10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2016

Smart Cloud Services to Optimize Operational Efficiency: Smartronix


“Today, the forces of competition, technology, and globalization have converged to spur innovation and to transform the way business is done in the securities industry” – Arthur Levitt Jr

Many organizations around the world find it difficult to imagine using applications and technology infrastructure components without the cloud. Cloud-based services have become very pervasive nowadays. They have brought efficiencies that enable companies to reduce capital costs and increase business flexibility when compared with traditional, pre-cloud environments.

Bringing out the highest efficiency, Smartronix has been at the forefront of delivering enterprise scale cloud services to clients in heavily regulated and security compliance driven industries. From being the Prime contractor supporting the US Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Command for nearly 20 years to leading the adoption and transformation of Federal cloud services for clients such as the US Department of the Treasury, Smartronix provides expertly crafted secure solutions to the customers. Smartronix was recognized as an AWS Premier Partner for the past four years as well as being named Microsoft Emerging Federal Partner of the Year making it one of a handful of Cloud Managed Service Providers that have true multicloud expertise.

Founded in 1995, Smartronix is uniquely positioned as a Managed Services Provider and Managed Security Services Provider for multicloud technologies. As cloud service providers introduce new technologies, Smartronix is on the forefront of incorporating these capabilities in its solution offerings many times working directly with Amazon or Microsoft as launch partners for the technology. Having a 24x7x365 global Managed Services Organization requires Smartronix to provide support from multiple locations. It has established US based locations spanning all time zones including the Hawaii office location giving it “follow the sun” operations management capabilities.

Being one-of-a kind
Many of the innovative partners delivering transformational cloud capabilities are fairly new start-up companies that don’t have the history of delivering enterprise class services. These companies refer to themselves as “Born in the Cloud” and can be effective at disrupting the way companies consume IT. However, Smartronixsees cloud as a necessary evolution and positions itself as a new breed “Born in the Enterprise” cloud transformation partner. This gives the unique insight into how to effectively introduce new technologies into the enterprise while still maintaining rigorous security and compliance controls.

Cloud services offered
Smartronix provides a full spectrum of cloud services from IT Transformation strategy consulting, to optimal cloud migration and deployment, through 24x7x365 Managed Services capabilities. Its Cloud Assured services offering meets the stringent FedRAMP security framework standards enabling a fully managed security service capability that supports the continuous monitoring requirements of the customer’s most sensitive workloads. This capability allows the customers to more rapidly move important workloads to the cloud with the confidence and comfort of knowing that an accredited and experienced cloud partner is providing information assurance.

Client spectrum
Smartronix’s solution is naturally able to meet the Financial and Healthcare security and compliance mandates for HIPAA, PII, PCI, and Data Privacy requirements. These sectors require advanced third party accreditations and attestations to the company’s processes, controls, and governance.

The Federal Financial Services market has provided the largest clients to date including US Department of the Treasury, IRS, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, USA Spending, Making Home Affordable Program, My, the Recovery Board and several other very large Federal Financial organizations. However, its success in this highly regulated environment has led to the capture of several large Fortune 500 customers in the media services, national sports leagues, financial services, healthcare services, and global construction industries.

The future plan
Smartronix is always looking at new technology areas that provide potentially market disruptive capabilities. Its goal is to be in front of these technology advances and determine optimal ways to deploy and secure these services in the cloud. Examples of recently introduced capabilities include microservice solutions such as Docker and AWS Lambda as well as supporting the emerging capabilities surrounding IoT at scale. Smartronix has recently introduced new capabilities that automate security and compliance mandates at scale for its large enterprise customers.

Some of many happy customers

Dole Food Company: It is an American-based agricultural multinational corporation that distributes its products in 90 countries. Searching for a solution to host its MSFT SharePoint sites, the company chose AWS because of cost, efficiency, and to improve operational efficiency. By running on AWS, Dole can launch a new SharePoint website in minutes, host business intelligence and mobile applications globally, and estimates savings $350,000 in operating expenses. It is the first government-wide system to move to the cloud. The move is part of the Administration’s overall efforts to cut waste and fix or end government programs that don’t work. By migrating to the public cloud, the Recovery Board is in position to leverage many advantages including the ability keep the site up as millions of Americans help report potential fraud, waste, and abuse. The Board expects savings of about $750,000 during its current budget cycle and significantly more savings in the long-term.

“Our culture of delivering secure enterprise services for over 20 years positioned us as early pioneers in delivering compliant solutions.”

Meet the Masters

John Parris, CEO: John has 29 years of experience in the information technology (IT) and engineering industry. His diverse technical background combined with his successful history in business development, strategy, and operations has assisted him in establishing Smartronix as one of the fastest growing companies in the Washington DC metropolitan area (Washington Technology) and the U.S. (Inc 500). As CEO, Mr. Parris serves as the overall Corporate Strategist and Evangelist for Smartronix, a $150M+ company headquartered in Hollywood, MD. Currently, Mr. Parris is overseeing Smartronix’ transformation to a solutions provider specializing in the areas of cloud, cyber, health IT, and mission-focused engineering solutions. Since becoming CEO, Smartronix growth has tripled from $50M to over $150M annually.

Joe Gerczak, CFO: Joe leads the Smartronix Cloud Assured practice and is heavily involved in helping CIOs understand and overcome business transformation challenges involved with cloud technology adoption. Joe has overseen five consecutive years of 100%+ growth in Smartronix cloud business.

Robert Groat, EVP Technology and Strategy: Rob is responsible for the overall cloud strategy and solutions for Smartronix. Prior to Smartronix, Rob worked as Chief Product and Technology Officer for leading wealth management solution companies.