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SR 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015

SNG SUN NARULA GROUP: Bringing SmartSolutions to Indian Healthcare Sector

“Fundamentally, the answers to our challenges in healthcare relies in engaging and empowering the individual.”  – Bernie Sanders

CE ISO9001 Certified Company, SNG has been extensively involved in bringing SmartSolutions to the Indian healthcare sector. Incorporated in the year 1953, SNG or Sun Narula Group was established with a primary vertical Healthcare Automation, offering world class and high tech solutions in the areas of materials handling & transport and hospital pharmacy automation. The idea behind bringing these technologies was to enhance healthcare facilities, reduce healthcare delivery costs, improve efficiency, recover and heal faster and improve healthcare delivery quality.

Over the years, SNG has evolved as a healthcare infrastructure organization, they are in a very niche space with unique solutions and product lines that enhance hospital facilities, healthcare logistics, provide clinical & functional spaces, save critical floor spaces, help heal faster and help reduce healthcare delivery costs.

Right from fiber optics way back in the 1970s, to video endoscopy in the 1970s & 80s to Pneumatic Tube Systems in the early 2000’s and till now, SNG has been known to introduce latest technologies. In 2015, SNG is amongst the Top 500 SMEs in the country.

Founded by Late Shri P K Narula (1953) along with his brothers, SNG has been a market leader from years. A Trained professional by World’s leading solutions providers in technologies and techniques in medical and healthcare space, PK was largely responsible for bringing many firsts to India viz. first video endoscope, first to bring fiber optics in healthcare space, first to introduce PC-Software based Pneumatic Tube Systems etc. Under the guidance of PK, SNG has risen with many leaps and bounds.

Headquartered in New Delhi with resident locations in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Calicut, the SNG team apart from their own well established brands such as MEDITEK, SRISHTY & SNG [Hospital Furniture, Modular ORs and turnkey packages] is exclusively partnered and associated with some of the World’s leaders and pioneers in their respective fields viz

  • Swisslog Healthcare [Swiss Head Quartered with factories and presence in over 30 Countries]
  • Stiegelmeyer [Germany, leading patient care beds manufactur]
  • Tunstall [Germany, one of the World’s leading Nurse Call Systems]
  • Airlog International [Germany, a leader in Automated Laundry & Waste Tube Systems]
  • Provita Medical [Germany, a leader in Ceiling IV Tracks and IV Stands]
  • Guldmann[Denmark, World’s No. 1 Patient Handling and Ceiling Hoist Systems]
  • Silentia [Sweden, one of the World’s leading Partition Panel Systems manufacturers]
  • Sonne Medizintechnik [Germany, a leaders in Ceiling Supply Pendants, Modular ORs and
    Turnkey Solutions]

Unique Product Offerings by SNG

  • Healthcare Logistics Automation [Pneumatic Tube Systems, Automated Guided Vehicles, Automated Laundry & Waste Tube Systems, Automated Vertical Storage Systems]
  • Hospital Pharmacy Automation [Automated Drug Storage & Dispensing Systems]
  • Turnkey Packaged Solutions [for Patient Rooms, Nurse Stations, ICUs, ERs]
  • Modular & Seamless OR Systems with or without Integration
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Hospital Patient Care and Handling Systems [Hospital Furniture & Patient Transport and handling Systems] etc…

Clientele & Competition
SNG has been credited for providing healthcare facilities since 1953; They have been involved in over 2000 hospitals and with over 350 healthcare providers in the recent years including Fortis Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Reliance Foundation, PSG Hospitals, Rainbow Hospitals, Super Religare Laboratories, Narayan Hrudalaya, Ramakrishna Hospital, etc. As far as Competition is concerned, in consideration with the cumulative jobs undertaken by SNG which includes Turnkey solutions with complete in-house designing, strong in-house Project Management teams & dedicated Customer Care teams to ensure unmatched support, makes SNG stand way ahead amongst the other players in the market.

Client Testimonial’s
“he customer service department at SNG India is outstanding. Their staff is friendly and efficient, a wonderful combination.” – Dr. Hitesh Bhaskar, Director – Projects & Operations, IBS Hospital, New Delhi

“SNG India who partnered in our various projects & executed the works.  They stand apart, in terms of deliverability’s, quality & support”.
– Dr. B. Nagaraju, M.S., M.Ch., PGDHA, ADQM (Urologist), CEO and Director – SUNSHINE HOSPITALS

Roadmap Ahead
With a belief in serving the community with the latest & most advanced technologies available world over, the team SNG are in the middle of developing one of the most advance CRM systems for clients & have earmarked close to about 1 million rupees for the job of CRM which is completely customized.

Knowing the Key Personal

Pankaj Narula, Director & Head Business Development- A graduate from Indiana Institute of Technology [USA] in Business, Pankaj joined the business in the year 1992. Trained with many overseas manufacturers and solutions providers, at SNG Pankaj and has been responsible for overseas partnerships and business development.

Puneet Narula, Director & Head Projects- A graduate in Commerce from Delhi University, Puneet has been technically trained and qualified with many leading manufacturers and technology developers. Apart from heading the finance of the group, he has been responsible for the group’s technical competence; technology and project realizations.