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February Monthly Special 2023

SoluLab – Helping businesses top the world through blockchain, metaverse, and mobility solutions


Blockchain technology has become a fast-rising technology in this digital world, especially in the financial sector. Decentralization and peer-to-peer exchanges, bolstered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology, are increasing the efficiency of financial transactions around the world today. These technologies were developed primarily to facilitate rapid payments worldwide and to simplify conventional transaction processes. Blockchain for enterprise applications development offers various benefits that help in an organization’s growth. A few of the reasons to go for enterprise blockchain development are automation, higher transparency, data security, cost-effective storage, and lower replication of data.

SoluLab is a Digital & Technological solution provider with the upper hand in blockchain, AI, IoT, mobile app and web development. The company is recognized as number one global enterprise blockchain development company. They have a prominent team of developers & designers having extensive experience in their respective field which are led by alumni of Ex-Vice President of Goldman Sachs and Principal solution Architect of Citrix who have more than 20 years of experience in development. Their UI/UX team is qualified to come out with pixel perfection in each projects.

Blockchain Development Now Made Simple

Smart Contract Development: SoluLab stands out as one of the best smart contract development companies with its expertise in this field. They have a skilled team of professional, smart contract developers working round the clock to deliver the best to you. Be it healthcare, insurance or any other industry; their experts will assist you in providing the best possible services. Their Solidity-coded automated smart contract for DeFi may be used for paying claims, issuing invoices, tracking assets, and insurance. Get your highly secure smart contracts built and backed by professional expertise. The company provides custom NFT smart contracts for the smooth functioning of all your needs. The main task here would be ensuring high levels of scalability with new applications. Each and every software can be trustworthy and functional with dApps and smart contracts.

Solidity Development: Easily create sturdy smart contracts powered by decentralized apps with their Solidity development services. Solidity programming language helps unlock innovations across several new verticals of the web 3.0 ecosystem. With the help of Solidity, impeccable smart contracts and blockchain can be developed that are highly functional. SoluLab's team offers dApp development services facilitating easy acquisition of both on-chain as well as off-chain data. They determine the user portfolio to integrate the required components in the Dapps. SoluLab offers full-stack development solutions to ensure encapsulation of the entire process ranging from the development of mobile applications, web applications, and backend SQL to NO SQL database & IPFS.

ICO Development: To get their business off the ground and establish a foothold in the market, any company, but especially startups will need a significant amount of capital. Make the most of your project’s fundraising potential with SoluLab, one of the best ICO development companies. Whitepapers are essential to the success of any ICO. SoluLab can help you create a comprehensive whitepaper that will impress potential ICO investors. Smart contracts, brand loyalty and reward systems, and blockchain data storage solutions are all areas of expertise for their team of professionals. ICO success depends on a well-designed website. They provide you with a choice of layouts and themes and propose vital page information. From scratch, the company ensures that your project is meticulously handled. They understand the importance of an ICO sale. The whole staff would be devoted to your product.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Create a secure and robust crypto wallet with SoluLab’s premium cryptocurrency wallet development services for seamless transactions. They offer end-to-end wallet development services to help businesses design, develop, integrate, and maintain crypto wallet apps. As a renowned crypto wallet development company, SoluLab offers comprehensive crypto wallet consulting solutions to businesses for smooth venturing into the field. SoluLab offers unique and innovative Bitcoin wallet development services that provide potent wallets to store the private transaction keys conveniently. Their cryptocurrency wallet development solutions help build a multicurrency wallet to keep your virtual currency safe and secure for transactions as per the need. They make use of blockchain technology to develop the latest and in-demand crypto coins that are appropriately compatible with various blockchain networks.

Leadership | SoluLab

Chintan Thakkar is the Co-founder of SoluLab. He is a passionate about leveraging tech-driven solutions to make a global impact and empower individuals and enterprises. Chintan is a serial advisor to Blockchain projects and understands blockchain technology and provide business consultation on how your business could leverage blockchain solutions to make it a profitable investment. He has worked with 100+ founders, helped them in building next-generation products, and raised multi-million dollar funding for their startup. Mr. Thakkar was former Vice President of Goldman Sachs, NYC - managing front office interest rate derivatives for Goldman Sachs. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Rajat Lala is the Co-founder of SoluLab. He ensures smooth technology transformations, client engagement and value propositions. At SoluLab, he  heads a technical team of 50+ IT professionals that provides full spectrum, 360 degree web and mobile application services for startups, businesses and enterprises build sleek, modern and efficient. Prior to turning a full-time entrepreneur, he was working as a Lead Engineer with Citrix for enterprise mail client for Mobile Apps Platforms; and, as a Technical Lead with InfoStretch Solutions to provide end-to-end mobility solutions for elite clients. In addition, Mr. Lala has six years of rich experience working for a Dallas based telecom startup in architecting and developing a product from scratch.

"Our solutions have made our clients more productive and more successful. Some of our products were technically so potential that it even helped to raise Venture Capital funding."