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Splan – Redefining overall visitor management experience by providing a streamlined process for pre-registration, communication, and check-in


Businesses should prioritize visitor protocols for clients, partners, consultants, remote workers, interns, and others not considered full-time employees. A well-defined visitor management system (VMS) sets the tone for a positive visitor experience and minimal disruption for employees. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to work. Security-conscious organizations are increasingly looking towards smarter and stronger VMS to strengthen their risk management strategies. These systems are no longer deployed only in the lobby. They have moved beyond this to protect many internal functions as they become an integral part of the visitor experience. VMS allows organizations to streamline visitor management by putting all visitors through a process that starts with their pre-registration and ID verification through to providing them with badges, and finally offering customizable security notifications to the hosts. This is a more effective and efficient way to track visits each day.

Splan is one such California-based company that provides next generation cloud software check-in solutions for Visitors, Events, and Schools. The company uniquely delivers intelligent and fully automated solution for small to large enterprises. It is is committed to deliver the most innovative security solutions, which are cost effective, easy to use, enterprise-centric and web-based. Its mobile KIOSK solution will take care of all your secure check-in and personal tracking needs.

Splan SecurInsights™

SecurInsights™ powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning platform, continuously monitors and sends alert notifications on critical security risks and user, access policy violations. Security teams are now empowered to manage potential threats with the help of SecurInsights™, in a complex IT and physical security environments. Customers can also benefit from security intelligence data to make well informed decisions and improve the overall security, safety and compliance of the organizations. Splan's flexible integration framework can easily extend to integrate with various IT and physical control systems. Splan also collects the data from PACS, SIEM and provides various reports and dashboards.

Offering State-of-the-Art Visitor Management Services

Touchless Check-In: Splan helps you implement COVID-19 best practices for your employee's health and safety. Splan offers integrated and specialized features like touch-less check-in experience, covid-oriented questionnaires, temperature screening, social distancing; track and trace using post visit follow-up etc. Visitors can use their mobile phones and complete the Check-In process without touching the self-service kiosks in the lobby. They can use the browser on their phone or download the Splan SignInEasy App for faster check-in.They can sign NDA's, answer COVID-19 policy-driven questionnaires, and complete any video training using their mobile phone. On the self-service kiosks, visitors can use Facial Recognition for easy visitor registration.

Visitors’/Employees’/Contractors’ temperature readings can be recorded as part of the check-in process. Alternatively only the anomalies like elevated temperature can be recorded. Configure process flows based on temperature reading such as prompting the security team to vet the person for further screening, prior to checking the person in. Splan’s unique capabilities can automatically survey visitors to ascertain if they are symptom free after 7 and 14 days from the date of their visit. Its Contact Tracing report is available for the security administrator.

Desk Management (Hoteling): As companies navigate the changing workplace environment, occupancy becomes an issue. Splan is at the forefront of the next generation desk booking software to enhance and simplify the workplace experience. The Splan Desk Management “Hoteling” module is designed to help employees reserve a workstation, or other physical asset in advance or real-time. The scheduling software from Splan provides greater flexibility and options for employees and contractors, and empowers them to plan, stay productive and safe in a hybrid workplace. It offers simplified visitor registration, visitor badge printing and tracking. Events Mobile App and Online portal allows staff to create new events, registrations, check-in/out, notifications and payments. Event coordinators love the app because it helps them manage events of any size effortlessly.

Event Management: Splan Event management introduces flexibility in managing corporate events to improve attendee self-service check-in. Splan Events empowers event hosts to manage changes to events & guest information without calling the front desk or waiting in line. Visitors can pre-register attendees through Splan's online web interface or mobile application. As soon as guests are registered, the system will trigger the workflow to complete the event registration and notifications to all appropriate personnel. Avoid pre-printing badges and print all event badges as soon as guests arrive at the event. Seamless integration with 3rd party systems like Eventbrite and Meetup make it easy for event organizers to manage the event attendees more efficiently.

Splan School Check-in Solutions: Schools face many challenges in today’s ever-changing education environment. Schools are committed to providing enhanced safety and security for students and staff by managing their check-in/out sheets and by adhering to State Licensing Authority requirements. It provides an easy way to manage Sign-in/out process for students, staff, vendors, visitors and improve overall security. Splan can also validate visitors against Watch Lists or Sex Offenders lists to deny or notify staff. You can also check photos to confirm an adult ID before releasing a student. Issue and print temporary Visitor badges. The system provides an online portal to maintain all the forms and documents in a central repository in a secure format. It’s easy to create, store, view and download these as and when needed. Parents get notified in case any important documents are missing for their child so they can upload them from home/work.

Madhu Gourineni | CEO

"The Splan platform has been tested for the security by some of the most demanding organizations and found to support global rollouts. The solutions are scalable from a single lobby to 100’s of lobbies and are extensible across multiple industries."