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Simplifies the Management of IT Operations: RightITnow


“We monitors entire infrastructure & drive global workforce from a single pane of glass.”

Founded in January 2013 by Marc Ferrie, RightITnow mission is to massively simplify the way IT operations are being managed today. RightITnow purchased all the RiverMuse assets to serve as the proven foundation for companies’ mission.

With the ground up marc & his team established few practices for effective IT operations:

Streamline the design of the product to make it as simple to use as humanly possible, Provide a cost-effective, affordable solution by automating a lot of our internal functions (cloud services, support, Testing, videos, live demos), Listen to their customers and prospects, Deliver a common solution for the cloud and on-premises, the smallest to the largest customer, for any vertical- says CEO Over last 3 years, RightITnow has deployed solutions across the world in a number of industry segments like, financial services, HiTech- Entertainment, Government Agencies, IT consulting firms.

This is why RightITNow called Epitome

RightITnow delivers a new class of groundbreaking event management solutions that address IT operations’ unmet need to support and enable their service delivery infrastructure. RightITnow solutions set a new industry benchmark – in terms of efficiency, simplicity, agility and total cost of ownership – a dramatic breakaway from current market offerings.

Company follows simple factors to make IT management operations effective .

-A central console to monitor infrastructure and to manage the NOC staff.

-Correlate events, alerts, alarms from multiple sources.

-Establish best business practices and automate IT process.

-Provide visibility & measureable accountability to the company eco-system.

The various infrastructure elements we monitor are Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems, storage appliances, networking and telecom equipment, virtualization platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V, server hardware from various vendors, rack PDUs, software automation, and both in-house and third-party applications. We used a combination of custom shell scripts, Orion, Nagios, and SCOM for monitoring. Our primary workflow tool was an in-house incident management system (IMS). Says CEO

Milestone of RightITnow.

Introducing ECM allowed company to abstract the Service desk from the element managers and ensure all alerts are delivered to service desk  in a standard form. ECM (Event Correlation Manager) software aggregates, filters and correlates companies’ high-volume of infrastructure and application events into a streamlined number of actionable alerts. With RightITnow ECM, companies IT operations staff can proactively detect, isolate and respond to infrastructure issues before they impact customers.

RightITnow ECM also facilitates IT operations process automation by enabling the creation and execution of automated workflows, including one to efficiently connect the flow of alerts from the Operations Center to the Service Desk. This allowed company to add element managers without the need to re-train the staff receiving the alerts. The integration with companies Incident Management tool the connector delivered with ECM allowed to mostly automate the creation of Incidents reducing the load on the Servicedesk. The implementation of ECM has the desired effect of reducing the load on the Servicedesk staff thereby allowing company to deliver cost effective improvements to their capability.

-RightITNow ECM has a scalable and flexible architecture designed for integration and workflow process automation, in conjunction with other IT management systems. With intuitive graphical views, and powerful, drag-and-drop rules building and customization capabilities, it dramatically simplifies and streamlines the IT operations process.

-IT environment consists of  complex, multi-tiered infrastructure and application assets that need to work together        perfectly to support the delivery of business services. All of these IT assets generate event notifications that track their status and ongoing changes.

-It’s likely that organization has deployed multiple active monitoring and management systems to track the performance and availability of individual infrastructure components and end-to-end services. These monitoring systems also generate their own events sending notifications for everything from unreachable instances, to performance anomalies to service interruptions.

-Taken together, companies IT infrastructure components and monitoring systems can generate tens of thousands to millions of events each day. Many of these events are informational, while some hold meaningful and critical information on potential or ongoing failures.

-However, given the high volume of raw events, IT operations teams cannot put the knowledge of real-time events to direct use. They necessarily need some level of intelligent event correlation and reduction into relevant alerts to feasibly and economically manage the  IT operations process.

RightITnow ECM fills this gap, by making companies IT Operations and Service Desk teams more  effective and productive. Says CEO RightITnow ECM offers complete support of the Event Management functions within the ITIL Service Operations domain. Event Management monitors all events that occur through the IT infrastructure and linked monitoring systems to allow for normal operation and also to detect and escalate exception conditions.

Meet the Master

Marc Ferrie is the Founder and CEO at RightITnow. Previously, he was the CEO and Chairman from River Muse. Marc holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University Descartes, Paris, and a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University La Sorbonne, Paris Marc brings two decades of executive experience in delivering enterprise software solutions. Previously, Marc was the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Guardian Edge, a leader in endpoint data protection. Prior to Guardian Edge, he was the Vice President of Engineering at Elemental Security, a leader in enterprise policy and risk management. Marc has also led engineering and technical operations (Customer Support, IT, hosted ops) at companies such as Ventaso, a provider of sales effectiveness solutions, and Evolve Software (now Oracle), a leading provider of IT operations management and professional services automation. Prior to this, Marc held numerous executive management positions at Computer Associates and Ingres in France and the U.S., in both Engineering and Customer Service.

“Streamline the amount of information needed to process when a breakdown occurs & optimize companies’ ability to remediate the issue.”