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Simplifying Healthcare Innovations: Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies Seeks To Transform the Future with Its PaaS/SaaS Based Mobile Applications and Services


As healthcare organisations witness the on-going explosion of medical applications, they are under the pressure to work and plan on how they will develop and deploy digital tools. This is where healthcare PaaS applications can offer a huge advantage by giving entities a reliable and secure platform where compliant applications can be developed. CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc. takes care of that with its comprehensive healthcare platform that delivers various PaaS-based healthcare solutions for clinical, non-clinical and administrative services.

Known as Pro.Care, the platform is an inclusion of various verticals like EMR, HIS, OTIMS, PMS, FA, PACS (Imaging), HR and Payroll and BI (Decision Support) and MyLife (Patient care application) that is built on the pillars of interoperability (stakeholders), artificial intelligence (technology), patient centricity (outcomes) and security (consent). Designed to propel all partner organizations into the next stage of care, i.e. Healthcare X.0, the platform is a one stop shop for healthcare solutions that connects all the healthcare players on a single integrated platform making CliniVantage stand out from the rest in the domain.

The cloud-based digital healthcare services improves care delivery management and patient experience  from grounds up approach, collaborating with hundreds of thousands of providers and creating a top-down opportunity to unify multiple innovators for developing new innovations on this very same platform, a very different strategy from the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon.

In conversation with the thought leaders, Dr. Abhay Chopda, Dinesh Samudra, and Nilesh Jain

Q. How is your company positioned in the current market scenario?

Our PaaS/SaaS solutions enables doctors, hospitals and various healthcare stakeholders to perform their functions using internet of applications, to record, diagnose and deliver care using all possible technologies - “One Patient, One Record”. This includes software, hardware and platforms for care management, including enabling telemedicine via video. We are also focusing on AI-powered verticals, like AI chatbot that will analyse a patient’s condition against a database of symptoms, while incorporating the patient’s own medical history and responses to the chatbot’s questions.

CliniVantage HealthHuddle allows users to find in-network health care providers. Our Pro.Care platform and MyLife mobile application lets patients, doctors, and hospitals manage care collaborative, combine this with connected devices for remote patient health management, with AI and ML monitoring over the vitals or predefined stats.

Our next wave of expansion comes from Primary Health Centres, branded as CliniQ to establish primary care that is more affordable, accessible and offers an end-to-end health- monitoring platform allowing the users to collect, store, analyze and share their medical summary with the entire healthcare network. CliniQ has the ability to provide the latest technology, clinical and non-clinical capabilities for new doctors and up-skilled trained medical staff to provide insights and personalized health to patients based on their medical profile.

Q. What are the pain points of the industry addressed by the company?

Our focus is to empower patients every day. The need for customer-centric model is increasingly growing in the healthcare industry, and CliniVantage strives to make their treatment experience seamless, convenient and transparent.

Appointment Scheduling is the first challenge faced by patients. The level of inconvenience rises further in case they are seeing multiple consultants. It becomes even more difficult to keep track of all the appointments. By using our MyLife app, patients can book an appointment at their convenient time. Moreover, the app can also send reminders on their appointments so that there is no risk of losing track.


The pain grows further when it comes to registering for the appointment. In large healthcare centres, it is a tedious task for the patients to check in and find the right department for consulting. What makes it harder is the inability and impatience of the medical staff to attend to the needs and preferences of individual patients, given the limited number of professionals available to cater to all patients. Long waiting time further augments the patients’ woes. Through our solution, the providers can inform the patients about facilities, medical specialists, etc. and update them on waiting time, treatment information and costs.

Understanding the complete medical history of the patient becomes easy so that there is no need of repeating the information. This would help the doctors get more face time with patients and determine the right tests and prescriptions. As the entire healthcare providers are integrated on a single platform, the doctor can update the diagnostic centres with patient information and recommended tests. This helps the centres make all the preparations beforehand and update the patients on waiting time, tests results and diagnosis. The portal can also help the pharmacists in a similar manner and they can keep the prescribed medication ready, thus cutting down on waiting time.

Another pain point for patient is monitoring health in recovery phase. They lack the technical expertise to monitor their health and recovery daily, and therefore they struggle with following the prescribed medication and advised exercises. By using our sensors IoT devices and MyLife, doctors can get updates on patients’ test reports and monitor their health recovery. The patient can also use the apps to reach the support team, get medication reminders and notify emergency contact if needed.

While there are many problems and inefficiencies in the health industry that we are trying to address, the biggest of them seems to stem from data: the portability and transmissibility of patient data. Information often gets lost or is in a useless form (e.g. filed on paper, illegible). Data in health care can be complicated and proprietary.  There is massive privacy, regulatory, and security issues in medical data. There are currently no laws about data sharing in the healthcare industry. This means large healthcare institutes are not sharing data and there is still a competitive threat to share data. Hence, by empowering patients, health care providers will become more responsive to their needs and preferences and deliver better quality care.

