January Monthly Special 2022

Tekscape: On A Mission to Connect Companies with Technology Solutions That Build Toward A Better Future


Founded in 2007, Tekscape is a recognized managed IT services company. It is headquartered in New York City and operates via two physical locations in the United States. Based on its engineers’ deep technical knowledge and leveraging its strategic relationships with the world’s leading cloud providers, Tekscape excels at supporting companies globally with information technology solutions. Tekscape services include managed IT, managed security services, cloud computing, network, advisory services, compliance, and collaboration.

Tekscape's mission is to connect companies with technology solutions that build toward a better future. Over the years, the company's strong leadership and project management have earned the company a valuable reputation as a trusted partner with some of the best technology brands. As a leader in IT projects and management, Tekscape provides experience, independence, professionalism, and high-quality services to clients in the most demanding environments. Tekscape is a hands-on type of company and known for its technical competence and strategic thinking toward client projects.

The company's Tekcloud services allows each customer to choose which IT functions it wishes to manage in-house while leaving all the rest to its service provider. Tekcloud services can include infrastructure and application-level support and offer the customers big economies of expertise. Tekscape’s engineers manage not only the customers’ computing, storage, networks, and operating systems.

Clients can gain security monitoring with built-in essential security tools for complete visibility that simplifies and accelerates threat detection, incident response, and compliance management. The company's TekSecure program coordinates continuous vulnerability assessment, impending risk detection, incident response, and threat timely and effective management with built-in security capabilities, integrated threat intelligence, and seamless workflow for rapid remediation.

The clients can also drive higher productivity with unified communications as a service, with hosted phones, file sharing, messaging, and video conferencing. No matter where a team works, they can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere and reap the rewards that come with strong communication. Elevate productivity with secure, scalable, unified communications and collaboration.

IT Solutions and Support

At Tekscape, the team takes pride in helping its clients achieve their goals with the right technology. They can manage every technology solution around servers, networks, cybersecurity, and collaboration. They also provide clients with a run-book, including diagrams, standards, circuit information, devices list and configuration, server infrastructure, and access strategies. Implement new technology when the clients need it without hassle. With a managed IT service provider, businesses can keep their information safe and secure from outside threats while reducing the chances of network downtime.

Cloud Technology by Migrating To a Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Regardless of the cloud deployment (Private or Hybrid), it allows you to automate your workloads and process faster. Boost company agility and streamline operations while decreasing risks. Tekscape's Cloud technology helps cut annual IT operating costs and allows for reallocating resources toward more innovation. With cloud technology, clients' playing field is now higher.

With Tekscape, clients can customize their experience with cloud-based servers. Here are some of the many benefits businesses can take advantage of migrating to the cloud:

  • Save money on IT costs
  • Align your technology with the right strategy
  • Gain significant storage & workflow improvements
  • Acquire the security your need to protect your data


Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a cloud-delivered unified communications service that supports telephony, meetings, unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, and communication-enabled business processes. UCaaS is generally adopted by companies that want to provide their workforce with unified communication and collaboration tools.

Unified communications as-a-service helps companies drive productivity with communication on a whole different level. To unify communications and streamline collaboration tools across your company helps save time and money. As more companies adopt UCaaS, most are seeing the impacts of customer experience and proactivity within the first few weeks.

"At Tekscape, we’re a managed service provider (MSP) that focuses on supporting companies with technology solutions that lead toward abetter future. We want to make sure businesses have the tools to succeed, and communication is one of the biggest challenges in any business environment," said Dave Smith, President and CEO of Tekscape.

Tekscape's unified communication systems allow companies to call and video chat at any time. Today’s business environment requires a range of communication styles and workspaces. The Tekscape team can also build a cloud environment to host each phone under one roof.

About the Leader

Dave Smith, President and CEO

Dave is a leader in Networking, Voice and Managed Services. Since January 2007, Smith has grown the Tekscape by over 5000%. He has been praised by Entrepreneurial leaders and honored in the business council for top 100 privately held companies (#72) in 2011, #589 in 2012 for his visionary strategy, his ability to drive an entrepreneurial culture. He has also been featured in Forbes Entrepreneur online "Cracking the code of Social Media".

"Tekscape's mission is to connect companies with technology solutions that build toward a better future."

"With Tekscape, clients can customize their experience with cloud-based servers."

"At Tekscape, the team takes pride in helping its clients achieve their goals with the right technology. They can manage every technology solution around servers, networks, cybersecurity, and collaboration."