November Special Edition 2021 (Vol-II)

Creating Beautiful Digital Products Engineered to Drive Growth for the World’s Leading Brands: SemiDot InfoTech


Web and mobile applications are essential for several reasons. They offer many advantages, one being they perform all of the necessary functions utilizing a web browser instead of installed software. Plus, cloud-based functionality has web apps becoming an essential component of business in today’s expanding world. Organizations are embracing and creating web applications with the help of developers to meet their business demands. Here are five reasons to consider web apps. Web and mobile apps avoid app store memberships, fees, and restrictions when it comes to each software program. They allow businesses to release their versions, on their own time, and steer away from app stores. Additionally, there are all kinds of cloud-based tools allowing businesses to use the cloud for expanding storage. All businesses need to be aware of security threats with their applications. Apps can protect websites and software programs. They are designed for more privacy and a high level of security. 

SemiDot InfoTech is one such web and mobile app development company based in USA with highly qualified and experienced web designer and Mobile App Developers proficient to handle all the aspects of the Web and Mobile application development. It comes up with more than six year of extensive experience of providing the Mobile and Web & Software Solutions to its clients. The company offers various engagement and hiring models, so they could serve their purpose to various businesses, ranging from startups which are in the planning phase, to the businesses serving millions of multitudes of users.

Leveraging Top-Class Mobile and Web App Development Solutions

Mobile Application Development: Being a top-rated mobile app development company in the US and in India, they are known to design and develop scalable, robust, and feature-packed mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. SemiDot Infotech is known to offer best-in-class mobile app development services to all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size. Over time, they have developed more than 100+ apps for multiple platforms. The company strives to design and develop the best mobile app solution keeping in mind all your requirements. They house some of the best and highly skilled mobile app developers having immense expertise in developing top-notch mobile apps that are not only loved by users but are doing really good in the market too.

Custom Web Development Services: The spectrum of web development solutions they offer has been increasing ever since they made their first website as a company. The company offers an array of custom website development services; their expertise extends to creating websites and web apps for market leaders of some of the top industries. There were different reasons for each of their clients to get a custom website developed, but the most common one was extending their reach to the world, through the internet. Back in 2011, when the company was found, things were different, and what most people wanted was just a complicated online portfolio of their business.

Wearable App Development Services: The world of technology is changing tremendously. Each day marks the beginning of a new invention that helps make their life easy. Wearable apps are one of them. SemiDot is one of the top-rated wearable app development company in the US and globally. Their expertise in the wearable device app development services, along with dedication, knowledge, and willingness to explore new possibilities, helps us to develop unique and innovative apps for the clients. The company has a team of highly proficient and experienced wearable app developers, who have excellent command over the same. Its certified experts make sure that the solutions they develop not only help you in making your daily life easy but also, work flawlessly. Their solutions help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development:  PWAs are one of the greatest additions to web and mobile web development space; they have already taken over a huge chunk of market dependability in fairly less time. Progressive web apps are really good at passing the hassles of longer wait times of downloading, and installing a native application, while being small in size, ensuring minimum download size and install time. As a top progressive web app development company, they ensure that the clients’ demands are completely fulfilled in the PWA solution they create for them. It’s hard to make a list of businesses that can benefit from using PWAs, but in its experience, almost all businesses can benefit on some scale, if they adopt the technology. It has been a hit in both the desktop web department as well as the mobile web department.

The Leader Upfront        

Rohan Singh serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SemiDot InfoTech.

“We provide top-notch web and mobile app development services by using and improving latest technologies that are out there.”