Q. What are the differentiating factors that set your company apart from its competitors?

CliniVantage Platform as a Service, the entire Pro.Care platform, has various verticals like EMR, HIS, OTIMS, PMS, FA, PACS (Imaging), HR and Payroll and BI (Decision Support) and MyLife (Patient care application) is on a single cloud hosted solution. This makes it very easy for hospitals and doctors to train, deploy and adopt Clinivantage solution. Our Platform has the ability to integrate across various medical hardware devices, and also allow hospitals and doctors to enable extended and home care using AI/ML and remote care devices.

One of our key differentiators is our focus on patient outcomes. We are developing cognitive clinical solutions leveraging AI an ML using massive structured data. We go beyond simply predicting risk, to patient-specific effective interventions and assurance of successful outcomes. CliniVantage provides complete end to end solutions from platform, devices, chronic care program enablement.

Q. How do your products and services benefit your clients?

Consumer Application: MyLife - Mobile App: Patient-centric secure, mobile application for consumers to manage their healthcare data, care provider ecosystem & use advanced features like telemedicine, remote chronic care & connect IoT devices to proactively manage wellness.

Healthcare Platform: ProCare: Connected ecosystem for a 2000 bed hospital, clinic and a doctor to manage all clinical and non-clinical transactions. ProCare is a complete hosted ERP system to manage your business with connected devices and consumers for advanced & better patient care.

DoT Medical Devices: Connected devices like DoT, Health ATM, Foetal monitors, ECG, Blood Glucose, & advanced medical devices to MyLife and ProCare. They provide 24x7 monitoring of health vitals across the entire care ecosystem and a connected eco system for extended care by doctors and hospitals.

For Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals:

  • Improve your revenue and efficiency
  • Effective Practice management tool
  • Patient engagement tool via MyLife
  • 24/7 access to your appointments improving your revenue
  • Remote care access tool to access real time patient data
  • Access to extremely Innovative Chronic Care management programmes
  • Access to global patients via telehealth

Q. How has the journey of the company been so far?

CliniVantage began its journey long time ago, before its inception. Abhay, Nilesh and Dinesh had a vision for an open PaaS (Platform as a Service) that integrates across all IoA (applications) and DoT - (Doctor of Things - connected devices). Hence, they embarked on a journey not knowing how this will shape up. With their own set of IoA and DoT, they began creating a customer-centric healthcare story with a clear aim to deliver wellness 24x7, 365 days a year.

In early 2017, the founders announced that they were building a PaaS product that aimed to democratise innovation in healthcare by transformation of ideas into products and services. The start-up that started as project began to shape up in reality. Eventually, they got their first customer who was willing to be a part of their MVP product. It was a bit of a challenge, but the founding team took it up and decided to build a product ready solution instead of an MVP. With our experience, domain knowledge and eagerness to be the best, we were successful in doing that.

A few months later, we had a small fanfare and a handful of customers. In less than a year, we reached that magical bootstrap nirvana of being across 6 countries, 3 major global partnerships with zero external funding and a road to become profitable in 2018.

CliniVantage is poised to be the game changer in Global healthcare landscape. Standing at the crossroads of multiple technologies like cloud, mobile, medical and social, CliniVantage spearheads the practice of digital medicine.

Q. Where do you see your company in a few years from now?

A decade from now, we aim to achieve:

  • More than a billion people who will have the mobility of their health records
  • Efficient, smart and standardised care delivery which will focus on wellness with connected sensors (IoT), practitioners, providers, payers
  • More personalised AI-based care from informatics which will be driven from genomics, pharmacology, and personal behaviour

We’re essentially talking about a 24-hour connection between the patient, and those monitoring them. Chronic patients have to live with the condition 24/7, so the care should reflect that.


Knowing The Team behind CliniVantage’s Meteoric Rise

Dr. Abhay Chopda, Co-founder

Abhay is a renowned Consultant Surgeon, a passionate Healthcare Entrepreneur & an active Investor with companies transforming healthcare. With a global experience spanning over 26 years in Medicine, Healthcare and Health-Tech, Dr. Abhay is an alumnus of the University of London – MMedsci (Surg Sci) and was an integral part of the “Ready Now” program at NHS Leadership Academy.


Dinesh Samudra, Co-founder

Dinesh Samudra truly believes in transforming the way care is delivered by digitizing healthcare solutions. Highly driven by his passion, he embarked on a journey to develop and design healthcare solutions that would improve care management by providing an innovative and patient-centric SaaS-based platform for better collaboration between healthcare providers and consumers.

Nilesh Jain, Co-founder

An Alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, Nilesh Jain, is a serial entrepreneur and a strategy advisor for emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups. He has over 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and holds a passion for mentoring start-ups to grow exponentially on a global scale. He has spent nearly 2 decades in Silicon Valley as a technopreneur with a proven track record of building and managing companies, revenue centres and developing strategies to build a strong foundation for all his successful ventures.

Nilesh’s leadership experience spans over an array of sectors including technology, healthcare, implant manufacturing, engineering, software products and supply chain. Apart from being an angel investor, he has spearheaded more than 5 companies as a founding team member.

“By placing the patient at the focal point, CliniVantage brings speed, simplicity, transparency and efficacy to patient care.”