September Edition 2021

SparkCognition – Empowering the World’s Problem-Solvers and Catalyzing Growth with Proven Artificial Intelligence Technology


SparkCognition catalyzes sustainable growth for its clients throughout the world with proven artificial intelligence (AI) systems, award-winning machine learning technology, and a multinational team of AI thought-leaders. Its clients are trusted with advancing lives, infrastructure, sustainability, and financial systems across the globe. They partner with SparkCognition to understand their industry’s most pressing challenges, analyze complex data, empower decision making, and transform human and industrial productivity. With leading edge artificial intelligence products—Darwin, DeepArmor, SparkPredict, and DeepNLP—the clients can adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies.

Revolutionary AI-based Product Suite

Darwin®: Darwin helps you uncover potential issues in your dataset advising you on the best approaches to fix them. It uses the data preparation profile to automatically convert your datasets into a usable form for algorithmic development. Darwin automatically generates dozens of features from the data to drive toward a better solution. Through neuroevolution, it custom builds multiple generations of models to find the most optimal solution tailored to your data and puts your models in production through guided connection to data sources and model health monitoring.

SparkPredict: The current maintenance paradigm is broken. Scheduled maintenance is costly and inefficient, but failures can be devastating to the bottom line. In large operations, these costs are no longer sustainable. SparkPredict, SparkCognition’s analytics solution, is revolutionizing maintenance by minimizing downtime and delivering millions of dollars in operating cost savings. SparkPredict is a turnkey solution that analyzes sensor data and uses machine learning to return actionable insights, flagging suboptimal operations and identifying impending failures before they occur. It was able to discover a never-before-seen manufacturing defect on a combustion turbine for a major utility. This defect would have caused a catastrophic failure on the turbine if it had not been caught.

DeepNLP: Unstructured data has remained an unexploited resource because it is too expensive and difficult to access and analyze. This results in missed opportunities to reduce operating expenses and the risk of human errors while gaining visibility into processes. SparkCognition has developed a solution that automates workflows of unstructured data within organizations so humans can focus on high value business decisions. DeepNLP uses advanced machine learning techniques to automate the retrieval of information, classification of documents, and content analytics. DeepNLP integrates into existing workflows to enable organizations to better respond to changes in their business and quickly get answers to specific queries or analytics that support decision making.

OrcaTM: In today’s financial world, margin compression is driving pressure on client-trading desks to do more with less. Leaders are experimenting with in-house AI tools, but these require significant resources (both in time and cost) to build, deploy, and maintain. SparkCognition’s Orca product is an intelligent, end-to-end market making trading platform that augments the existing client trading ecosystem for broad asset classes such as fixed income, credit, equity, and FX. The Orca product’s customizable AI engine uses reinforcement learning to empower client trading desks to radically increase their capacity and ability to manage risk using real-time market information, client profiling, and cover prediction to unlock value and efficiencies at scale. The AI Market Maker solution includes pricing, execution, optimized hedging, commercial strategy monitoring, risk management, and compliance support. The QIS Alpha Strategies module processes high- and low-frequency market signals at faster speeds and streamlines repetitive actions.

Ensemble™: The cost of avoidable expenses and lost energy is estimated to be $32B annually by 2023. Renewable energy project operators face many challenges in managing and analyzing the flood of data available from their assets. They spend lots of time and resources sifting through the data and still miss opportunities to improve energy production and decrease costs. The Ensemble platform leverages deep renewable energy industry expertise, coded into industry-leading AI software, to detect sub-optimal energy production and alert staff to remedy the situation before costs mounts, resulting in increased ROI. The Ensemble platform’s predictive recommendations help optimize logistics, improve planning, perform condition-based maintenance, prevent failures, quickly identify underperforming assets, and ensure corrective action implementation.

Maana: It transforms a company’s tacit knowledge and subject matter expertise into a knowledge base asset that empowers decision makers, giving the right people the right insights at the right time. It enables the creation of a new class of knowledge-based AI and cognitive applications that improve critical business functions and operational decision making. With its patented computational knowledge graph technology, the Maana product expedites encoding knowledge from diverse sources, while enhancing it with computational and AI techniques. Apps created with the Maana product become valuable digital assets that speed up and enhance decision making. It helps Fortune 500 industrial companies turn human expertise and data into a decision intelligence capability that improves efficiency, profitability, and sustainability, giving its users a competitive advantage that grows over time.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Amir Husain is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SparkCognition.

“We build AI platforms that enable the world’s most creative problem solvers to ignite lasting impact in their organizations and throughout the world.”