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‘Our Signature Butter Soft Fabric is all about Comfort and Style’: Soulvation Society LLC, an E-commerce Brand, Reinvigorates Hair Accessories Fashion Segment


“Quality is most important to us, and we pay very close attention to all details of our products and are always looking to improve.”

This season, the headbands are all the rage. Hair clips and sparkly barrettes may have dominated runway and street style trends over recent years, but headbands are having a real moment this season. Over the last few years, the classic hair accessory has gotten a serious makeover, and they top the list of polarizing hair accessories.

Soulvation Society LLC is a female-owned and operated E-commerce brand specializing in superior hair accessories and is best known for its butter soft headbands and trademarked hair ties. Leah Kay Krabbenhoft, the founder of Soulvation Society, who started as an aspiring food chemist and professor, eventually pivoted into e-commerce. She identified a gap in the marketplace and then asked how she could empower herself to fill it.

Leah Kay, CEO of Soulvation Society LLC, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about how she and her company is empowering others to create a successful brand and keep moving forward.

Soulvation Society LLC | Synopsis

Soulvation Story: A Flashback

Every brand has a fascinating story behind its inception. Here is Soulvation’s story. Frustrated with the lack of innovation and quality headbands, Leah Kay began making headbands with her mom’s sewing machine. It wasn’t long before friends and family started requesting custom-made headbands, which paved the way for her to start her first business.

Leah Kay said that she was in college running between classes on campus, and her hair was always in a messy bun. “I was too busy to care about how my hair looked, so it was always pulled up and out of my face. I wanted to find a headband that helped ‘change up’ my hairstyle, but the limited options were generic department store cotton headbands that were bland or sporty headbands meant for working out and had no style or headbands with childing designs. I couldn’t find the right cute-but-comfy headband, so I pulled out my mom’s sewing machine and made my own headbands. Before I knew it, friends were asking me to make them a set of my headbands. That’s when I saw a gap in the hair accessories market for cute, cozy, and functional products.”

Reshaping Fashion Sector with High-Quality Materials and Jaw-dropping Designs

Headbands have always been a convenience for women. “I believe we bring out the versatility and every day wear of headbands instead of just wearing them for workouts or sportswear. Our products are intended to add more of an accessory to our hairstyle instead of covering it up when wowrking out. We are always looking at color and pattern trends, constantly releasing limited edition colors, and finding ways to expand into new markets. When it comes to quality, we are very picky! Comfort and style have always won me over, hence our signature butter soft fabric, which is made from high-quality bamboo spandex. Our priorities are quality, comfortability, and effective communication. We have been fortunate to fall into the hands of great vendors for both our hair accessories and our new custom apparel line. We tested multiple vendors for quality from the beginning and filtered out the poor-quality producers pretty quickly. Quality is most important to us, and we pay very close attention to all details of our products and are always looking to improve,” said Leah Kay.

Leah Kay further emphasized, “I think it’s important to be inclusive when showcasing various products. This is something we are working on doing more and more of. One product or color of headband or hair tie might look great on someone with one color hair, but very different on another style of hair. We really want our customers to see models that relate to them. We have been a very small team from the beginning, and in 2021 have been incredibly short-staffed, and a lot of the time, we have been producing our own content using ourselves as models. We want to diversify the more we grow and showcase many more models, hairstyles, hair colors, etc. This is something we are currently working on as we grow.”

Soulvation Society’s Success: Through CEO’s Lens

“I truly believe the first step in working towards your success is envisioning the woman you want to be when you consider yourself a success. Imagine how she looks, her personality traits, and the whole package. How does she act? How does she conquer her day? How does she own her confidence? What does she do day today? How does she manage her time? What does she wear? What are her top priorities? How does she continue to learn and grow? Where does she live? What’s her attitude like? How does she control her emotions? What does she do for fun? When you take away all of your other limiting beliefs and imagine your future successful self and remind yourself of her every day, that will help you realize that you really can do big things, that you can reach your goals, and that any limiting belief you have is a lie. Think of your future self and become her! Over time you will see your own self-reflection change, you will start thinking more positively, and you will continue doing things that better you and your goals.”

The Road Ahead

We are constantly launching new products, colors, and styles and have expanded into the sports industry with sports team-themed colors. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Colorado! We have been awarded Top 50 Colorado Companies to Watch in 2021 and continue to have massive growth year over year. We are always brainstorming new products and ideas and ways to expand! A lot is under wraps that are kept a secret as of right now, but a lot of exciting things are coming!

The Stalwart at the Helm of Soulvation Society LLC

Leah Kay Krabbenhoft is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Soulvation Society LLC. She started the company with $300 and a sewing machine in early 2019 and is now on track to pass eight figures in sales in early 2022 with a 100 percent female-owned and operated brand. Her products can be found at She will also be launching her e-course to show others how to build a brand from the ground up and snowball their way to success! Her e-course should launch in early 2022, and those interested can enroll in her waitlist at

“We bring out the comfortability and every day wear of headbands instead of just wearing them for workouts or sportswear.”