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Reimagining Customer Data Platform to drive faster marketing results: Simon


Simon Data is the Customer Data Platform that enables you to drive marketing results faster with a solution purpose built for growth. Simon enables brands to deliver incredible customer experiences everywhere. Leverage all of your data with its customer data platform at enterprise-scale so you can create powerful personalized experiences effortlessly. Simon’s firmly believe that business success starts and ends with people. The company does its best work when it is surrounded by other friendly top performers who want to succeed together. This attitude is core to Simon’s values. When you trust your team, invest in their development, and give them ownership, great things happen.

Email Marketing

Scalable, fully managed end to end email service provider within the Simon Platform. Automate processes to boost revenue per email, build dynamic content, and access campaign metrics & reporting. Aggregate and campaign level reporting across engagement, conversion, and delivery metrics. Reusable & configurable segments, recurring mailings, and trigger messages to get campaigns into market faster. Unify disaggregated customer data into a single profile view and expand your audience reach by deterministically resolving unauthenticated users. Identify customers with unique identifiers and merge unknown customer profiles at an identifying event. Automate customer profiles, using flexible rules to manage groupings and contact policies. Deterministically match anonymous web traffic with known first-party data to amplify audience reach. Manage the holistic customer experience to build better relationships. Boost performance in every marketing program without requiring the sacrifice of time or treasure traditionally required. Score each customer’s likelihood to buy to influence a tailored customer journey. Identify customers who are likely to churn for hyper-segmented outreach. Select products or content relevant to an individual for even greater personalization. Understand your performance with comprehensive reports and summaries. Simon is purpose-built to ensure that what the customer wants is never lost. Customers interact with brands in more ways than ever before. In a single browsing session, a user might like a tweet, click links on a site, put an item in their shopping cart, and fill out a survey or feedback form. In the past, all this valuable customer data lived in different places and different formats, making it difficult for marketers to access and understand comprehensively. The customer data platform (CDP) changed that. CDPs are a type of data platform designed to import and integrate customer data from different sources. They organize your customer data into holistic customer profiles that update automatically, combining real-time and historical data into a single customer view as your customers engage with your brand.

Data streaming

Data streaming CDPs sit on top of your existing databases, ingesting and centralizing customer data and (where possible) resolving customer identities to link all of the records of a customer’s interaction with the company across its various channels and platforms. Data streaming CDPs are great for things like tag management and streaming data collection, but they don’t always have some of the more marketing-oriented campaign automation features available with other types of CDPs. They can also be technically complex to implement and maintain.


Automation CDPs focus on making the execution of marketing campaigns easier and, as the name implies, more hands-off. Most of them were built with messaging in mind, so they’re particularly good at automating data assembly, segmentation, and the delivery of marketing messages via various channels such as email. Since they tend to have been built with that kind of workflow in mind, however, they’re often not great at integrating real-time data and adjusting messaging on the fly.


Orchestration (or smart hub) CDPs tend to have more features aimed at facilitating modern marketing workflows. They may even be integrated in tandem with Data Streaming CDPs, which feed them real-time data that are immediately integrated into campaigns. The right orchestration CDP, however, offers the best of both worlds: the data ingestion and centralization features of a Data Streaming CDP together with many of the marketing convenience features found in Automation CDPs.

Marketing cloud

Though not technically CDPs, marketing clouds are worth mentioning. These are multi-channel marketing solutions that integrate customer data from various channels. While they serve a purpose, many began as something else (often email marketing service providers)—as a result, they aren’t always capable of handling the complexities of modern customer data.

To better understand how all these features deliver on the benefits promised by CDPs, let’s take a look at a specific orchestration CDP—Simon CDP. Simon CDP uses batch and streaming processing to ingest different data from all kinds of sources. Both real-time and historical data are unified to create a single customer profile. As soon as specified events occur, the customer is identified and their profile is updated with valuable data. From there, the Simon platform offers a variety of powerful features for enabling marketing workflows. For example, Simon CDP comes with intuitive tools like a no-code editor that allows anyone to build customer segments quickly. These segments are then used for everything from targeting digital marketing campaigns and email flows to analytics and reporting. While its holistic customer view enables greater personalization, Simon CDP also offers an option for integrated machine learning (ML) models that draw on its unified customer data store to make product recommendations or predict customers at risk of churning. It also comes with intuitive features for A/B testing so you can see which messaging works best for a specific customer segment.

 Jason Davis, Chief Executive Officer  & Co-Founder of Simon

“Simon enables brands to deliver incredible customer experiences everywhere. Leverage all of your data with its customer data platform at enterprise-scale so you can create powerful personalized experiences effortlessly.”