50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2022

Helping businesses grow by offering path-breaking customer data solutions: Simon Data


In the digital world, we live today, data is a very precious asset, and customer data in specific is extremely important. Customer data allows businesses to meet customer expectations with regard to personalized suggestions and communications. The more businesses know about the kinds of products/services customers are interested in, the more likely businesses are to pitch them products they're the most likely to buy and close the sale. However, there is a gap when it comes to utilizing the information in an optimum manner. Marketing companies help bridge this gap between businesses and customer data and help formulate strategies to leverage customer data. Globally, though there are numerous marketing companies that process customer data, Simon stands apart from the rest. Simon enables brands to deliver incredible customer experiences everywhere. Leverage all of your data with the customer data platform at enterprise-scale so you can create powerful personalized experiences effortlessly. Simon firmly believes that business success starts and ends with people. People do their best work when they are surrounded by other friendly top performers who want to succeed together. This attitude is core to Simon’s values. When you trust your team, invest in their development, and give them ownership, great things happen. Data is hard. Data is complex. Data is messy. Data is slow! And for many marketing & business stakeholders, working with data is a highly inefficient and time-consuming process. Simon set out to build an application that would change all this.

This vision started with streamlined access with fast & efficient workflows that required less effort – and ended with transformative outcomes to redefine brands, enable next-generation personalization, and drive incrementally more revenue. Many who look at the Founder’s background will assume that Simon Data does this via data science, advanced AI, and other forms of rocket science. While they aren’t (completely) wrong, the secret sauce behind unlocking data at Simon starts with re-thinking how you work with your data. It’s all about re-defining workflows and putting the breadth & power of your customer data at your fingertips. Imagine a world where data operations require to affect fine-grained segmentation, 1-1 personalization, and channel coordination could be complete in a few hours instead of the days or weeks it takes today.  Imagine a world without the constant struggles to wrangle up the right data, to get your martech stack to do what they said it would, or to play peacemaker between your data, IT, and marketing teams. 

Doing More with Less

Simon enables you to work faster with the data you already have. Perhaps the most frustrating & inefficient aspect of data is that you have the data already, somewhere within the four walls of your organization – yet you’re unable to easily access it. Simon solves this problem by integrating with your existing data & data systems. This starts with your data warehouse, includes real-time data from your web & mobile experiences, API data from your pricing or inventory systems, and data that’s siloed in Shopify, Zendesk, survey tools, or any other SaaS application. For Simon Data, data enablement means eliminating the Jira tickets, cross-functional meetings, and days or weeks of time required to extract data fields into your martech tools.

Simon enriches your data to drive incremental revenue. This is where rocket science comes into play. The company’s machine learning capabilities make sense of the complexities of your data to drive results across the entire customer lifecycle – from acquisition propensity to churn probabilities and beyond. And with third party cookie changes and increasing pressures around acquisition costs, Simon Data’s Identity+ offering can stitch anonymous & known customer data together to increase conversion rates and drive incremental revenue – seamlessly into the Simon Data platform all with minimal time.

Simon enhances your existing channels to maximize engagement. It plugs into all your channels from acquisition to retention, including owned, digital, and offline. Simon also transforms the segmentation, personalization, and targeting within existing systems – bringing them next to the data with incredible precision. 

A Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Agencies are an important part of brands’ teams. For many marketers, their most valuable resource is time, and there are not enough hours in the day or internal resources to be able to meet customers’ expectations in today’s always-on, omnichannel world. A recent 2022 report from Dun & Bradstreet indicates that 8 in 10 companies have at least 5 tools combined in their marketing technology stack, with some companies reporting using 20+. This makes it overly complicated for marketers to execute on both strategy and campaign management. With so many tools to manage, a good agency partner can be the key to making sure your investment in martech is maximized, helping to quickly spin up and execute on effective marketing tactics and campaigns.

Simon Data, work closely with a best-in-class network of agency partners who are experts in marketing campaigns, strategy, tools and technology, so that clients can focus on achieving their goals at a high level, while taking advantage of the deep expertise these partnerships bring. As a leading customer data platform, partnering with agencies is essential to making sure marketers use customer data at its full potential in powering omni- and multichannel campaigns. Simon Data’s agency partners empower their clients to leverage customer data to deliver one-to-one personalized customer experiences and drive measurable outcomes. Combined with the industry expertise and implementation oversight from agency partners, Simon Data platform delivers better, more targeted marketing results with less technical effort needed.

Jason Davis, CEO and Co-Founder

“When you trust your team, invest in their development, and give them ownership, great things happen.”