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Highly efficient and patented Specific Management Platform accelerating the entire product development life cycle: Specright


Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management™. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machines, Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability. Its customers operate in agriculture, automotive, cosmetics, food & beverage, manufacturing, FMCG/CPG, medical, or any industry reliant on accurate specifications. Founded in late 2014, Specright is privately held and headquartered in Irvine, California. It’s crucial to have specification data at your fingertips – whether you’re developing a new product, building a new version of an existing product, or assessing a quality assurance certificate against a specification.  Without Specright, this data can live in multiple places, creating different versions and inviting risk due to recalls, duplication of specs, or simple human error. If your data strategy starts at the spec-level, you can reduce risk, optimize costs, and streamline supply chain complexity.

Q. What is Specification Management?

Specification Management is the process of building and collecting DNA-level information, or specifications, for products and packaging into a centralized system. Specification Management is the key to making products and packaging efficiently while also mitigating risks. Today, the world is demanding more of products and packaging: they need to travel through different channels, reach destinations all over the world, be sustainable, meet ever evolving regulatory requirements, and keep up with changing consumer tastes. As a result, product variation has exploded – meaning more SKUs (stock keeping units), more suppliers, more departments, and ultimately, an explosion of data to manage. From recalls, delayed launches, allowable waste, and more, most organizations weren’t equipped to keep up – until now. Specification Management enables companies to get the root of product and packaging related issues: their specification data. Specification Management is a new category of software, solving a problem that’s been around for decades. That’s why it built Specright, the first patented Specification Data Management system of its kind. At Specright, you are working with some of the most established brands to help them reimagine how they make products to challenger brands who inherently want to disrupt the status quo. The company is passionate about Specification Data Management because it’s the right approach – and it enables people to spend more time doing what they love: making amazing products and delighting customers. Specification Management platforms enable companies to digitize, map, and operationalize specifications along their supply chain. Digitization creates a single source of truth for how things are made and provides an audit trail of what changes were made, by what partner, and at what time. Mapping helps connect critical data - such as associating suppliers and vendor master data to specifications or finished goods. Existing vendor management software solutions or supplier onboarding tools miss these critical connection points. By connecting specifications to other critical data such as suppliers and facilities, organizations can create a digital thread using Specright as their supply chain platform.

Specright’s patented technology

Specright’s Specification Data Management platform has been issued a patent for the unique “many-to-many” data relationship structure, fundamental to the technology's functionality. Without Specright, specification data is typically housed in an array of static systems – whether it’s email, spreadsheets, legacy systems, or shared drives. These static systems often result in siloed data that lacks the accessibility and standardization needed to function as a source of truth for the supply chain, inhibiting collaboration. The many-to-many relationship structure enables companies to link together all the data related to making a product, from its packaging specifications, quality specifications, manufacturing specifications, and more. With the many-to-many data linkages, it’s easy to make and manage specification changes, as they automatically propagate through all shared linkages. Specright’s patented many-to-many data structure has revolutionized the way the supply chain operates, enabling collaboration, resilience and agility. Build resilience for your supply chain and transform the way you connect with external partners by integrating them throughout the entire lifecycle of your packaging and products. Reduce risk by managing and tracking everything from specs to compliance with suppliers in a single source of truth. Proactively enforce the use of standard templates across your supply chain to simplify regulatory and sustainability policy adherence. Scale with confidence as Specright is built to handle an unlimited amount of specs, suppliers, and users. Drive business intelligence across your enterprise and supply chain by improving and enabling transparency and effective collaboration. Leverage real-time data to actively manage, track, analyze and report on product and packaging metrics for sustainability, business trends, reduction of SKUs and more .Faster preparation of regulatory audits and reports with a central hub that allows data to be gathered and shared quickly Manage critical quality documentation and actions - all tied to specs, suppliers and customers to reduce the risk of recalls and fines. Take your data out of static documents, siloed systems, and various formats and digitize your specs in a single source of truth. Patented data ingestion technology and standardized spec templates accelerates adoption and data accuracy. Many-to-many data linkages, from raw materials up to finished goods, packaging and suppliers drive traceability and visibility. Enable automation with validation rules, workflows and approvals to enforce business standards and data integrity.

Meet the leader behind the success of Specright

Matthew Wright, Specright Founder & CEO, spent 20+ years as a packaging executive and entrepreneur. During this time, he lived through the consequences of product waste, product delays, and the mismanagement of product, quality, and packaging data. He recognized that there was a need for a better way forward, so teams could spend less time chasing data and more time focusing on making amazing, sustainable things that grow business.

“Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability.”