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February Monthly Special 2023

Dan Mercurio, CRO of SigFig is helping people achieve their life goals, aspirations, and ambitions by innovating financial services


Managing your finances is simplified when services like cash management and financial planning or advice are all in one place. Technology makes consolidating these services easier and can help advisors and clients improve their ability to make informed decisions through data-driven insights. Tech adoption still remains an uphill battle, as many retail banks are still using outdated technologies and wealth management firms are facing widespread challenges with tech integration. This means that bankers and wealth managers are commonly undeserving their clients and missing out on opportunities to create a lasting impact on their financial portfolio. Recent studies indicate that many investors prefer digital or remote correspondence with their advisors, and some of them even prefer digital-only advice. Convenience and control are among the top must-haves for clients when selecting a firm to manage their financial portfolio. Many wealth management firms are looking to appeal to younger, mass-affluent clients by taking a serious look at their digital engagement tactics in hopes to strengthen the client-advisor relationships. Now, more than ever, technology is a key factor in managing the relationship between the end user and financial institutions. It doesn’t stop there – tech doesn’t just benefit investors, it can lead to major wins for advisors too. Saving time on filing paperwork, data entry, and profile building are all ways that automated tools can enable advisors to better serve clients and help them meet their financial goals.

Partnering with a fintech provider can benefit the end user and the advisor, as well as the financial institution. Technology is a necessary complement to the advisor-client relationship, strengthening the communication and helping to build long-term viability for financial institutions offering these advisory services. Firms like SigFig provide an Integrated Financial Advice & Service Ecosystem, offering a complete set of digital wealth solutions for mass affluent clients as well as screen-based collaboration solutions for consistent services delivery. SigFig is one such company that innovates best-in-class financial technology focused on putting the customer at the center of the financial services experience. Their modular ecosystem of needs discovery, remote collaboration, and digital wealth solutions are accelerating digital transformation across financial services. Leading financial institutions such as UBS, Wells Fargo, Citizens, Santander, and Scotiabank utilize the customer-centric ecosystem of SigFig Discover, SigFig Engage, and SigFig Digital Wealth. By partnering with SigFig, financial institutions are enabled to innovate quickly, empowering consumers with the experiences they need to achieve their financial goals.

Digital Wealth Platform

Deliver value to your clients and advisors alike through best-in-class digital investing experiences. A complete set of easy to use digital wealth solutions for advisors and clients, built with advanced technology to provide investors with diversified portfolios tailored to their unique financial needs and goals. It's time to move beyond audio and video. SigFig Engage is a platform that orchestrates a remote, collaborative client experience, designed to bring clients closer to their financial institutions. It's possible for financial advisors & bankers to be brilliant remotely when working with clients, but it takes elegant technology to enable great experiences. SigFig Engage unites simple, intuitive client-facing technology with a growth-enabling, integrated advisor backend. All the tools you need - audio, video, and screenshare - but connected and elevated for a finance-specific conversation. Multi-party meetings introduce a venue for generational wealth transfer - removing the multi-location dynamic as a limiting factor.

Connect, digitize, automate - integrate your current tools or use Engage native capabilities to work within a single collaborative platform. Streamlined workflows allow your team to get common tasks done quickly - removing inefficient, burdensome “follow up” communications to customers. Empower your team to build personalized agendas and content modules that lead to next-level insights and recommendation. Immersive needs-based content creates a natural conversation and engagement leading to best-fit solutions. It is a market leading end-to-end digital wealth solutions for both clients and advisors with seamless connectivity from client profiling & investment proposal through to account opening, and client servicing. A range of investment and advisory services including: investment and portfolio management, model due diligence, risk profiling and client suitability, trading. Outsourced RIA, SigFig is the advisor and responsible for all advisory & operational services. Audio and video capabilities are elevated for a finance-specific conversation, bringing people and information together in a more cohesive, productive way. Remote meetings can and should feel personal. From building customized agendas to sharing insights and recommendations, the needs-based content flow of hybrid models leads to best-fit solutions. When it comes to navigating personal finance, tech isn’t there to take over. It exists to make human relationships stronger.

Dan Mercurio, CRO of SigFig

"We treasure innovation and value beautiful design and simplicity. Our team thrives on the opportunities created by technology. We are a company that creates transparency and acts in the best interest of investors everywhere."