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Solutions for Protein Complex Analysis: CovalX

thesiliconreview-covalx-logo-18CovalX AG was founded in 2006. The company's vision is to become a leading provider of technology and services in the field of protein interaction analysis based on mass spectrometry. With support offices in Switzerland, France, and the USA, CovalX is a global company offering leading product and services for major pharmaceutical companies as well as academic laboratories. CovalX High-Mass systems and services are sold worldwide through direct offices (Europe, USA) or distributors (China, Japan, Korea). CovalX is a fast-growing company, developing innovative analysis solutions for the characterization of therapeutic proteins and protein interactions for the life science industry.

Product listings

HM4 and Pearl High Mass Detection System: A decade in development, CovalX is proud to announce the company’s fourth generation in a series of High-Mass MALDI detection systems based on a unique conversion dynode technology. The CovalX HM4 and Pearl systems enable unmatched detection of macromolecular ions into the MegaDalton range with nM sensitivity. The Pearl offers all the benefits in sensitivity and saturation while keeping an emphasis on value. The HM4 system is the latest flagship reference for the detection of high molecular weight macromolecules. 

Crosslinking Kits: The analysis of protein complexes by MALDI mass spectrometry is typically labor intensive because of the tendency of these complexes to dissociate during analysis. CovalX has developed a method for the easy and fast analysis of protein complexes using High-Mass MALDI mass spectrometry. The first step of the analysis is to stabilize the noncovalent complexes of interest using dedicated cross-linking reagents and protocols. After stabilization, the samples are ready for direct analysis by High-Mass ToF mass spectrometry.

MegaTOF™ Megadalton MALDI Mass Spectrometer: Shimadzu and CovalX have partnered to offer an integrated MALDI solution for ultrahigh mass applications.

The MegaTOFTM has been developed by optimizing the integration of a high-performance Shimadzu linear MALDI TOF mass spectrometer with CovalX high-mass system, allowing outstanding detection of macromolecules up to 1500 kDa. MegaTOFTM MALDI MS gives access to a broad range of applications, including direct analysis of protein-protein interactions such as complexes or biopharmaceutical aggregates. The specificity facilitates the stabilization of covalent protein complexes – even in contaminated or unpurified samples.


Service offerings

Epitope Mapping

Epitope mapping has become one of the key elements of both vaccine and drug development. Epitope mapping is the process of identifying the binding site of a protein to its corresponding antigen. FDA and EMEA guidelines require molecular analysis of the interaction site between a drug and its target for regulatory filing. In addition, a better understanding of the interaction site is useful to develop more potent drugs and to protect products with patents.

Intact Mass Analysis

  • High Mass MALDI Analysis: This service provides the intact molecular weight of a protein sample from 50 KiloDalton up to 2 MegaDalton.  It can be done on the intact protein or even with intact protein complexes.  Because of its unique technology of high mass MALDI detection at CovalX, it routinely measures the mass of intact molecules into the MegaDalton range. 
  • High-Resolution Electrospray (ESI) Analysis: This service provides an accurate determination of the molecular weight of a protein sample up to 150 kiloDalton in mass.  It can be done on the intact protein or subunits/domain level.  Electrospray ionization requires high purity samples but can provide the highest resolution possible. 

Protein Interaction Analysis

CovalX developed a method for a fast, sensitive and accurate analysis of protein complexes by High-Mass MALDI mass spectrometry. Unfragmented and undigested, the protein complexes are detected intact using specially developed cross-linking reagents and high-mass detection system.

The pioneers in medical research and development

The pillars of the company’s success stand firm on its following visions:

ColalX Mission: CovalX strives to achieve the aim of serving scientists by offering leading technology for the development of therapeutics, clinical tests, and research in the field of protein interactions.

Science-Oriented: The success of CovalX depends on the superior scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement in all through the application of the scientific approach. The company sees the scientific method as a multi-step process that includes designing the right experiment, developing the right products, and making the right decisions. Applying the scientific method in all parts of the organization is expected and highly valued.

Ensure Quality: Quality is a key element of all of the company’s activities. CovalX seeks the highest quality for innovation, production, decision, and people. We focus on high-quality products and services.

Work in Team: CovalX works quickly to move scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the marketplace. CovalX’s team structure provides opportunities for CovalX's staff to impact the direction of the organization, to gain a broader perspective on other functions within CovalX and to reach their full potential.

Be Ethical: The company is applying the highest ethical standards to its products, services, and communications.

Greet the leaders

Ryan Wenzel and Alexis Nazabal, co-founders of CovalX

 “In everything we do, we aim to fulfill our mission to serve scientists.”