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October Edition 2021

Simple Homes – Using Unique Scandinavian-Inspired Panelized Building System to Eliminate Waste in Residential Construction


One style that has been very popular for some time now, is Scandinavian influenced design. The good thing about Scandinavian architecture is that it always looks modern and rarely looks outdated, it can complement its location and blend in well with any environment (even outside of Scandinavia). It is beautifully simple as well as simply functional whilst looking natural and almost as if it has grown organically in the natural world. In today's world, it is important to be able to try to make new buildings as 'green' as possible. This has been a passion for Scandinavian countries for a long time, and why they have a tradition for designing and creating passive buildings and producing low carbon emissions.

An EPC survey is a great way to understand how energy efficient a new or old building is and has the potential to be, and Scandinavian architects always seem to have something up their sleeve to help to make their designs more environmentally friendly, whether it is super eco-friendly insulation or modern energy saving technology. When it comes to designing a new building or, incidentally re-furbishing an older one, using the concepts behind Scandinavian architecture is a great place to begin. It allows you to create a building that is not only good for the environment, but it also puts nature and the rules of nature at the center of the whole design.

Simple Homes is one such company which consists of team tied together by a shared passion for building better and eliminating waste in the homebuilding industry. United by a shared belief that there must be a way to build better, its team ultimately stumbled upon a working case study for what building better actually looks like - Sweden. Whereas US builders have tried for years to adopt more efficient off-site construction methods, Swedish builders have been doing it for decades, with over 90 percent of Swedish residential construction built in factories. Today the firm is using innovative and robust design, technology, and Swedish-inspired panelized off-site construction to help folks build better houses and eliminate waste in the homebuilding industry. They are working with a number of the leading builders and developers in Colorado, and look forward to scaling their impact over the coming years.

Factors that Make Simple Homes Standout

As a builder or developer, you know that time is money. The company is enables up to 75 percent reduction in framing time vs. traditional on-site methods. For single family homes, their projects are typically weather-tight and ready for rough-in MEP after three to six days. They provide all of this at a competitive cost and on a fixed schedule – meaning less variability and easier production planning.

Simple Homes provides unrivaled quality with substantially less waste (both time and materials). Its factory-controlled processes and digital fabrication modeling means components are built precisely to spec every time with little to no rework. Material optimization algorithms and detailed pre-planning allows them to reduce key material consumption by up to 15 percent. Every home is built in their factory by skilled craftsmen using the latest tools and technology. By fabricating parts in the factory, they are able to deliver ultra-high-quality houses up to 60 percent faster than traditional construction - all at an affordable price.

Providing Turn-Key Framing and Siding Services for Colorado

Simple Homes is focused on being as easy to integrate as humanly possible. Part of how they do this is by providing their builder and GC customers a turn-key package that includes your entire rough carpentry scope of work. This includes:

  • ‍Translating your existing plans to their panelized building system, including the development of a detailed digital fabrication model (a digital twin), coordination with third-party structural engineers, and shop drawing production.
  • ‍In-house fabrication of wall panels, floor systems, and roof systems including all labor and materials.
  • ‍On-site assembly with the company’s trained crews, including WRB zip up and all required on-site framing work. They provide you a weather tight shell that is ready to be finished by your existing trades and subcontractors.
  • ‍Completion of back out, shim, and shave. The company provides everything you need to pass your frame inspection and make your other trades happy.
  • ‍On-site trim & siding installation solutions are offered. They're used to providing a full rough carpentry package that includes siding and trim.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Jeff Hopfenbeck is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Simple Homes. He is a lifelong architecture & construction geek. Jeff is passionate about using technology to solve the nation's housing affordability crisis.

“Our homes are inspired by the best of Scandinavian design. All of our standard models are Zero Energy ready, built using high-quality materials, and constructed using our unique factory-crafted process.”