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Skybox Security – Reducing Cyber Exposure at Speed and Scale through Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Networks


Growing complexity spurred by rapid technology expansion, network transformation, remote workers, and growing vulnerabilities, makes it challenging to get your arms around the entire attack surface. Network perimeters are vanishing. Data sources are growing. Workloads are moving to the cloud. This is when a network security provider plays a pivotal role in an organization.

Skybox Security is one such firm that takes the guesswork out of securely enabling your business at scale and speed. It provides the insights and context to make informed security decisions while saving you time and money. Skybox Security is the only platform that collectively visualizes and analyzes hybrid and multi-cloud networks, providing full context and understanding of the attack surface.

Leveraging Best Products to Make Security Posture Management Efficient

Firewall Assurance: It helps to improve cyber hygiene and risk management with centralized, optimized firewall management. Users can centrally manage traditional, next–gen, virtual, and cloud–based firewalls and secure access service edge (SASE) solutions from multiple vendors. Also, one can easily manage east–west and north–south traffic easily and effectively. Detect access policy violations, rule conflicts, and misconfigurations. Ensure compliance for configurations, rules, and firewall access. Identify vulnerabilities within your firewalls and mitigate potential exploits leveraging Skybox Threat Intelligence.

Change Manager: Automate change management workflows for comprehensive risk assessments. Aggregate all business, policy, and configuration requirements. Ensure accurate path identification in NAT-rich environments. See options for full access routes and details of changes at each step. Manage and automate workflows for firewall rule creation, change verification, rule recertification, and deprovisioning. Easily review rules for recertification to keep firewalls clean, secure, and compliant. Validate rules and reduce rollbacks and unnecessary changes with proactive assessments. Discover if proposed firewall rule changes could expose previously protected vulnerable assets, create security gaps, or violate policies. Integrate with existing ticketing systems to centralize and formalize change requests and comply with audit requirements. Assign metadata to create rules including rule owner, review date, and other details.

Network Assurance: Get total visibility and contextual intelligence across complex hybrid networks. Collect and normalize data from all L3 network devices, public and private clouds, software–defined data centers, and OT networks. Correlate all access control lists, security tags, routing rules, NATs, proxies, VPNs, and more. Troubleshoot network connectivity problems and identify root causes. Analyze network configurations, network paths, and application connectivity and access from any source and to any destination. Automate compliance tasks and validate requirements for network configurations, security zone policies, network zones, routers, and switches. Understand policy translations across complex multi–cloud and hybrid network environments.

Vulnerability Control: Discover vulnerabilities, prioritize based on exposure-based risk scores, and close with prescriptive remediation options. Aggregate a wide range of data from scanners, security and network infrastructure, various configuration databases, non-scannable assets and more. Fill in blind spots using unique passive assessment technology that detects vulnerabilities in off-limits network zones and devices. Develop accurate reporting and an understanding of trends over time to improve predictability. Visualize and easily identify potential adverse impacts to risk scores, such as decreases in scan frequency, or the number of machines scanned and an increase in high-risk or exposed vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Control fills in blind spots of unscannable network devices through its unique passive assessment. The company utilizes data collected from integrations with asset repositories and network information sources and compares the information to the intelligence feed to deduce vulnerability occurrences in your network.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Gidi Cohen is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Skybox Security. He co-founded Skybox in 2002 and has guided the company’s vision and development as the leader in cybersecurity analytics. A respected innovator in the security analytics space, he is a popular speaker at industry conferences worldwide, demonstrating how sophisticated analytics, modeling and simulation, as well as unprecedented network visibility, are used to reduce an enterprise’s attack surface. For more than 10 years he has been committed to empowering security leaders to quickly and accurately prioritize and address vulnerabilities and threats with cutting-edge Skybox solutions.

“Skybox takes the guesswork out of securely enabling your business at scale and speed. We provide the insights and context to make informed security decisions while saving you time and money.”