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June Edition 2021

Walter Angerer, Speak2web CEO: ‘We are a team of architects, engineers, and consultant who are proven to deliver effective, affordable, and reliable business solutions for virtual assistants, voice tech, and chatbots’


Due to rapid technological advancements, web app development has evolved from being just text-based web pages to include various attractive visuals and audio. From typography and animation to visually appealing websites and designs are now on the rise more than ever as they show a company’s personality. As we know that AI has become the most sought out technological innovation globally, it is expected to impact more than 3/4th of customer communication in coming years. Businesses are now looking for new ways to improve user experience; the AI-based personalization solutions for individual users will increase the adoption and website experience. Internet will continue to become more user-efficient, and people are now eager to access more information faster and efficiently. Already popular among the young population, voice search is all set to evolve in the coming days. Since AI-based voice solutions aid consumers at the personal level, it will soon become a necessity for web app developers to integrate it into their designs.

Advent and rise of Speak2web

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing our world. The enhancement in speech recognition, natural language understanding, and deep discovery has opened the door to a new world. Voice is taking over. Smart speakers are already entering our lives, allowing businesses to engage with their customers in new ways. Globally there are various firms specializing in delivering excellent custom voice solutions, but Speak2web stands out from the rest.  Speak2web is helping businesses of all sizes embrace AI and create a completely new way to engage with their customers on the web and on mobile apps. Through the integration of a small component, every web page and business apps can be turned into an intelligent sales tool, allowing for free-flowing dialog to navigate the eCommerce store and assisting customers in a completely new way. Speak2web works with companies to create their own customized voice experience. Speak2web was founded after a handful of them experienced the exact same thing. The founders were using voice assistants on their phones and were perplexed why they didn’t directly interact with website and app content. Then they set out to change this by creating a cloud-based voice assistant that was platform agnostic and helped extend the much-beloved voice assistant experience across a user’s entire experience.

Impact created by Speak2web

The challenge in the virtual assistant segment is that too many businesses have been burnt by chatbots, IVR systems, etc., and are reluctant to try something new. Customers are leery of voice assistant technologies because of past bad faith privacy practices by assistants built into the home and mobile devices. Speak2web has taken a mindful approach to ethical deployment that puts user privacy first while still helping your business gain an analytical edge over your competition. Simon AI is Speak2web’s proprietary voice assistant solution. It is built for interoperability via a REST API with widely used enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, and more. The company’s plugins for platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce enable customers to get started in as little as ten minutes. Lastly, companies who already have skills on platforms like IBM Watson, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa can easily port those over to Simon. Simon AI is built on a secure cloud platform. It is trained to block excessive, abusive, and penetrating behavior. No changes can be made to connected systems without review if malicious behavior is detected. Businesses are looking to increase revenue. Simon AI can help to generate leads and sales on websites and apps. The leading use cases for speak2web include reducing support expenses and increasing eCommerce revenue because the assistant can replicate it’s best agents through ingesting all of it’s relevant structured and unstructured data.

Upcoming offerings and future plans

What makes Speak2web’s assistant different from others is the fact that other virtual and voice assistant solutions are task-based. If a user does or says this, then do that. Simon AI is a truly conversational platform that is purpose-built to replicate the human intelligence of sales, service, and support agents. Speak2web is working on enterprise-grade voice assistant appliances that can be deployed locally by customers or by web hosting providers wanting to improve QoS to their clients for the near future. The company is also working with big-box retailers to deploy voice assistants that are deeply integrated with on-location retail operations. Speak2web, along with the Open Voice Network at the Linux Foundation, is establishing standards for technology, ethics, and interoperability of voice/virtual assistant solutions.

Meet the leader behind the success of Speak2web

Walter Angerer
is the CEO of Speak2web. Walter has a strong background in technology and artificial intelligence. He literally wrote the AI powering smart grids around the world. He’s also taken several tech startups to successful market positions.

We deliver competitive advantages and ease of use unrivaled by chatbots while also being affordable for businesses of any scale.”