30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2023

Sonrai Security – Helping enterprises unearth, prioritize, and remove risks in every part of their cloud


Sonrai Security delivers enterprise cloud security for the public cloud. Powered by the cloud identity graph, Sonrai combines workload, platform, identity, and data security in one platform. Best practices, workflow, advisors, and automation supports amazing cross-team cloud security operations. The company’s mission is to unearth, prioritize and remove risks across every part of a customer's public cloud.

At Sonrai Security, it prevents successful attacks in your cloud by securing identities, eliminating toxic combinations and shutting down every attack path. The old security kill chain – focused on an outside-in approach – simply doesn’t work in the cloud. The company believes that an inside-out approach, starting with identifying the high-value assets in your cloud and securing access to them, is the most powerful way to protect your cloud environment, stop attackers and protect what matters most to your business. By focusing on the inside, your teams are always remediating risks that have the highest potential impact. The company can help you stop wasting time on risks without context.

The Attack Chain Redefined for the Cloud

Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform: Remediate the risks resulting from compounding identity, data, platform, and workload complexity, in one integrated platform built for the cloud. On-premise point solutions can’t hold up in the cloud. Cloud native applications call for cloud native protection. Organizations need a way to protect sensitive data, uphold security posture and best practices, monitor for threats, secure identities and remediate risks in a more comprehensive and streamlined way. This means implementing security early and throughout the entire development lifecycle from development to production.

Combining the functionality of cloud security posture management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, data security posture management and cloud workload protection platforms into one solution is now possible. Sonrai approaches cloud native protection by gaining a full picture of your entire cloud footprint and analyzing how all factors – data, identity, platform and workload – combine together to create risk. Total cloud remediation just got easier. Because CNAPP offers a fullstack approach to security, it better integrates Dev, DevOps and Security teams. Organize your remediation workflow to reflect your organizational set up, and route alerts to the specific teams responsible for them.

Cloud Workload Protection Platform: With dev teams working at unprecedented speeds, workloads are proliferating in your cloud – and so are vulnerabilities.  Malicious actors commonly use these vulnerabilities to gain access to your cloud environment and initiate a breach.  You need continuous monitoring and ruthless prioritization to keep up with this dynamic environment and empower teams to work quickly while minimizing risk. The Sonrai CWPP solution is a critical component of an identity-centric cloud security program, empowering security teams to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that are most dangerous to your organization. Focus on what’s most critical with a combination of cross-cloud, agentless scanning and unique multi-factor prioritization. Take the next step and remediate using one-click bots to quarantine affected workloads or tickets integrated into existing workflows. With the Sonrai CWPP solution, you have the business justification you need to collaborate cross-team and fix what matters most.

Uncovering the true impact and severity of vulnerabilities requires a continuous picture of platform, identity and data information about the host. Unlike other solutions, Sonrai deploys risk amplifiers that go beyond the sensitivity of data and consider platform misconfigurations and the access to identities and entitlements that a compromised workload could permit. In addition to built-in agentless scanning technology, Sonrai’s open API platform ingests vulnerability data from third-party scanning tools. This integration allows you to leverage the rich context from the risk amplifiers combined with your scan data to add risk context and increase the ROI from your existing security investments.

Cloud Security Posture Management: Cloud misconfigurations are the leading cause of unintended data exposure. Cloud infrastructure consists of controls and configurations all serving to uphold platform best practices and protect your network, data, and identities. However, the cloud is dynamic and ephemeral, making it all too easy for these configurations to drift out of policy without you ever knowing it. You need a continuous way to detect changes posing risk and keep your cloud compliant with your unique standards. Relying on periodic monitoring, snapshots, and APIs alone does not cut it. Your cloud needs to be locked down 24/7. Sonrai gets your cloud into compliance and meeting all platform best practices, then locks in this secure baseline. Their CSPM solution monitors against this baseline to detect deviations away from it suggesting cloud drift or malicious activity.

Continuously monitor your cloud to detect misconfigurations and changes putting your environment at risk. Better yet, take a context-based approach to CSPM with deep insight into identity entitlements and access. You need to know which misconfigurations are the most critical to help your teams prioritize remediation efforts. More clouds mean more complexity. Luckily, Sonrai’s CSPM tool is built for multicloud, so you have a centralized view into platform security across all accounts and clouds. Audits and reporting can feel like a fire drill for your teams. Sonrai automates the data gathering and continuous historical reporting needed to prep and pass an audit, without interrupting your normal operations. Customize your frameworks to meet your unique compliance needs, or leverage their built-in policy frameworks for regulations like NIST, GDPR, HITRUST, PCI DSS, and more, and they’ll make sure you stay there.

Brendan Hannigan | CEO and Co-Founder

In addition to serving as CEO of Sonrai Security, Brendan is an Entrepreneur Partner at Polaris Partners.  Previously, Brendan was Chairman of Twistlock, General Manager of IBM Security, CEO of Q1 Labs and served on the boards of BitSight and Flashpoint.

“Our mission is to deliver the preeminent platform for enterprise companies to understand, monitor, and govern risk across every part of their public cloud.”