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Solver by BoldIQ: an operational AI Platform that optimizes plans and schedules in realtime for complex services and industries


“To mitigate disruption, availability and scheduling challenges for our customers, Solver is designed to focus on solving ultra-complex real-time optimization hurdles in real-time and on-demand .” Shelly Freeman, COO, BoldIQ

BoldIQ is the company behind Solver, a powerful software solution that uniquely addresses complex planning and scheduling problems by combining Operations Research science expertise and AI optimization.

Even today, planning and scheduling problems are often dealt with in traditional methods, including significant manual effort. Obviously, these are not applicable to real-time scheduling problems in today’s world, with its dizzying mix of different processes, resources and events, with rapid and frequent schedule changes, topped with constant and largely unexpected disruptions.

BoldIQ’s Solver takes advantage of today’s processing power and near-ubiquitous data sets to replace many traditional and outmoded assumptions and statistical predictions. Solver works on impressively complex models that more accurately frame and optimize the scheduling process to deliver transformational advanced planning and scheduling technology.

BoldIQ’s customers have been integral to the evolution of Solver, the company’s AI product platform, and its success with leading aviation and logistics providers. Critical to this is their understanding that AI optimization, far from replacing them, removes mundane yet complex sorting and iterative tasks with large data sets. This gives schedulers, dispatchers and managers the luxury of selecting from a range of optimized plans and schedules that maximize utilization of their costly resources to address business, regulatory and client requirements.

Since the very beginning, BoldIQ lives and works in its customer’s world. In business jet aviation, supply chain logistics and other complex industries and services, smart operators are looking for every edge to mitigate the constraints of supply, timing and disruption. They want to provide their customers everything when and where they want it.

With that clearly in focus, a key aspect of BoldIQ’s customercentric approach is its proactive adaptation to change. In practice, this means listening intently to customers and constantly monitoring its markets, watching for trends, impacts and changes. In this way, BoldIQ has been able to foresee, embrace, and help to shape what is to come.

Not surprisingly, at BoldIQ’s core is a customer-centric, delivery focused team, the foundation of the company’s performance and delivery excellence. A very talented engineering team led by expert Operations Research scientists, a group of highly experienced executives and an impressive board to take Solver to the next level of performance, delivery, and customer usefulness.

It is this team of course that has delivered Solver, with its unique focus on solving ultracomplex scheduling problems. Of course, many tools exist in the market that approach such problems by artificially reducing their complexity - for instance, by using a limited rule set – or by helping users visualize their schedules. Moreover, BoldIQ is already helping customers go beyond just keeping pace with daily disruptions and increasing customer demand. Solver enables them to scale for growth and profitability by ensuring the greatest possible resource utilization in real-time.

The company is not however resting on its laurels. While continuing to expand Solver’s aviation solution, BoldIQ is now launching Solver widely into logistics markets, where there is a similar mix of complexity and constant disruption. Where, if the dispatchers, schedulers and managers were provided a selection of plans and schedules on a moment’s notice from which to choose, each with its own range of acceptable events, they would be more than grateful.

Over the next few years, BoldIQ will develop a generic optimization engine capable of solving a vast range of complex planning and scheduling problems.

The company takes its responsibility seriously to continue building and training its AI so it becomes easier and easier to use for schedulers, dispatchers and managers at a moment’s notice wherever they might be at the time. Its goal is to easily solve practically any complex optimization problem by natural human language input, and without modeling or programming skills.

In today’s on-demand world, we are used to having what we want when we want it. Mostly unkown to us there is a mix of different processes, resources and events, and the schedule changes reasonably often due to disruptions. It is here that BoldIQ is already making advanced planning and scheduling a reality for its clients. With Solver, complex service providers are harnessing the processing power, the bandwidth and the data to use AI for real-time decision making that helps them scale, grow and be more profitable.

“Our customers see Solver as key to maximizing resource utilization that drives more revenue with existing assets while significantly contributing to customer and employee satisfaction.” Shelly Freeman, COO, BoldIQ