its purpose-built, advanced security analytics technology mines, enriches, analyzes, scores and visualizes customer data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats from within and outside the environment. Using signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track users, account and system behavior, Securonix is able to detect the most advanced data security, insider threats and fraud attacks automatically and accurately.

Securonix Quick Facts

  • Performs continuous threat monitoring of activities, transactions and access
  • Detects unseen threats that never trigger known signatures
  • Acts on threats with the highest risk score for maximum impact
  • Detects threats posed by insiders and external hackers misusing legible accounts
  • Eliminates rubber stamping and reduces access certification workload by 90%
  • Reduces the number of false alerts generated by DLP products by over 60%
  • Cleans rogue access privileges and implements continuous outlier detection
  • Detects misuse of high privileged, service and elevated privilege accounts

Founder’s Story
Sachin Nayyar is the CEO and Tanuj Gulati is the CTO of Securonix. Previously, Nayyar and Gulati founded VAAU, a company they led until its acquisition by Sun Microsystems. Following the acquisition, Nayyar served as the Chief Identity Strategist for Sun Microsystems where he led business strategy of the Sun security portfolio. Sachin and Tanuj are renowned thought leaders in areas of risk, regulations, compliance, identity/access and governance and speak frequently at professional conferences and seminars.

“Securonix is the only purpose-built Security Analytics Platform that relies on signature-less technology for the detection, monitoring, investigation and management of information security threats and risks.”