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November Edition 2021

Shipwell – Transforming the Supply Chain Industry with a Cloud-Based Shipping Solution


The development of cloud technology has created an interconnected, digital world that is essential for any business’ rapid growth. Cloud-based systems can provide enterprises with a holistic view of their entire operations, enhancing supply-chain visibility and effective collaboration. As businesses become increasingly digital, cloud technology delivers greater operating efficiencies and huge savings in an evolving business landscape. By moving your logistics and supply chain management needs to the cloud, companies can dramatically reduce the need for substantial upfront capital investment; any previous integration and configuration costs can instead be transferred to operating costs. The digital age has made the world more connected than ever and companies are recognizing the benefits of utilizing cloud-based solutions to drive efficiency and overall business growth.

Shipwell is one such firm that is digitally revolutionizing the supply chain sector with the connected shipping platform that scales as the organizations grow. Its connected SaaS platform combines the features and functionality of a TMS with advanced visibility and an integrated partner network in a simple solution that uses data analytics and workflow automation to maximize efficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership. The company’s innovative architecture delivers actionable, data-driven insights so customers can focus on high priority tasks, identify and resolve transportation issues, and quickly access capacity. From order management to financial reconciliation, Shipwell’s platform saves time, reduces cost, and optimizes the shipping experience throughout the entire supply chain.

Best-in-Class Cloud-Based Digital Shipping Services and Solutions Offerred

3-in-1 Solution: Its platform combines the elements that are most critical to running an efficient supply chain, delivering unprecedented ROI at a lower total cost of ownership. The Shipwell platform integrates an easy-to-use, cloud-based TMS with real-time visibility and analytics, so you can uncover long-term opportunities for growth. Its proprietary blending and weighting of market data now includes predictive pricing insights. Users can correlate and mine real-time data to uncover opportunities for growth. It also combines real-time data from top ELD providers, mobile apps, APIs and your internal systems and gives you access to one of the world’s largest digital freight networks. With automatic shipment notifications, you’re at the helm and able to provide centralized updates on whatever issues arise on the road. Instantly get in touch with drivers and resolve problems, all from the Shipwell platform.

Capacity as a Service: With tightening capacity and market volatility threatening to disrupt your supply chain, a reliable freight partner is more important than ever. Let Shipwell help you weather the storm. The fully connected supply chain offers access to trusted capacity at the best price and its advanced technology, backed by Shipwell’s team of experts means you are supported on every shipment – from booking to settlement. Take the guesswork out of selecting reputable agents. Its team is experienced with booking last-mile deliveries throughout the United States. With zero-deductible policies, your product is protected if it is ever damaged, and third-party insurers handle claims and carrier communication on your behalf. Shipwell’s connected shipping platform is designed for integration, so you can incorporate customer and carrier data, custom functions and key processes. It automates key tendering, exception management, communication and other workflows, so you can do more with your TMS.

4PL Supply-Chain Services: With a 4PL-brokerage division and dedicated customer-success managers, Shipwell’s team is available to answer questions and resolve problems whenever issues arise. Match the best carriers with the best routes at the best price, every time, whether by accessing the company’s network or integrating with your existing carrier base. Its capacity services are backed by a connected logistics platform that surfaces the analytics you need to grow your business. Drive results with a flexible, highly configurable platform backed by seasoned shipping experts. Improve teamwork and customer service with automated status updates and exception management that deliver results. The features and functionality you need in a TMS, plus visibility and an integrated partner network — all in one place. Plan smarter with analytics based upon machine learning and ship more efficiently with data-driven workflows that enable a more agile supply chain.

The Leader Upfront

Greg Price is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shipwell.

“We’re committed to developing technologies that not only improve your shipping strategy but turn it into your competitive advantage.”