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Simpleworks Business Solutions: Revolutionizing the Business Industry with Comprehensive & Affordable Enterprise CRM Solution for Asian Organizations….

thesiliconreview-indraneel-fuke-simpleworks-business-solutions“Today SimpleCRM has matured into an enterprise grade, highly scalable, comprehensive and cost-effective CRM of choice for large enterprises in Asia.”

Brainchild of technology passionate entrepreneurs, Simpleworks Business Solutions Pte Ltd is a successful outcome by its founders who have been involved in global CRM project implementations since 2004. Over the years with global demand it became increasingly clear that organizations in Asia require an Enterprise grade CRM at a price point that factored in local economic realities. This led them to launch SimpleCRM product specifically targeted towards Asian customers.

Today, SimpleCRM is established as a comprehensive, highly-scalable, flexible and cost effective CRM solution for small, medium and large organizations in Asia. Many of the renowned large organizations with thousands of CRM users use SimpleCRM software for managing their sales, digital marketing and customer support operations. With an experience of delivering 300+ CRM projects over the last decade, SimpleCRM easily has one of the most experienced CRM teams in Asia.

Incorporated with an aim to be the #1 CRM alternative to or Microsoft CRM for the Mid-Enterprise & Large Enterprise market segments in the Asia Pacific, the highly proficient team at SimpleCRM draws its inspiration from how Xiaomi disrupted the mobile market in Asia by offering products that match over 90% of the capabilities of high-end Samsung phones or iPhones at 20% of the cost. And, that’s how SimpleCRM started delivering in the Asian price-sensitive, enterprise market since 2014.

The company offers strongest differentiation with a team of industry experts, who have come together to start this venture after gaining decades of expertise in executing enterprise software projects, especially CRM projects, globally. As a product SimpleCRM is being constantly upgraded to incorporate the latest CRM features and best practices across the globe, including leveraging components of other stable SugarCRM forks. For example, in the last couple of years, they have incorporated several powerful modules in SimpleCRM, such as Fields Sales Mobile App, Financial Needs Analysis module, advanced workflow manager, social media plugins and others. Additional enhancements in the area of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and ChatBots are underway.

With initial set of struggle compiled with years of success, the company takes pride in offering unique combination of comprehensive functionality, high customization and integration capability, deployment flexibility, scalability and robustness with the main focus to serve the price-sensitive Asian market.

Why SimpleCRM

  • The company has pre-developed vertical solutions for Call-Centre, Insurance, Telecom, Financial Services, Education, Real-Estate, IT Services, Manufacturing and Dealership sectors. This allows them to rapidly prototype and demonstrates main aspects of the final solution before you make significant investment.
  • SimpleCRM consultants include industry experts having decades of experience in the enterprise software industry, especially CRM. This ensures that customer’s business objectives are well understood & analyzed and the final solution accurately represents the business vision and delivers the promised benefits.
  • The company’s prior experience working with Asian customers has taught them well about the price sensitivity of this market and they endeavor to offer very cost effective solutions. SimpleCRM take pride in designing solutions that provide a high Return on Investment (ROI) at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Story behind SimpleCRM’ Inception

Colin Powell had once said “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” Based on this determination and principle, founders at SimpleCRM kick-started with successful CRM practice in 2004 as resellers of a US based CRM company – SugarCRM. Gradually, after delivering hundreds of successful CRM projects globally by the year 2010, it became apparent that large organizations across Asia required an enterprise grade, comprehensive CRM solution, but with a pricing model that was cognizant of the realities of the local economy. In response, SimpleCRM product line was conceptualized and introduced specifically to address this need. SimpleCRM product started as a customized solution on SugarCRM open platform with its first customer — HSBC InvestDirect (India). At its peak, HSBC InvestDirect had over 1,000 users successfully managing sales and support operations on SimpleCRM. Today, SimpleCRM has matured into an enterprise grade, highly scalable, comprehensive and cost-effective CRM of choice for large enterprises in Asia. Customers like, Union Assurance, Reliance Foundation and others have thousands of users managing sales, support and operations on SimpleCRM.

Best-in-Class Solution Provider

Multi-Channel Lead Management:  SimpleCRM’s this module allows organizations to manage entire lead lifecycle from initial engagement, lead nurturing, lead scoring to sales conversion. Idea is that sales team should focus on sales and reduce time spent on the physical record maintenance.  This also has Reports, Schedulers & Dashboard for better visibility & Control for the management.

Multi-Channel Case Management: SimpleCRM’s This module enables organization to capture customer complaints, feedback from multiple sources automatically like inbound emails, calls, website and even social media. SimpleCRM helps manage case escalations with automatic email triggers and notifications to stakeholders. This helps organizations to serve their customers promptly and efficiently.

