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A Eutech Group Subsidiary: Spaceworx, the world’s first composable proptech marketplace, is democratising the entire smart buildings value chain


“Over the last decade, we have implemented and proven the benefits of composable smart buildings in over 300-million square feet of projects across 15 countries. Our mission is to make every building a composable smart building. Our promise is to deliver smart buildings 5x faster & 30% cheaper”

Spaceworx: A Composable Marketplace Composability is a desirable attribute that has been adopted for various technology sectors including data centers, cloud computing, and others. Composable solutions are created by assembling solutions from prebuilt, reusable components that can be combined like Lego. The components can easily be replaced by other components to enhance or modify the solution.

You can start small and enhance the solution progressively without trying to build a bespoke solution, which is complex, costly, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain. 

According to Gartner, there are three key concepts that solution architects must follow when creating ‘composable solutions’: Composable thinking, composable architecture, and composable technologies.

Solution architects must have the right mindset. Solutions should be envisioned as “a collection of independent, autonomous, discoverable, components”. This approach allows the creation, enhancement, and replacement of the components independently.

Composable architecture is a structural requirement needed to support the assembly and hosting of the building blocks and delivering a digital service.

Composable technologies are the tools and technologies used in creating building blocks.

To enable its ‘Composable Smart Building’ strategy, the Spaceworx Marketplace offers a diverse range of prebuilt Smart Building components and, also, the ability to create new reusable components. This allows solution architects to quickly put together and enhance a solution by assembling and interchanging components.

Spaceworx is officially launching its Composable Smart Building Marketplace in October. The company’s mission is to make every building a composable smart building.

Spaceworx was co-founded by Eutech Group and DP Architects, a leading architectural practice in Singapore.

The Silicon Review reached out to Spaceworx ’s headquarters and spoke with Lakshita Wijerathne, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Spaceworx. Here’s what he said.

“Over the last decade, we have implemented and proven the benefits of composable Smart Buildings in over 300-million square feet of projects across 15 countries. However, rather than just selling technology, Spaceworx is seeking to reimagine and democratise the entire Smart Building value chain including design, implementation, and lifecycle management.”

Spaceworx will enable the real estate and construction industry to source and implement Smart Building solutions. It offers a diverse range of 1,000s of Smart Building products and services from global vendors that have been converted into the plug and play components. Integrators and even end-users can compose solutions using these components, drastically shortening implementation time.

“We believe that Spaceworx will spur the rapid adoption of smart buildings and accelerate the transition to a low carbon, hybrid economy.”

All of our employees are encouraged to contribute their innovative ideas to build better products, services, technologies, and business processes. Their work towards innovation is formally recognized and rewarded as part of the performance appraisal system.

Spaceworx: A Trusted Intermediary delivering 5x faster, 30% less costly Smart Building solutions

Spaceworx’s diverse ecosystem of Smart Building components include hardware products, software applications, hybrid hardware-software systems as well as services. The company has made these components composable so that they can plug and play with any other component from the ecosystem.

“We support procurement, implementation, and lifecycle management, giving you choice and convenience for the lowest cost. What is more, your Smart Building is future-proofed as you can easily swap technologies and products as your requirements change.”

“Spaceworx lets you start with experiential design, and then move seamlessly to the implementation. You can pick the features as well as the most suitable Smart Building components to achieve the experience and outcomes that you want. Moreover, you can assemble the Smart Building solution incrementally, modify it in real-time and test your assumptions.”

Spaceworx enables 5x faster implementation of Smart Buildings solutions, for 30% less than cost of conventional, bespoke solutions. The Spaceworx solutions pay for themselves by delivering quantifiable outcomes.

Whereas end customers can implement smart buildings with their teams, Spaceworx has a global network of partners who can support your efforts as well.

“We are confident that once you start the journey with Spaceworx, you will quickly understand the full potential of its groundbreaking technology. As such, we are offering a free trial version to get you started today.”

“Whether you are a landlord, tenant, product company, or integrator, we invite you to join our mission to make every building a composable smart building.”

Leadership | Spaceworx

Lakshita Wijerathne, CEO: With a 25-year career in the Software industry, Lakshita has extensive experience in the field of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), design, and development of intersystem communications, and possesses a detailed understanding of integration mechanisms, controls, and protocols.

He is a highly skilled technical professional with proficiency in Object-oriented design and development of enterprise solutions, Project Management, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance.

His past and present projects include implementing smart cities, smart buildings, smart workplaces & smart facility management solutions for commercial buildings in Asia & Middle east.

He is passionate about the use of technology and AI infrastructure for smart building and smart facilities management to improve building performance, reliability and resilience, and occupant productivity and health and wellbeing.

He functions as the CEO of Spaceworx and COO of Eutech Cybernetic.


Lakshan Weerasekera, COO: With 16+ years of ICT industry experience, Lakshan has had the opportunity of working with a diversity of organisations globally, managing projects of varying levels of complexity, including smart workplaces, buildings, precincts, and cities.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a solid track record as an ICT project and program manager, he brings a blend of additional skills to the table, including business analysis, service delivery management, business development, partner management, and marketing. Some of his past and present clients include Lendlease (Australia), CapitaLand (Singapore), Westpac Bank (Australia), Colliers International (APAC), BHP (APAC), British Telecom (UK), Msheireb Properties (Qatar), Scentre Group (Australia), and Hengyi (New Zealand).


Haran Shivanan: Haran Shivanan has over 18 years of experience in the Tech industry. As Head of Product Development at Eutech Cybernetic, he is responsible for overseeing the core technology and platform that powers the company’s products.


Abhishek Chand: Abhishek is the Chief Operating Officer of SSI, part of the Eutech Group. An engineer and a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Abhishek has domain experience and expertise in the design, development, and implementation of solutions for smart cities, smart buildings, and smart workspaces.


Dr. Hari Gunasingham: Hari is a Singaporean technology entrepreneur with a long history of innovation. He is the founder and CEO of Eutech group.


Yong Siew Onn: Siew Onn is a Director at DP Architects. Trained as an engineer, he is passionate about smart and sustainability design. A certified Singapore Building Construction Authority Green Mark Accredited Professional, LEED, and WELL accredited professional, he is a strong advocate for passive design, building energy efficiency, and renewable energy strategy, advancing towards a net-zero carbon project development.


Hui Min Chan: Hui Min is a Director at DP Architects. Trained as an architect, her career spans multiple disciplines including architecture, urban planning, and new media design. Her broad design experience formed the foundation for a passion for innovation and advocacy of sustainable design practices. She currently leads the firm’s efforts in sustainability and digital twin adoption.

“Over the last decade, we have implemented and proven the benefits of composable smart buildings in over 300-million square feet of projects across 15 countries.”