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David Capece, Sparxoo CEO and Founder: “Over the years we have learned how to best meet client needs and develop innovative strategies that will help companies stand out in the marketplace


In the digital world we live in, it is vital for any business now to have an online presence. We are in an era where search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are widely used to look up for anything and everything. If a business is not online, it is losing new customers. This is possible even if the business is dedicated to catering to just people of a particular locality. It is a well-known fact that the whole world is busy browsing the internet nowadays, and this is why we need proper digital marketing solutions in place irrespective of the size of the business. There are various companies delivering excellent digital marketing services globally, but Sparxoo stands out from the rest. Sparxoo was founded in 2010 as a digital agency in Tampa, Florida. Like many startups, the agency was initially focused on finding its market fit and then expanding. Early on, Sparxoo found a sweet spot in combining left and right brain thinking to bring creativity into digital solutions. The agency was able to expand rapidly based on the success of its projects and word of mouth from clients, earning the team recognition for their robust digital marketing work.

Sparxoo was named to the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 and was named a Fast 50 honoree by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2018. In early 2020, the pandemic brought new challenges to Sparxoo as the team went remote and clients faced a disrupted market. When confronting market upheaval, Sparxoo made the decision to keep the total headcount intact, such that the team size as of mid-year 2021 is the same as it was in February 2020. In keeping the team largely intact and retaining their talent, Sparxoo was able to create stability for both its clients and team, helping to reinforce its reputation as a highly trustworthy company.

Streamlining creative collaboration

Early on, Sparxoo used a highly customized consultative approach to client projects, but in order to scale the business, they decided to focus on more specific areas of expertise so that they can create more repeatable successes. Sparxoo has proprietary methodologies and processes for brand strategy, website projects, and performance-driven marketing. Sparxoo’s talented and diverse team is knowledgeable on these processes, which enables minimization in failures and optimized success for its clients. Because Sparxoo has always had a highly creative approach to work, their team is attuned to understanding company culture and branding when developing digital marketing strategies. In the past few years, the company has accelerated the agency, proliferating and refining its process to become leaders in the digital marketing industry. With the combination of the team’s expertise and Sparxoo’s reputation for innovative work, the team is able to deliver a wide variety of marketing and advertising services to their clients. Sparxoo creates brand statements and manifestos that become part of the digital communications strategy, bringing the brand and culture to life across digital marketing campaigns, websites, and videos.

During the company’s high growth years dating back to 2016, they brought on project management software technologies to help streamline their process. Sparxoo initially brought on Asana and later upgraded to Wrike, and more recently, they have innovated their own project management software suited for creative project collaboration, CROOW. CROOW was built with creatives in mind as an all-in-one platform, designed to be the next generation of software that enables companies to break through barriers and accelerate growth. It has quickly risen to become an awarded and recognized platform, unifying business leaders, project managers, and creatives. CROOW has helped Sparxoo collaborate even while working remotely, allowing its team to work cohesively while apart. Beyond the platform’s best-in-breed project management features, it helps leaders predict upcoming work, optimize resources, and make smart decisions faster. CROOW’s software platform has been incubated through agencies, marketing organizations, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Trending ahead

Looking to the future, Sparxoo plans to continue expanding its horizons as the clients expect it to maintain the delivery of outstanding service. Having a highly engaged team that is motivated to continue innovation is leading Sparxoo to a future of continued growth and experimentation. As the digital marketing transformation continues post-pandemic, there will be a continued value on creativity and storytelling to stand out in the marketplace. Sparxoo believes that left-brain right-brain fusion is always a winning combination, but it takes place differently when there is an increased focus on video and other interactive media. Remote and remote-hybrid work is here to stay, and it will require that we keep innovating as the industry continues to shift. Additionally, more people are turning to technology to help with work management, with many companies still being completely remote. There is an increased desire for actionable data and business intelligence and a move to consolidate tech platforms, which is exciting for our team at both Sparxoo and CROOW.

Sparxoo’s biggest source of new client growth has been word-of-mouth referrals, stemming from its relationships with current clients. In addition, as a digital agency Sparxoo takes pride in a smart digital footprint, and the company has always prioritized SEO on its own website. Sparxoo keeps active on social media with thought leadership, providing resources and insight in the areas it specializes in. The company’s Sparxoo and CROOW blogs are crafted for creatives, project managers, and industry leaders and feature a variety of digital marketing guides, trends, and tips. Sparxoo has risen quickly over the years by understanding the audience and building rapport with its community of clients, and the team is excited to see what the future holds.

Meet the leader behind the success of Sparxoo

David Capece is the CEO and Founder of Sparxoo and CROOW. With over 20 years of digital leadership experience, David Capece has led strategic digital and innovation projects for major brands such as Dr. Pepper Snapple, JP Morgan Chase, Tech Data, Comcast and NBC. David holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Wharton Business School, and a BA in Biology and Economics from Johns Hopkins University. David’s leadership style is one of being a visionary and innovator, inspiring the Sparxoo team and leading them toward growth. He has always valued connection with the community, and is an alumni and former board member of Leadership Florida and Leadership Tampa. His dedication parallels Sparxoo’s commitment to doing great work and being visible within the local community.

“We are continuing to innovate how we do performance marketing and diversifying our content through video initiatives.”

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