Digital Marketing: SimpleCRM helps organizations to reach out to the right audience by targeted campaigns, be it over e-mail, SMS or Social Media. Organizations can schedule campaigns in advance to reach out to the right person, at the right time. These activities help generate new leads as well as nurture existing leads with Marketing Automation. Organizations can optimize their marketing spend based on marketing analytics.

Field-Sales Mobile App: Mobile app is a great way to be in touch with your customers on the go, even when you do not have net connectivity. It allows easy access to customer data and also ability to make updates which are later synchronized with the main CRM.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry focused modules:

  • Financial Needs Analysis module
  • Agent/Advisor Recruitment module
  • Smart Chatbots for customer self service
  • Customer 360 dashboards module
  • Call-Centre module
  • Fields Sales Mobile App
  • POS Solution for General Insurance

 Through all above mentioned modules, SimpleCRM helps companies to:

  • Improve Lead Generation & Sales Closures
  • Customer 360oview
  • Get better Quality of Prospect Data
  • Get Business Insights through Reports & Dashboards
  • Deliver high-quality, consistent customer support across multiple channels

Earning a Impressive Client Base 

Over the last few years, SimpleCRM team gather accolades for successfully delivering several large-scale deployments in Asia. For example:

  • NGOs like Reliance Foundation are using SimpleCRM for running their PAN India Toll Free Helpline for more than two million rural audience.
  • Life Insurance companies like Union Assurance have rolled out SimpleCRM Lead Management System for 4,000+ advisors.
  • Erstwhile was using SimpleCRM for 3,500+ users for sales and support operations.
  • Some other prominent customers incude, HSBC InvestDirect, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIMA), Shriram Transport Finance Corporation and others.

The Future Sight 

For a bright future ahead in business, SimpleCRM is determined to focus extensively in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors by further enhancing its core CRM platform in the areas of Sales, Digital Marketing and Customer Support.

And, also strives to create CRM adjacent modules and Apps, such as: Smart Point-Of-Sales (POS) for General Insurance, Advisor/Agent Recruitment solution for Life Insurance and Banks, Smart Mobile App for field sales agents of Banks and Inusrance companies, Solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in the areas of customer self-server Chatbots and Internet of Things (IoTs).

Hear it from their Customers

“SimpleCRM helps us manage our high-impact, 200+ MDP programs around the year. The team has impressed us with their deep understanding of our requirements and proactive solutioning for other Educational Institutes!” - Baskaran. N, Officer - Executive Education, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

“We selected SimpleCRM as a Lead Management Solution for rollout to 4,000+ Life Advisors. After evaluating several competing products, we found SimpleCRM to be the best fit for us in terms of comprehensiveness, flexibility and pricing of the product.” - Ruwan Bakmedeniya, General Manager - Information Technology, Union Assurance.

“SimpleCRM has enabled us to integrate a number of our processes into one customised CRM bundle, which allows us to seamlessly work off one system. This has had a direct impact on enhancing performance and output. The Team has always been available to bring new ideas and products to life.” - Cyrus Mody, Assistant Director, International Chamber of Commerce. 

“SimpleCRM has enabled us to run our PAN India Toll Free Helpline for 2 million rural audiences” - Ankit Walia, Program Director, Reliance Foundation.

“With 3500+ users on the system, SimpleCRM is a scalable enterprise solution that is helping us achieve more. Highly Recommended!” - Payal Ohri, CRM Head, Ask

Facts File

Office Locations: SimpleCRM is headquartered in Singapore and has 4 offices in India (development centres in Bangalore & Nagpur and sales & support offices in Mumbai & Delhi) and recently new office started in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

Revenue Model: There are three main revenue streams for SimpleCRM:

  • Annually recurring subscription revenue for SimpleCRM-On-Cloud.
  • On-time product cost + AMC for SimpleCRM On-Premise.
  • Professional Services for SimpleCRM customization and support services.

Competitors: and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the mid-enterprise & large enterprise market segments.

Investors: SimpleCRM began as a bootstrapped startup but was soon able to generate a self-sustaining cash-flow. Currently it is revenue funded; external investments may be considered at some stage in future.

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Indraneel Fuke, Founder- A visionary and a true entrepreneur at heart, Indraneel is a Founder & Director at SimpleCRM with 16+ years of international experience in product & program management, developing business strategy and general management. Prior to SimpleCRM, he has also held various leadership positions in CGI (US) and Tata Communications (India).

A expert in leading large scale CRM & ERP projects and solution sales in Asian and American markets, Indraneel holds MS – Penn State, USA. MBA (PGPx) – IIM Ahmedabad.

“Our strongest differentiator is our team of industry experts, who have come together to start this venture after gaining decades of expertise in executing CRM projects, globally.”

“We enable organizations to grow revenue, improve process efficiency and retain customers.”