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Smartkarma – Global investment research platform to distribute truly differentiated, independent research


In the 21st century, the investment research marketplace is quickly transforming due to changing regulations, the democratization of information, and emerging technologies like AI and blockchain.Investment research provides the market with timely information, as analysts use their expertise to give investors data-driven advice. This eliminates information gaps and many potential issues and dangers associated with investing, like the risk of buying into an overvalued stock and losing greatly when it goes down.

Smartkarma connects independent investment research analysts to institutional asset managers, such as sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, pension funds, boutiques and family offices. Smartkarma’s cloud-based platform leverages the latest in technology to provide a network for independent research analysts to curate and share research in an innovative and new way.

Why Smartkarma?

Unbundling regulations are changing investment research and corporate access. To navigate this increasingly challenging market, Smartkarma provides a platform to distribute truly differentiated, independent research. It also enables corporate and buy-side clients to streamline their workflow by setting their own real-time alerts, customizing their reading lists, directly contacting Insight Providers, and remaining MiFID II-compliant.

Smartkarma’s smart platforms

Smartkarma Technologies

It is an innovative web-stack to catalyze the growing sophistication of Buy-side and Insight Provider needs. This platform surfaces the Insights most relevant to their customers by learning from their interests and investment processes and priorities. It also tracks M&A transactions, IPOs, and Holding Companies with models that are built and updated by the platform with sophisticated tagging to make searching through Smartkarma’s rapidly growing pool of Insights and Insight Providers quick and easy.

Smartkarma Compliance

It delivers a compliant solution for their subscribers. Smartkarma achieves this by implementing comprehensive policies and processes, and employing innovative proprietary tools. With stringent Professional Verification Smartkarma’s Research Team evaluates applicants’ research through a rigorous application process. Less than 20 percent of Insight Provider applicants pass this stage. Following that, candidates are required to sign comprehensive user agreements, which contain an Insight Provider’s key legal obligations and provisions regarding compliant conduct and content.

Proactive Quality Control

Smartkarma conducts periodic spot checks on Insights. In addition, Insight Providers can elect to use the collaborative “Peer Review” tool, whereby their Insights undergo a 24-hour period of review and revision by other Insight Providers before publication and distribution to Investors. This enhances the quality of Insights and mitigates the risk of MNPI.

Fully Trackable Account Activity

Smartkarma offers Buy-side Investors, Insight Providers, and user administrators detailed audit and usage data through technology-driven activity logs, proprietary compliance tools, and customizable reporting.

Smartkarma’s investor solutions

Smartkarma Is Reinventing the Investment Research Market. Traditional research pricing is no longer viable. Lack of transparent pricing, biased research from big sell-side providers, and restrictions placed by MiFID II make it harder than ever for fund managers to find actionable, high-quality research.Smartkarma subscribers gain access to an entire library of research produced by a curated pool of experienced Insight Providers – no need to perform value assessments on individual research pieces or individual analysts.

On Smartkarma, hundreds of independent Insight Providers publish daily, independent, unbiased intelligence on companies around the world. Smartkarma’s global network helps institutional investors access up-to-the-minute Insights across 15 verticals, including IPOs, Event-Driven, Credit, and Equities. Smartkarma is a true digital representation of capital markets; bringing together investors, Insight Providers, and corporates into a single network, and helping them communicate, work together, and consume research free from conflicts of interest and built for the modern regulatory landscape.

The formidable leader

Raghav Kapoor, Co-founder also serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Smartkarma. He drives product strategy, oversees technology development, and maintains a hands-on approach on the company’s day-to-day operations. With Smartkarma, he set out to reinvent how investment research is sourced, priced, and distributed. Before Smartkarma, Mr. Raghav was a Managing Director at Religare Capital Markets from 2010 to 2014. He joined Religare upon the successful exit of Aviate Global (Asia), where he was a Founding Partner. From 2006 to 2009, Raghav was Vice President of Regional Equities Sales at Citigroup, where he grew and managed several large relationships.

“Smartkarma is on a mission to change how the investment research industry views, values, and drives research.”