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Creating outstanding niche digital solutions for Companies, Startups and Nonprofits: Simpalm


By Leveraging Design & Technological Expertise. Simpalm is a team of innovative geeks & designers trusted by new-age startups & established companies. The founders wanted to facilitate the digital transformation of the startups, enterprises, and NGOs in the USA who lacked in-house team to support their dreams. Over the year, Simpalm has expanded across the USA and aims to spread its feat. Simpalm offers an unparalleled combination of business acumen and technology expertise. Simpalm works with you to fully understand your business needs and goals. Simpalm has built mobile applications and websites for start-ups, fintech, logistics, social media companies, retail, entertainment, and production firms in both B2B & B2C domain.

Simpalm is a leading nonprofit mobile app development company, developing web and mobile solutions since 2009 for nonprofits and associations. Simpalm has designed and developed more than 350+ successful applications for nearly every industry imaginable. Simpalm has partnered with several nonprofit organizations, membership associations, and other organizations that depend on community-building tools and strategies. Simpalm’s custom mobile applications development services are the best choice for nonprofits and associations. The company starts with unifying features that help organizations share information and resources, then add tools and capabilities that provide real value to association members.

Business Value to Your Nonprofit/Association

As a nonprofit/Association, you don’t have deep pockets like large enterprises to spend lot of money on building your product. You don’t want to land in a cost escalation situation; you have a board and members to be answerable. Simpalm excel in this part; the company will review your requirements and come up with the right budget for your project. If the estimations are beyond your budget, Simpalm will come size down to scope to meet the budget target. You might not be happy with your current CMS and want to select a new CMS. This is not an easy decision to make. You will have to consider several factors like content, users, integrations, cost, scalability and performance. Simpalm’s will use its 10 years of experience in CMS to do discovery sessions with you to determine the CMS that provide you the right value.

Associations/Nonprofits use several third party systems and software like association management systems (AMS), Higher Logic, Membership Management, Payment processing, donation software, messaging platforms and others. When building a new digital asset, you need to make sure that it integrates with your existing software. Simpalm will plan the integration strategy with you, which provide seamless experience to your customers, staff and members. Many times the company applies the Lean Product Strategy for Nonprofits to keep the time and cost on lower end. Lean strategy has been adopted by startup industry to build digital product quickly in less budget to test the market. Nonprofits and Association also have situations like startups where they have limited budget for their digital product and also they don’t know the ROI for the product. Simpalm can apply the same strategy for you to get you live quickly to receive the feedback from the market.

Benefits of mobile app for nonprofit organizations

Unlike other businesses, nonprofits have different business goals in their mind. They work to help others, not to make a lot of profit. But for your nonprofit organization to succeed, you’ve still got to make money. Due to the large mobile usage throughout the world, mobile apps have become one of the best ways for a nonprofit to boost donations. Some of the main benefits of having mobile apps for nonprofits are 1. A mobile app helps you to attract new customers. 2. Better experience for existing customers. 3. Make it easier to collect donor data. 4. You can promote fundraising campaigns directly through the app. 5. Helps to make more money. 6. Mobile apps increase your security and trust. 7. Helps to create community.

Simpalm understands the demands of nonprofits for mobile and web solutions. Nonprofits want to serve and help communities by organizing various campaigns and events. The company creates responsive and user-engaging designs to display events, activities, news, notification and allow the volunteer to participate in them. The nonprofit apps should be interactive and work seamlessly across all devices. The company also understands that mobile and web applications are becoming an integral part of nonprofits associations to run their campaigns and events. Every nonprofit organization has its own culture, goals, resources, and needs. Simpalm has learned the best way to help a nonprofit organization. Simpalm understands the strengths, technical challenges, vision, and competitive pressures of the organization and help them by building digital products. The company builds user-friendly mobile applications and web solutions for nonprofit organizations in turnaround time.

Simpalm has been developing and designing websites using top CMS in the market i.e. WordPress and drupal, since 2009. Simpalm has a passionate team of experienced web developers that will deliver secured and customize web solutions with internet security standards. Simpalm’s experience and passion help us to convert your vision into an efficient WordPress or Drupal website by selecting the right themes, plugins, and widgets. Simpalm has designed and developed 100+ websites for nonprofits.

Meet the leader behind the success of Simpalm

After completing his PhD from Johns Hopkins University, Piyush Jain, CEO of Simpalm set out to fulfill his dream and passion of tech-entrepreneurship. He founded Simpalm in 2010 to bring more mobility in the world. His day to day job is to listen to everyone’s issue and come up with a solution.

‘Whether you are a startup or established company, we will work with you as your partner.”